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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Reasons to visit Rushaga, Uganda 

Rushaga, Uganda is a place from where you can enjoy the advantage of viewing the soothing beauty of mountains. The volcano mountains are too beautiful, and they can owe your heart to you in a moment. The scenic beauty also enwraps Gahinga, Virunga and Muhavura. Plan a gorilla trek with Africa Adventure Vacations. The Bwindi forest national park is one of the most beautiful places in Uganda to visit. Topography, climate and atmosphere are quite heartwarming. One more marvel of Uganda is its district Kisor; it is so beautiful that it is known as Switzerland of Uganda.

Plan a trek to Bwindi forest national park and eyewitness this marvel of Primates

There are a good number of gorilla families residing in the Rushaga, Uganda region. They are scattered in different areas of Bwindi forest national park.  Thus, it is advised that you select your favourite family before visiting as this will save you time. Spend quality time with gorillas by booking your next trek with Africa Adventure Vacations.

Uganda is a place for enjoying the craze of gorilla trekking 

Description About gorilla families in Bwindi forest national park 

There are a good number of gorilla species around Uganda. The Nshongi gorilla family in Rushaga is quite prominent. They are named after a river where they were first discovered. The group size here includes 26 individuals along with four silverbacks. It is one of the largest group sizes of gorillas which inhabits together. The Mishaya gorilla family with a group size of 12 individuals along with one silverback is quite eminent. Silverback Mishaya was once a part of the Nshongi family, but it later separated from them. The Kahungye gorilla family is also quite a popular one, and it includes 13 individuals and three silverbacks. This family is quite popular and is found distinctly in Bwindi forest national park. The Bweza gorilla family is also one of the marvels of rush age. Thus the family has nine individuals and one silverback. The Busingye gorilla family is also a quite significant family with nine individuals and one silverback.

A brief analysis of mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest national park 

Katwe Gorilla Group in Bwindi forest national  park is quite thrilling and filled with extraordinary wonders. Male gorillas are two times bigger in size than females and even more muscular. Humans and gorillas are quite similar, genetically. One can enjoy gorilla trekking to a great extent. Male gorillas are also known as silverbacks as they have silky and silvery hair on their back. Hairs on the body of gorillas are quite thick and coarser as they live in colder climates. If you want to add more enjoyment and comfort while you trek then you can hire a porter. Porters will help you in carrying luggage, making your trek more comfortable and flexible. A porter can be employed for $30-50, you can also allow them a tip if you love their services. Hiring a porter can be a fantastic idea, not just for yourself but also for the cal community residing there. It will raise employment for local people there.

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