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Know more about the Embu people of Kenya

Know more about the Embu people of Kenya

Know more about the Embu people of Kenya

Who are the Embu people of Kenya? The Embu are Bantu people that do reside in the Embu inhabiting the Embu District of Kenya. The Embu People have the Embu Bantu language as their native tongue. In the southern direction of these people, you will find the cousins of the Embu people known as the Mbeere people which do reside in the Mbeere District. Previously, the Embu and Mbeere were found in one district which is the Embu District, and the district was simply named because the Embu people while on the eastern direction, Embu neighbors are the connected Kikuyu in Kirinyaga and Nyeri districts, and in the south, there are the Meru people who are found in the Meru south District The Meru people in Meru South District border Embu to the North.

Origin of the Embu folks or people

The Embu people originated from Bantu origin. They occupy the closest sections of Mount Kenya. Besides different  Bantu teams of people appreciate the Kikuyu and Meru, the Embu are believed to own entered their gift space of inhabitancy from points any south, wherever they’d settled timely when the initial Bantu growth from West Africa which is so much interested. The movement was triggered by the conflicts there, including slavery. It is assumed that they migrated a long way because of the Kenyan Coast, for the reason that Meru elders confer with Mpwa (aPwani or Coast) as their origin.  These conflicts were forced by the Arabs and this forced the Embu people to move towards the North words further in the Kenyan interior and they later find a place and their residence in mountain Kenya.

It is important to note that the Embu form one of the forty-three ethnic tribes that are found in almighty Kenya. They have a strong connection with the Kikuyu, Meru, and the Mbeere all staying within central Kenya. It is a culturally rich community with a lot of cultures and so interesting and well distinguished when it comes to the culture of the people and this is the reason as to why you should explore these Embu people. know these features about the Embu People.

The Embu community or people are found in the rich areas of Kenya; it is important to note that the Embu district is one of the richest lands and districts in Kenya and it is gifted with natural and tye aesthetic resources, the district has limited pollution and this has created the room for several wildlife that is found within the district. In fact, proven studies confirmed that the surroundings in Embu District are so desirable that it boosts the immune process and increase the existence life expectancy of the people. As such, many Kenyan athletes find time and train in the Embu highlands previous to large races. Hunger and poverty also are low withinside the Embu network way to the abundance of meals and communal manner of existence

Mostly the Embu people are agriculturalists;  most of them are much educated but agriculture has remained the major source of livelihood for these people and you find that each homestead is involved in both crop farming and keeping of cattle. Most of the crops that are commonly grown in this area of the Embu community include bananas, arrowroots, beans, millet, and sorghum.  Because of the limited drought spell, Embu has come out to be a good area for agriculture and it also has fertile soils.

Also, the Embu people live in small groups; these people in Kenya are not all that widely spread and big but rather small a. The population of the Embu people is about 650,000, which isn’t always even 1 / 4 in their Kikuyu counterparts. The Embu have remained small in wide variety due to excessive costs of intermarriages and absorption into different groups inclusive of the Kikuyu, Meru, and Mbeere and that is the reason why are much more preserved for cultural traditions.

Embu people are rich in cultural experience and traditions; if you’re looking the well-organized people with strong cultural traditions in Kenya, then you need to think of the Embu people. they have their culture well preserved and this has made it possible because they are small and this makes it easy for them to maintain and preserve their cultural traditions, Being in being a small network, the Embu people had been capable of maintaining tightly to their traditions and customs. They have a very excessive regard for the elderly, and each person shuns any shape of disrespect. Rural Embu, just like the Meru, has a council of elders who assist in fixing local and family troubles and giving recommendations and steering in which needed to make sure that their culture remains intact. An Embu bride is simplest given away after the groom has paid dowry. Failure to comply with this tradition may want to cause a cursed and once in a while childless marriage.

Generally, the Embu people do reside on the windward slopes of Mt. Kenya. It remarkably occupies the maximum top fertile lands of the Kenya highlands and this is the reason why are rich and depend on agricultural activities.  there are 2 sessions that the Embu people do use for agricultural purposes and the climate in the area is good to favorable the agricultural activities. The predominant crops grown by the Embu people include maize, cassava, yams, sorghum, millet, bananas, arrowroot, a long site animals such the cows, goats, sheep, chickens among others pr. Instances of drought or famine are extraordinarily rare. With the arrival of colonialism, many coins plants had been introduced. For lengthy, those have supplied a rewarding opportunity supply of livelihood for the humans. The maximum great coins plants so far are coffee, tea, and macadamia nuts. These are particularly grown on the market with little being processed for home consumption.

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