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Tailor-Made Uganda Fishing Safaris & Tours

Uganda Fishing Safaris- Sport fishing safaris and trips take place in the major fresh water bodies of Uganda such as lake Kyoga, Lake Victoria, River Nile and other water bodies like fish ponds & dams among others. The fish ponds are majorly put in place for commercial purposes. On the other hand, Lake Victoria has largely contributed to the big supply of fish both in Uganda and the entire East African region. Lake Albert and Kyoga also harbor a good number of fish species in Uganda for both sport and commercial activities.

Have you ever wanted to catch “the BIG one?” just book a sport fishing tour to Uganda. Our safaris will introduce you to catch several fish species including the Nile perch that weighs between 20 to 180 pounds; largely found in the fresh waters of Lake Victoria and Murchison falls of river Nile. We encourage the catch and release policy for all of the fishing trips in Uganda.

Where to go sport fishing safaris and tours in Uganda

Spot fishing is one of the best activities done by travelers in Uganda. The main species of fish caught in Uganda include; the Nile Perch, Tilapia, Tiger fish, Catfish among others. Besides Lake Victoria and Murchison falls national park, fishing can be done in other destinations such as lake Mburo national park, Ssese Islands etc. The following are the main areas where visitors go for spot fishing safaris in Uganda.

Murchison falls National Park Fishing trips

Fishing in Murchison falls national park is mainly done as a sport and currently among the most adventurous activities done along the Nile. Anglers catch larger fish species such as the Nile perch and cat fish by casting lures however, the use of live bait like worms, termites to catch smaller fish species like the Tiger fish can at times be used for sport fishing in Murchison falls national park. Other common methods include spinning.

We always recommend a rod between 8 feet (2.4 metres) and 11feet (3 metres) and together with a fixed spool or multiplier reel. If you are interested in catching smaller species, a 7’ spinning rod with 5 kg (10 lb) line is adequate.

For Nile perch and catfish any reel fixed spool or multiplier with 30-35 lb line(17kg) can be used. This is subject to the anglers’ taste and preference as well as personal skill with a multiplier. Catching tiger fish and smaller species, any reel you can comfortably cast small spinners is appropriate.

Yes, Murchison falls is one of the best spots to go for sport fishing in Uganda and mainly done at the bottom of the falls- Devil’s Cauldron, along the Victoria, and at the banks of the Nile by the anglers. Fishing along the Nile is an amazing activity however, you must be very cautious of the hippos and Nile crocodiles more so when fishing at the banks.

Sport fishing at Murchison falls requires assistance from a well experienced and informed guide to ensure guest safety and the best opportunity for successful fishing. Some visitors may feel experienced enough to challenge the Nile with just hiring a boat and skipper but we hiring recommend to hire an expert to guide you along especially if it is your first excursion to the falls to make your Uganda fishing safari successful. In most cases we recommend one guide per three anglers.

River Nile is the best place to catch the Nile perch in Uganda. The Nile perch nis one of the largest fish species found on the fresh water bodies and can weigh about 114kgs. Other common fish species in Murchison falls national park include; the Sudan catfish with a huge head which weighs over 45kgs and Vundu catfish.

Sport fishing in Murchison falls National Park is very rewarding for the avid angler. A fishing permit is necessary if you are planning to do sport fishing in the park and currently (March 2019), the permit costs $50 per day or $150 for four days and the price is exclusive of park entrance fees

Best Time For Fishing Safaris In Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

If you are you looking for the best time to visit Murchison falls national park for Sport fishing, December to February and June to September is the best season to book your fishing trip in Uganda. During that time, the water levels are normally low, also the fish usually floating at the top of the water.

We do not recommend to visit Murchison national park for sport fishing safaris during rainy season because fish do not want to feed baits in the milk water yet in the rainy season the river floods milky water and this can make the activity difficult. More still, during wet season, the river floods and sometimes cut off fishing areas above the waterfalls. The wet season begins from March to May and October.

Lake Victoria Fishing trips

Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water body in the world; covering approximately 69485 square kilometers. The lake features 84 islands and shared by three East African countries of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Sport fishing on Lake Victoria can be done throughout the year however the best time for fishing adventure runs from October to March. Traveling during this period offers anglers an opportunity to catch a Nile perch of about 10 kilograms to 80 kilograms. The major fishing methods used in Lake Victoria for sport fishing is trolling with lure. Anglers can also catch the Tilapia of about one to two kilograms using fly fishing techniques. Anglers can therefore set off for fishing trips on Lake Victoria with 18 feet boat with a single foam filled hull which is managed by a Yamaha 140HP and takes about four people or you may opt to take up a canoe or 24 ft fiber glass.

Travelers planning to book Uganda fishing safaris on Lake Victoria should use a boat with an overhead shed to protect them from the scotching sun and rains, rain jackets, first aid box, a GPS, life jackets, an electronic fish finder, cold drinks, fire extinguisher among others. For day fishing tours normally begin at 9:00am up to 12:30pm or afternoon that begins from 1:00pm to 5:00pm with half day fishing tours that take about four hours and full day tours taking eight hours. This adventure is usually conducted around the local islands and it takes visitors about 45 minutes boat ride from mainland Entebbe.

What to pack for Uganda fishing Safaris?

Spot fishing is an amazing experience in Uganda which attracts a lot of tourists to visit Murchison falls national park, Lake Victoria and other Uganda fishing destinations. Various gears are expected to be packed and carried by travelers when visiting the country. Below is a list of items to carry;

-hiking boots

– Sandals

-Insect repellent

-Energy drinks

– Breathable Sun Cap

-Light pants and shirts


-Camera and a portable video camera

-Enough drinking water



– Flashlight Gloves

In conclusion, fishing safaris in Uganda are done in the major sport fishing spots of Murchison falls national park, Lake Victoria, River Nile in Jinja and Lake Mburo national park. Our fishing Safaris and trips mainly focuses on the Nile perch, the others fish spices, and the wildlife come as additional.

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