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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Kenya Bird Watching Safaris

Kenya Bird Watching Safaris

Kenya Bird Watching Safaris

Are you looking for Kenya bird watching safaris? Kenya located in the eastern Africa is regarded as one of the best destination country for doing a lot of the adventure activities that any visitor would be interested in doing while on the safari. Kenya is the rewarding destination for the visitor’s especially those who are interested in enjoying and seeing the world wildlife species. Indeed Kenya is the best destination for the birders because of the several bird species which can done in various destination and sports in Kenya.

As the whole, there are over one thousand species of birds which attracts various birdwatchers. There are various birds species including the Solali ostrich Kori bustard providing the collection of the parrots, turaco and several species.  In fact Kenya is the best and third largest destination for birding sites and this is very interesting. Your drive to Kenya for the birding safaris which provides you with the best and wonderful species of birds which you will be able to experience withy the experience of the guide.

Kenya has provided the best habitats for the birds which have been favoured by the favorable climate within the country. The rift valley areas, mountainous areas as well as the geographical settings proving the best areas where you can sport birds and enjoy them in their natural settings. Kenya is also a good country where you can experience the migratory birds that move all along from the European countries and come to Africa either for food or breeding and after a certain period of time they do go back and by clear timing of your Kenya birding watching safaris and this is very interesting

Kenya is a country that is fight and will a lot of wonderful places where you can explore the wildness during your Kenya bird watching safaris.  Don’t worry you can even decide to spend several month in Kenya bird watching safaris  or even a year in Kenya while interacting with the wonderful people, staying at various and wonderful lodges with in Kenya, visiting wonderful areas of interest which is so interesting. While in Kenya for the Kenya bird watching safaris, you will enjoy a lot of activities and safaris as you will take time to explore different national parks in Kenya including the Masai Mara National reserve, visiting the Amboseli national park and enjoy the wonderful views of the endless savannah plains while seeing fantastic savannah plains for the huge number of the animals grazing on the endless savannah plain of Kenya. Come and taste the Kenya uniqueness during your Kenya bird watching safaris.

Where to go for your Kenya bird watching safaris?

Kenya has got several national parks and other places where you can go and engage for the wildlife viewing which will give you the wonderful experience. Kenya has got various national park and national reserves as well that game reserves that are comprised savannah grassland where it is easy to spot different species of birds. One of the best birding destination is Kenya is the Masai Mara savannah national reserves which is the best visited   with varied and unique bird species of Africa. The Masai mare National reserve presents several species of birds including the starlings, the hornbills, and other several species of birds.

Kenya still, features several rift valley lakes which have acted as the sanctuary for several species of birds. These ;lakes harbors various water bird species as well as those birds found on land in the woodland species and other areas birds species. Some of these lakes include Lake Bongoria in Kenya, Lake Naivasha in Kenya, Lake Nakuru national park in Kenya and these destinations provide the best destination for birders to have the wonderful experience. Lake Nakuru is the best destination that is known for having the highest number of flamingo birds in the whole world and the rift valley Lake of Kenya also provides the  grounds for the endemic bird species and those from the coastal origin and these include the Clarke weaver, Amani sunbird, Aberdare Cisticola, Grey crested helmet, Hindes babbler and then  the visitors can  as will sight other bird species which are found within the highlands areas of Kenya in the Aberdere and Mountain Kenya as well exploring the Watamu national park close to the coast in Kenya. You can as well visit the famous birding national park called Arabuko-Sokoke National Park.

Kenya is also the country where you will find the wonderful birds’ species of the forest origin because of the wonderful nature forested areas and reserves and national parks that is found within the National park. You will have the opportunity to traverse through the forest areas, grassland areas in addition to other grassland areas. One of the best destination here from young to explore the forest birds in Kenya is known as the  Arabuko-Sokoke Forest which is close to the Malindi  where you will be able  to spot some species  and these include the spotted ground sunbird, Sokoke pipit, Amani sunbird, Clarkers weaver, East Coast Akalat and others.  Another wonderful forest is also known as the Kakamega Forest Reserve where you will see the hornbills, the turaco, endangered Turners Eremomela and other wetland bird species including the papyrus Gonolek, white-winged Warbler, papyrus yellow warbler which is the good for the birding species and all these are located within the wetlands along the wetland areas around the basins of lake Victoria among other areas.

You cannot complete the Kenya bird watching safaris to Kenya without exploring the southern Coast that offers the wonderful birding experience where you will spot wonderful bird species. There are different bird species which you can spot on the Southern coast. Kenya is found on the coast and this gives it a better chance to ensure you get maximum bird experience.  Some of the birding experience include among other the Fischers turaco, southern banden Snake Eagle, Flycatcher especially the little yellow flycatcher, Uluguru Violet Backed sunbird among other birds and these you can find them at the coast. You can as well enjoy the wonderful the migratory birds which is so fantastic.

What is the best time to go for Kenya bird watching safaris?

Kenya bird watching safaris ate open and done all the year around, this means that you can travel to Kenya and enjoy the Kenya bird watching safaris. However, the best birding season in Kenya is from October to March. Usually the bird watching safaris are clearly done during the rainy season when the vegetation is green and when it’s the breeding season for the birds. In Kenya, the October to March is also the best time when we the permanent birds in Kenya are joined by the migrant birds and true when the time when you will see the wonderful birds, therefore, when planning your Kenyan safari trip, you must not forget to plan this safari during the wet season but here at Africa adventure vacations, we are here to provide you with the best.

What to pack for your bird watching in Kenya?

While planning for your Kenya bird watching safaris, you need to make sure that you pack some of the better and good items that will help you to have the wonderful birding experience in Kenya during this wonderful activity. Some of the items that you should not leave behind while coming for your Kenya bird watching safaris and these include the packing the cameras with strong batteries to help you take photos, you need the hiking boots because at time you need to walk on foot, binoculars are essential during bird watching safaris, insect repellant, the birders list book or the note book, and all the items that you need to have the wonderful experience.

Why use Africa Adventure Vacations for your bird watching safari in Kenya

Africa Adventure Vacations is a local company based in Uganda but operate in East African countries that include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, south Sudan, Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and south Africa and we have over 10 years’ experience helping clients especially those who wish to take their vacation in East Africa including wildlife birding, beach, gorilla, culture of Africa. We provide services such as the booking for the park entrance fees, booking for the accommodation facilities, organizing transportation to the clients all done is shortest period of other words, we arrange for the whole inclusive safari package to Africa.  We organize other wildlife packages to all of the above mentioned countries including the gorilla packages to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and any other African Country. Therefore, you should not hesitate to choose us to be your bird watching safari in Kenya

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