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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Zanzibar Bird Watching Safaris

Zanzibar Bird Watching Safaris

Zanzibar Bird Watching Safaris

Are you looking for Zanzibar Bird Watching Safaris? Zanzibar is one of the icons on and magnificent destination of its own found in Tanzania. To many who have heard Zanzibar, it has been described as the destination that provides visitors with the wonderful beach holiday safaris however, other than the beach holiday experiences known for, Zanzibar is good destination for the birding who you can do most by waking safaris.

 There are a lot of sites with a lot of species of birds because of the ecosystem involves ta the destination Zanzibar. This ecosystem has provided the favorable atmosphere for the birds and other wonderful species of primates such as the mammals, reptiles, amphibians enabling you to sight all of these wonderful animals.

You don’t need to stay away without exploring the various animals and plant that are found on Zanzibar island, the climate and weather condition itself is unmatchable and the authorities have also engage heavily in the conservation effort and this can be only observed when exploring the wonderful reserved of the Jozani Forest Reserve. Our Zanzibar Bird watching safaris will give an opportunity to see and identify several species of birds that are found in different habitats

There are several important birding areas in Zanzibar which you shouldn’t miss while going to Zanzibar for your Zanzibar Bird watching safaris and these birding areas in Zanzibar include the Mnemna marine park, with the 47 bird species Pongwe forest Reserve, Kidike Root positioned found in the middle of the Pemnba island on Zanzibar, there is also another prominent island of Zanzibar which is known for bird watching and this is called Mafia island with over 240 species of birds.

Therefore, any person planning his destination to Zanzibar for bird watch watching must at least visit one or more of the above highlighted places. Just inquire from us at Africa Adventure vacations and we shall arrange for you one of the wonderful bird watching vacation in Zanzibar on your budget .It is interesting and so rewarding.

Where to go for your Zanzibar bird watching safaris?

Zanzibar is the birders destination with the larger island being known internationally for having different birders species.  While on Zanzibar for your bird watching activity, you will be able to enjoy the following species of birds and these include the Sturnidae, Accipitridae, Alcedinidae, moosebird, phasianidae, campephagidae, podicipedidae, Numidia, Dicruridae,Timaliidae.Syliviidae, Crested Francoline, Ciconiidae,pemba white-eye, Dicruridae among other.

Bird watching in Zanzibar is so much interesting and you will be able to see different species of birds and you will need to just get penetrated enough as you’re enjoying the birding species. Zanzibar keeps on recording an increase number of people visiting the place because of the several species of birds. We have taken deferent birders, students, professional birders and who are on their honeymoon safaris and they want to experience the bird watching experiences in Zanzibar. Thus you need to come and book with us the bird watching trees and this is very interesting within the areas  and you will enjoy the  this wonderful  bird watching destination.

What is the best time to go for Zanzibar bird watching safaris?

Zanzibar bird watching safaris ate open and done all the year around, this means that you can travel to Zanzibar and enjoy the Zanzibar bird watching safaris which can be done throughout the year. However, the best birding season in Zanzibar is from October to March. Usually the bird watching safaris are clearly done during the rainy season when the vegetation is green and when it’s the breeding season for the birds. In Zanzibar, the October to March is also the best time when we the permanent birds in Zanzibar are joined by the migrant birds and true when the time when you will see the wonderful birds, therefore, when planning your Zanzibar bird watching safari trip, you must not forget to plan this safari during the wet season but here at Africa adventure vacations, we are here to provide you with the best.

What to pack for your bird watching safari in Zanzibar?

While planning for your Zanzibar bird watching safaris, you need to make sure that you pack some of the better and good items that will help you to have the wonderful birding experience in Zanzibar during this wonderful activity. Some of the items that you should not leave behind while coming for your Zanzibar bird watching safaris and these include the packing the cameras with strong batteries to help you take photos, you need the hiking boots because at time you need to walk on foot, binoculars are essential during bird watching safaris, insect repellant, the birders list book or the note book, and all the items that you need to have the wonderful experience.

Why use Africa Adventure Vacations for your bird watching safari in Zanzibar?

Africa Adventure Vacations is a local company based in Uganda but operate in East African countries that include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, south Sudan, Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and south Africa and we have over 10 years’ experience helping clients especially those who wish to take their vacation in East Africa including wildlife birding, beach, gorilla, culture of Africa. We provide services such as the booking for the park entrance fees, booking for the accommodation facilities, organizing transportation to the clients all done is shortest period of other words, we arrange for the whole inclusive safari package to Africa.  We organize other wildlife packages to all of the above mentioned countries including the gorilla packages to Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and any other African Country. Therefore, you should not hesitate to choose us to be your bird watching safari in Zanzibar