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Tourist activities in Lake Nakuru National Park

Tourist activities in Lake Nakuru National Park

Tourist activities in Lake Nakuru National Park

What tourist activities are done in Lake Nakuru National Park? Tourist activities in Lake Nakuru National Park are too many and they extend simply from driving inside the park sitting comfortably in your vehicle as you’re enjoying wonderful views of the park to camping in the wild to enjoy the true African wildness. Lake Nakuru National Park presents opportunities for visitors to come and have good moments in relaxation and refreshment of your mind and soul with inclusive of your body. Now we look at the major activities within the park that you can do while in Lake Nakuru National Park and these include;

Bird watching

Lake Nakuru National Park is a home to over 450m species of birds that is famous for the flamingo birds and this becomes so interesting and makes it so wonderful especially for bird lovers. You will be amazed by very many species of birds that are found within the savannah grasslands and the woodlands and at the shores of Lake Nakuru, these birds can be easily seen from the common viewpoints that are found within the park but the major sport for the birds is at lake Nakuru where birds are found in all corners.

Lake Nakuru National Park is also known as the RAMSER Site meaning that it is one of the important birding hubs in Kenya and the whole world in addition to being recognized as an important birding area. Some of the bird species you will not miss in Lake Nakuru National Park include the lesser flamingoes, grater flamingos, Egyptian geese, white-necked bee, Africa fish eagle, and the grater pelican birds among others.

Camping activities

Lake Nakuru National Park provides the best opportunities for camping and the bushy vegetation gives you the best experience as you place your tent under the sky. The weather in Lake Nakuru National Park is not so hot and not so cold and this makes the camping experience so amazing as you enjoy the fresh lake breeze as good times to see animals that usually come close to the tent or at your erected tent.

Lake Nakuru Viewing

The most tourist who visit Lake Nakuru National Park you cannot detach them from the lake Nakuru since it is the major highlight of the attractions that are found within the Lake Nakuru National Park. A lake is a place where very many birds are congregating and people take time to view the lake ad its components ad they enjoy the stunning views of the deep blue waters and appreciate the nature and the flora surrounding the park. The place is so interesting so please make sure that you try this wonderful activity which is so wonderful and exciting.


Lake Nakuru National Park offers the best opportunities and sports for good photo moments producing wonderful pictures and this has made the wonderful destination for the photos where they are taken for commercial purposes or personal consumption. Enjoy the good sites like the promises of Lake Nakuru, around the viewpoints which offer beautiful sites for your photos. Please come and enjoy the beauty of Lake Nakuru National Park by capturing wonderful moments with your Camera.

Wildlife or animals viewing

Lake Nakuru National Park also other than birds features important animals species that you don’t need to miss out on while on your safari to Lake Nakuru National Park. Lake Nakuru National Park records more than 50 species of mammals that are protected within the park. Among these species include the rhinos that are protected in the sanctuary inside the Lake Nakuru National Park together with the Rothschild’s giraffe. Lake Nakuru National Park has both black and white rhinos and this offers you the opportunity to see both rare species of animals. Visitors visiting Lake Nakuru National Park will have the chance to sport all the animals because the park is fenced and thus the animals cannot move for long distances. Other species that are protected in Lake Nakuru National Park that you can encounter during the game viewing include the buffaloes, impalas, hippos, giraffes, among others.

Hiking to Makalia falls

Lake Nakuru National Park offers the opportunity to visitors to enjoy the small falls of the Makalia falls. The hike to the falls is strenuous but it can give you the required physical exercises and hiking experience, the Makalia Falls is the hidden treasure of the Lake Nakuru National Park which you can exploit whenever you visit the Lake Nakuru National Park. They are located on river Makalia in the northern part of the park. You will enjoy the scenic views of the place and the marvelous cool breezes from the waters falling on the cliff for up to 10 meters. Visitors can also have a picnic at the waterfalls for the best enjoyment of the hike and to have the experience of the adventure.