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Litare fishing village in Kenya

Litare fishing village in Kenya

Litare fishing village in Kenya

What to do at Litare fishing village in Kenya? Other than the wildlife safaris, Kenya is also an interesting destination for water-based resources because of the several lakes, rivers, and then the beaches that the country does possess.  Therefore most of the people are found themselves visiting different areas around beaches, where they can go take the boat cruise safaris and catching or by the fresh fish from the Kenyan waters.  However, you need to need to know that all the Kenya waters and the fishing areas have got fishing villages.

When I talk of the fishing villages I mean the communities who settled around the fishing spots such as the waters and who depend majorly on the fishing to get their livelihoods. One of the fishing villages that we are going to explore today is known as true Lutare fishing village where the communities have been organized into the fishing community and indeed they present the best example of the fishing villages that you can visit while in Kenya for your adventure visits.

 On its location, the Litare fishing village is sound in Mbita just of the Rusinga Island which is located on Lake Victori.  You will need to get the boat from the Rusingha Island to get to the Litare fishing village. You can without problems take a paddleboat or a speedboat that will take you up to the Litare fishing village. The latter alternative is great as it saves time and works great in instances of excessive tides. However, you have to recognize that it would additionally be a chunk highly-priced than everyday boats. Therefore if you decide to take the speed boat then you should get ready to pay more as compared to someone who has used the normal boat that operates daily

Form the island, you will get put from the speed boat and step on the Litare fishing village and you will be joined by other boats that are head to the same island once you’re in the water heading to the island. Please feel free to ask any question that you would like to know while on the boat since the captain will be available to help you with all the information that you would need to know about the waters or features that you will find in the water. While moving the information that I expect you to be told is that the fishermen you see do their workday and night and after you will be welcomed in fascinating sight of girls and women running on batches of fish laid out withinside the sun for drying. This facilitates maintain the fish clean longer throughout transportation from the lake to the very last consumer and these provide wonderful sights.

From here now you will get a chance to tour the fishing village; this little fishing village is locally set with some of the moused constructed out of mad and the roofs even thatched with mud and grass and polythene papers. At some stage, you did the permanent structures and some of the fishermen do rest these houses in the seasons and these do migrate from one island to another based on the availability of the fish.  Some of the fishermen have made this as the permanent home with their families and thus even if they shift but they do come back at a later stage. Others pick out to move their wives such that they can also share some responsibilities. While the fisherman works at night, his partner or wife works all through the day to dry and now and then promote the fish. Please be aware but that now no longer all fishermen are male in this village but some females or women are also involved in this fishing. So these women will share the experience with you about this wonderful experience.

Learn and tour the fishing processes; it would be so much unfair to explore the beautiful Litare village and forget the visiting and learn more about the fishing villages and see how these people go fishing and get an insight into the fishing process.  Usually, you will learn that the majority of the fishermen do fishing by the use of wooden boats and these boat t are imported from mainly Uganda and Tanzania. The multi and Mahogany are majorly used for this and this is done because of the longevity and the toughness. The Litera fishing village economic system is based on fishing, as the majority of the populace is engaged in sports associated with fishing including; boat repairing, internet repairing, fish cleaning, fish peeling, and promoting at the neighborhood level. Almost every family owns one or small boats with paintings on them.

You will also learn more about the fishing methods that the fishermen do use to fish with some of the people using the normal nests to catch fish while the others do use the fish trapping method. The fish traps are set in the water with a floating mild on each. The mild draws diverse water and land insects, which get burnt right now they get near sufficient to the bulbs. The burnt insects, in turn, flow on water and seem as smooth meals for the fish, which might be then stuck as soon as they may be near sufficient. The 3 foremost fish species caught include the Nile perch, Dagaa, and Fulu.

Other things to do at Litare fishing village

Also, there are other activities that cab is done at the Litare fishing villages and these include exploring the local markets where you can shop for yourself the locally made items well as the foodstuffs. Liter village is also a nice place for taking photograph expeditions and this is done after you have gotten the permission from the people that you would like to photographs, and in case you’re a birder, you will also get a chance to see a lot of the bird species most especially the egrets that are always at the lake to catch the fish. Other birds include the herons, kites which can be seen during the day as they look for food and this will be so much interesting adventure for you to enjoy this wonderful safari.

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