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Enkewa Camp

Enkewa Camp

Enkewa Camp

Enkewa Camp  is the one of the mediate, exclusive and luxury tented camp that is found in the center of the Masai Mara National reserve and it is ideal for the people to explore the wildness within the Masai Mara national reserve.

It is a private camp which was built based on the ecosystem and sustainability concept and it was built with high expertise filled with informed decisions and knowledge combined of the experts and the local Masai People.

There are five tents at the Enkewa Camp of which one is the Mess tent and a lounge area. These tents are so comfortable and spacious with views of the savahha grassland and environment that is well possible for the betterment of your safari experience.

The tents have got running water both hot and cold and features the clean flushing toilets and the private modern bathrooms.  There a 24 hour solar power especially during the dry season and incase it weaken, there is a stand by generator to supplement the solar power.

The Enkewa Camp is constructed out of the locally made materials from the Masai nature and the roofing is all insect proof.  Visitors exploring the Masai Mara national reserve by air will get the best experience staying at  Enkewa camp because it is  near the Ol Kiombo airstrike  which about 20 minutes’ drive which about 35 kilometers.

There are large and comfortable birds with the private balcony for your free relaxation especially after the game viewing activity in the Masai Mara National reserve.

For meals of all kind or types, you will order for what you would like to eat and then the staff will immediately effect your order is a short period of time. The food served are both local and international  and other than food, the camp offers other services which include the lounge, well, stocked bar and the well-stocked bar serving both soft and hard drinks.

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