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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Witu Forest Reserve in Kenya

Witu Forest Reserve: This is the naturally green reserve that is found in Kenya and it provides the home to the diverse and attractive species which can be explored by several tourists during the Kenyan Safari Walk

Witu Forest Reserve in Kenya

Witu Forest Reserve in Kenya is the naturally green reserve that is found in Kenya and it provides the home to the diverse and attractive species which can be explored by several tourists during the Kenyan Safari Walk. The forest reserve is found in the Lamu district of Kenya it the forest covers over 11,463 acres of the 46.39 square Kilometers that is formed with the combination of the 2 forests called the Utwani and Gongoni forest there are always forest elephants seen migrating in between the Dodori national reserve and the Kipini Conservation

There are endangered plant species that can be seen within the forest and these include the Europhobia Tanaensis which is reported to be more than 20 mature plants in the Forest as mentioned or reported by the IUCN 2009 report. Other than these plant species, Witu Forest is home to several species of birds due to its proximity with the Pangnio swamp in the Northern Direction with the Nairobi ranch on its southeast as you move close to the Mujanjini forest, and the settlement area in its southwestern direction.

The forest Reserve was carefully studied and documented in the year 1927 and later gazetted as the Forest Reserve in 1962 and more hectares of land were later added to the Forest Reserve and after all this, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust came in and started working a hand in hand with the Kenya Forest Services which was done to protect the forest from the encroachment and make sure the resources are well protected with remarkable biodiversity conservations.

Guests who are interested in visiting the Witu Forest Reserve will participate in different activities such as the Forest walking experience. With this activity, you be able to encounter several species as you move through the green forest, the forest creatures that you will meet at this time will include the primates, then the forest elephants as they move through the forest and other animals such as the hartebeest, gerenuk, gazelle buffaloes, lesser Kudu among other animals species.

 The Witu forest reserve is a reserve harboring several species of animals and plants especially those that are highly endangered among other plant species that the local people use as treatment medicines such the herbal medicines.

Other than the nature walk, tourists can go for bird watching other than nature forest walks since the forest harbors several birding species and some of the birds that can be seen include the African blue flycatcher, black-billed turaco, white-breasted negrofitch, Cassin’s honey bird, chestnut wattle-eye, white-breasted ngrofinch, Green Hylia, shrike-flycatcher and several wildlife and plant species.

What to bring when coming to Witu forest

For the guest to enjoy fully the best experience in the Witu forest, they should carry certain items that include mineral water, hiking boots, pair of binoculars, water hiking boots sunglass, camera with enough batters among others.

Best time to visit the Witu Forest Reserve

The Witu Forest Reserve can be visited all day and any time however, the best season to enjoy the nature walks in the Witu Forest is during the dry month because taking safaris during the Rains might not turn out to be good because the forest might be slippery hence distorting the Forest experience.

How to access the Witu Forest Reserve in Kenya

You will need to drive 5 houses to access the Witu Forest Reserve from Nairobi up to the Lamu whet the forest reserve is fully located.

Accommodation in Witu Forest Reserve in Kenya

Yes, there are several accommodation facilities around the forest reserve, there not yet fully established lodges and accommodation facilities in the Witu Forest Reserve in Kenya but guests can still stay at the nearby lodges which include the Kekoorok Lodge, Rondo retreat, Serenity Forest Eco Reserve, Kumbali Country Lodge among others. Please book with Africa Adventure vacations to enjoy this wonderful forest experience in the Witu Forest Reserve of Kenya.