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Have you ever heard of the Brandy Bus; a wonderful place for you to stay in while in Karen

the Brandy Bus

Have you ever heard of the Brandy Bus; a wonderful place for you to stay in while in Karen

Have you ever heard of the Brandy Bus; a wonderful place for you to stay in while in Karen? I am sure that the majority of the visitors who do love traveling would like to stay in an extra ordinary destination or in a place where they will be comfortable and in case you are exploring the Karen destination then you will need to stay at the brandy bus, a wonderful place where you will be able to stay.  The brandy bus is nestled within the heart of the Keren and it comes in form of the vintage London double-decker that was upgraded and turned into a beautiful home for the visitors.

The Brandy Bus sits on the 5 acres of land featuring the amazing gardens. The accommodation here comes in form of the  2 single beds on the floor that sever as the sofa seats during the daytime and then the 2 double decker beds that it has upstairs.  The rooms at the body house feature Wifi, and the visitors will have to get hot water and showers, stacks of books for the visitors to read and are found in each room as well as the well-designed chicken with all the chicken utensils that are used for cooking.

Let’s look at the things that you can do while staying at the Brandy bus

You can take time and visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This find is the one that does raise the black rhinos and the wonderful elephants and after they get healed then they reintroduced back into their wildness especially when they are fully fit and older and this is very interesting so far.  While touring this wonderful  wildlife trust fund, you will be able  to have a look at the  calves and the wonderful rhinos and in case  you  want to adopt one of the rhinos or elephants  at united states dollars 50 meaning that you can go and have much private time to watch these animals  at around 5 Pm

Visit the Giraffe center while at brandy bus

The giraffes center protects the wonderful and the highly endangered Rothschilds giraffe that has been in place as the center incorporates the conservation efforts. You can observe, hand-feed, or maybe kiss one of the giraffes from a raised wood structure, that’s pretty an experience that you don’t need to miss out on. You might also spot warthogs snuffling approximately within the mud, and there’s an exciting self-guided woodland stroll via the adjoining Gogo River Bird Sanctuary meaning that you will be able to see the bird species around the center which is so much interesting and amusing experience.

You will also be able to explore the Karen Blixen Museum

This is the huge museum that ought not to miss enjoying the historical artifacts of the Brandy Bus and this museum can be found within five kilometers from the Brandy Bus. The Karen Blixen liven ion this farmhouse in 1914 and the year 1931. Later she left a chain of private tragedies, however, the lovable colonial residence has been preserved as a museum. The museum is about expansive gardens and is an exciting region to wander around and this is very much interesting. This wonderful Karen Blixen museum is much more adequate for visitors coming to visit the wonderful areas.

You can also explore the Kazuri Bead center

Here this is the free tour that will lead you to the several factories and their buildings and observe the procedures and the systems how the people make several  services including the raw clay up to the several and the visitors of the finished project can as well have the  gift shop that comes with the fixed prices where you can get your souvenir

Visitors visiting the Brandy Bus expect a lot of things and these include As this Brandy Bus is in among a residential complicated we might truly request now no longer to make an excessive amount of loud noise in the assets and disturb others privacy. In that observe you may additionally make certain all and sundry else living in might keep the same. We felt the complete assets become enormously secured particularly for the nighttime. In the nighttime, the caretaker helped us with lightning the fireside whilst we toasted our wine and sang a birthday song. For supper that night time we carried a few home-cooked meals as we dint desired to pressure on making meals (you may additionally bring uncooked substances and do the cooking there as nicely). 

The Brandy Bus is an antique school double-decker bus that’s now up cycled and transformed right into a stunning and comfortable staycation. The bus hotel is tucked far from the town hustle, surrounded by peace and greens. Then you’re simply analyzing the proper blog!! This vicinity is positioned within the coronary heart of Karen Road that’s simply 20 km far from Nairobi town middle and is likewise near many traveler points of interest and restaurants. Reaching brandy bus isn’t always warfare at all. Simply activate the GPS and locate your simplest route. You can book this facility in this vicinity via Airbnb or maybe offline.

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