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Flamingo Hill Tented Camp

Flamingo talented Camp

Flamingo Hill Tented Camp

Flamingo hill tented camp one of the beautiful and amazing camps that are found within the Lake Nakuru national park and it is one of the tourist accommodation facilities that is given to the visitors visiting the park. The Camp is housed within the beautiful sceneries and honeymoon hills that boost a lot of so many interesting landscapes with the natural forage.

The camp is equally friendly and it is contrasted using the local materials and visitors will access the Flamingo hill tented camp for about 2 hours from Nairobi to the Flamingo hill tented camp or for those who are interested in flying to the Flamingo hill tented camp can use the chartered flights that are available at the Wilson airstrip and can airlift you to Naishi airport which is near the Lake Nakuru National Park.

The stunning camp from the savannah vegetation and the hills adjacent to the best accommodation option while on the Kenyan safari in Lake Nakuru national park. While staying at the Camp you will not only stay at the comfortable facility but also will support the ecotourism projects and protect the environment that as well include the flamingos’ birds. The revenue that is got for the Flamingo hill tented camp is given to the back to conserve the environment.

The Flamingo lodge  provides the accommodation facilities that come in form of 25 thatched tents that are fit for the safaris with each tent composed of the gray tones that are obtained from the natural woods, wrought iron ad crisp cotton to give you one of the luxury vibes.

Each tent is comprised of four beds covered with mosquito nets, en-suite bathrooms, flush toilets, shower characterized by both running hot water. The en-suite bathroom is separated by the bedroom canvas screen and the whole tenet opens to the stone courtyards all providing beautiful wonderful views of the Flamingo hill tented camp.

Flamingo hill tented camp offers the following facilities which you will able to use when visiting this tented camp and these include;

The bar: The Camp has got a fully stocked bar that has enough local and international brands of soft and hard alcoholic drinks and the bar is equipped with a music system and a whole flat screen that keeps you busy with enough entertainment

Spacious and enough restaurant: The Camp has got enough restaurant that is very well furnished and decorated with luxurious services preparing both international and the local cuisines that are prepared by the professional and trained chefs. Special meals are so prepared for children and all the visitors that are so important

Flamingo hill tented camp boasts a gift shop that offers craft pieces, clothing and made from the African local fabrics ad also features books around the Lake Nakuru national park and many more other species

This tented camp also features the lounge that is best for the lounging of the lodge visitors in the afternoon after you have had a wonderful day within the wilderness looking for the animals within the Lake Nakuru national park. The Lounge is fully furnished and has got comfortable institutions with wonderful television sets for your entertainment.

This camp features the magnificence and exciting swimming pool that is open to the visitors who come to the  Camp and would like to cool themselves from the scorching sun.

The Camp also features conference rooms where people can hold meetings and conferences. The conference room is fully equipped with a projector, tables, chairs and board room facilities for the conference meetings.

The Camp has a fully stocked library with amazing books which are accessed for free to the visitors staying at the lodge. While you’re at the Flamingo hill tented camp you will able to enjoy different park activities which include among others the following, nature walks, game drives, birding watching, pampering massages, historical excursions and the exciting romantic sundowners.