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Elsamere Conservation Center

Elsamere Conservation Center

Elsamere Conservation Center

Elsamere Conservation Center is an important tourist attraction that is found in Naivasha and it is one of the oldest conservation that is found within Kenya. The Center also offers an education system that educates people about nature and environmental conservation and sustainability such that other people can as well again use it within the future.

Elsamere Conservation Center was used as the home for the colonialist during the colonial times and the white settlers used it as the get way to place during that time.

After the end of the colonial time, the place was left vacant ad later Adamsons acquire it ad later changed it into his retirement home where they studied the conservation center. Both Joy and George Adamson lived at the Elsamere conservation until when they die. Later where they died, the Elsamere Conservation Center was left to the community in Lake Naivasha.

The Center became famous in the 1960s after Joy Adamson Book Born free that talked about Joy and George Adamson’s story where he rescued a cub for caring it and after he introduced into the wild. The book was also developed in the same name Born Free. Joy Adamson had produced some other books that included Pippa and Penny that further detailed her wonderful conservation efforts.

Elsamere Conservation Center is found at the shores of Lake Naivasha and its surrounding activities that include conservation works, education, tourism, and information activities that are managed and run by the Elsa Conservation trust.

The Elsa Conservation Trust was called the Elsa Animal Appeal at the establishment that was named after a lion in the Born Free story and the name was amended to the Elsa Conservation Trust.

The Center is known for the teachings and education about conservation and to call o the visitors to come and relax on this wonderful centers as they engage in various activities such as;

Touring the Elsamere Museum that provides insights into how the Elsamere Conservation Center started and the life of the founders. The small museum is open throughout the weekdays and when you access the museum, you will find their pictures of the damsons, Elsa, penny ad several artifacts.

Bird watching; yes Elsamere Conservation Center is not a birders hub but there are some of the Lake Naivasha with some bird species which you can come and enjoy the bird-watching safaris.

Enjoy the surrounding nature as here the gates will through the conservation center around to enjoy the nature and the savannah and woodlands.

Relaxing around the Elsamere Conservation Center is quite interesting with the great individuals and groups who just want to relax and enjoy the freshness and ambiances of the Center.

Visitors to the  Center can stay in a lot of the accommodation facilities that are available around the Elsamere Conservation Center while visiting the other destination areas around the Center which include Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru National Park