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Lord Egerton Castle

Lord Egerton Castle

Lord Egerton Castle

Lord Egerton Castle is found within the Nakuru juts off the Nairobi- Nakuru highways about kilometers from the Nakuru Town, Lord Egerton Castle is the historical pillar and it was set up by lord Egerton who was the fourth baron Engerton with the fifty-three fortresses that makes you remember the prehistorically days of your relevance gorgeous the wonders of the castle.

It features one of the major tourist attractions in Nakuru which has attracted large hundreds and thousands of visitors or tourists especially those interested in exploring the castle’s uniqueness and the memories of the castle. The wonderful castle lies one 100 acre landscape that is found with the Nakuru countryside of the Ngata farm that’s bounded wonderful views of the gardens and lawns of all sides of the house setting.

The materials that were used to construct the castle were shipped from the outside country and the construction lasts for ten years to be finished and the construction started in 1938 and 1954. It could have taken some time to be completed and this was as the result of World War 2 that again disrupted the movement of the people and thus affecting the whole process of the construction which was so interesting.

Lord Egerton Castle is well designed with unique architecture in the whole of Africa that dates back in the last centuries and this is the reason why this building is so unique in history. There are 53 rooms and these include the children house, study rooms, wine cellar, a masters bedroom, darkroom for photo moments, and then the classic room with a broken paino which signifies the Lord Engertorns Architectural setting and other room settings, the floor is composed of the oak with zinc tiles made of zinc.

In the year 1954, the time the castle was finished, the lord Engerton rushed and traveled to the castle lonely and lived there up to his death which occurred in 1958. Up to now, the castle was left vacant and at times which justifies the reason as to why it was called the castle without the prince meaning the castle without any person staying in.

The history has that Lord Egerton wanted to impress his fiancé and decided to build for her the Castle however this was done because the finance had turned town his marriage offer because of the little house the husband was staying in.

After buying the land in Nakuru during the colonial era, Lord Egerton built two houses for him were of the small size and the first house had 3-bed room and the fiance dint like it too and later had to build the second house with 4 bedrooms and it when he requested his fiancé to start staying with him in the same second house but again was rejected because the fiancé bought the house to be the chicken house.

With all this experience, Lord Egerton decides to come up with an idea of constructing along with castle that would match the preference of the fiancé, however, this did not solve the fiancé’s demands because even after the construction. The fiancé shunned calling is a museum and the Lord gave up and this time decides to stay alone in the castle until he died after developing chest complications.

Lord Egerton was very disappointed and stayed alone as he grew up disliking women in his life and he never tried to marry again neither did he allow any woman to come closer to his castle and he had warned that signs revealing that any woman who would come a near the castle would be shot and this shows the extent to which he hated the women. And most of the people in Kenya in those days prefer to call the castle the place where the suitors missed the target.

This wonderful story of this castle is so interesting and very many people have come from different corners of the world that move to Kenya in Nakuru to have a look at the castle and witness the mansion which was rejected any the fiancé.

However, in the year 2005, the government decide to open the castle and it has been using as an important place for weddings, contain events, luxurious and cozy events among others. The design of the castle featuring the lawns and flower gardens together with its last century feel makes this castle so attractive and this must be a destination where anyone would like to visit.

The castle has been visited by very many prominent people all year round and visitors are guided through the 53 room castle with the trained guides and guests will have to pay KSHS.150 and KSHS75 for adults and children respectively for them to have a clear guided tour. People of very many visitors interested in exploring this place, some visitors may be put in turns to visit the Castle.

There are other various things that you can see while exploring the castle and these include the ancient machinery, equipment, and the long time used ancient gargets which were used with the colonial era. Other outdoor activities are offered by the outdoor activities that the guest that does engage in on their visit to the castle. These activities include the sports games such as football, rope skipping, hide and seek and many more others. Tourists may opt for an overnight stay in the nearby accommodation properties

The long Egerton castle is always open all the time for the visitors throughout the year and visitors can access Lord Egerton Castle will have to use the Nairobi-Nakuru highway which is from Nairobi. At the Moment the Lord Egerton is run by the Egerton University.