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Wildlife safari and viewing in Serengeti national park

Tanzania Safaris, Wildlife safari and viewing in Serengeti national park

Wildlife safari and viewing in Serengeti national park

Are you looking for wildlife safari and viewing in Serengeti national park Tanzania?  Serengeti national park is one of the beautiful national parks for wildlife safari viewing in Tanzania and the whole world. Serengeti national park is found in Tanzania in the northern park at the border with Kenya. It is one of the largest national parks of Africa and it covers an area of about 14759 square kilometers with endless plains and the Serengeti is a Masai word that is meaning endless plains

Serengeti national park features a famous habitant for the wildlife harboring large populations of animals that can be seen grazing through the endless plain. Similarly, to Masai Mara National park, Serengeti national park features one of the wonderful spectacular events of the wildebeest movements or migration which has increased the population of the animals within the park.

The wildebeest migration with the Serengeti national park involves millions of wildebeest animals together with thousands of zebras crossing the Mara River. The other significant animals within the Serengeti National Park include the African wolves, striped hyenas, antelopes, topis, giraffes, and many more other animals species.

There are various regions of the Serengeti national park which are visited by the various tourists while they are on the safaris game drives and these include the northern Serengeti, western corridor, and the Serengeti plains.

Wildlife watching or viewing in the Serengeti national park is the main highlight of the safari activities that are taking place within the park and this is the main reason why the Serengeti national park receives several visitors throughout the whole year.

The game viewing or the wildlife sing in the Serengeti national park gives visitors an opportunity to explore most of the animals within the park and the game viewing within the park is usually done in various categories.

The safari game viewing in Serengeti national park is categorized based on the time of the safari and here I bring to you the categories of wildlife viewing or watching within the Serengeti National park in Tanzania.

En-route game watching in Serengeti national park

Visitors are hereby informed that the Serengeti national park is found adjacent to other national or protected areas in Tanzania especially the Ngorongoro conservation areas, Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire National park which it becomes so easy to connect to while in the Serengeti national park.

Serengeti national park stretches over to 1576 square kilometers

and this qualifies to be home to several wild animal species especially the bat-eared fox, ground pangolin, cokes hartebeest, waterbuck, impalas, warthog, common eland, topi, aardvark, cape hare, dik-dik, cheetah, crested porcupines, and many more animals species.

The majority of this wonderful Serengeti national park is covered by the short grass or open savannah vegetation and this makes it easy for the tourists to spot the animals in the wild.

En-route game watching safaris or game drives in Serengeti national park is best conducted while your en-route from your lodges where you stayed especially if your tour operator had booked you lodge that is within the center of the Serengeti national park.

Therefore, as you drive out of the lodge, you will drive through the park as your heading to connect to other protected areas of the Ngorongoro conservation area and you may sport several animal en-route especially lions lying on the short grass.

While you’re doing the game drives safaris in Serengeti national park, you might miss out on some of the animals but with the en-route game watching, this may compensate for the time or the animals that you might have failed to spot on the normal game drive.

Enjoy the full-day game drives in Serengeti national park

The full-day game drive is one of the best-loved safari activities by the tourists within the Serengeti National Park. The full-day game watching or game drives give the visitors chance to enjoy one of the wonderful places and to spot millions and thousands of animals staying in this park and some of these is the wildebeest migration that consists of wildebeest majority, zebras as they cross the famous Mara river.

The full day game watching in Serengeti national park commences early in the morning after breakfast from the lodge and then drive to this wonderful park to spot various animals such as the leopards, zebras, wildebeest, elephants, and many more animals species.

Game watching safaris conducted within the morning are as fantastic as the animals can be seen in the open savannah vegetation before they are dispersed to the far way are or ton the regions of the park featuring the thick vegetation making the visibility do difficult.

After having this full morning game drive, you will retire to your lodge for lunch and short relaxation and later you will drive back to the park for the evening game drive

Full day game drive provides you with a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with the animals and visit all the sections of the Serengeti national park that harbors all the various species of animals. Most of the visitors also enjoy exploring the Seronera valley and the banks of the Mara River which are popular areas for holding large wildlife animal species.

Seronera valley and the banks of the Mara River will give you an extraordinary experience within Serengeti national park. You all also enjoy the stunning views presented by the Serengeti national park coupled with open vegetation, valleys, and the endless savannah plains of the park inhabited by various bird species which are of interest I’m sure about this.

Hot air balloon safaris

When you talk about seeing the exciting and breathtaking views of the Serengeti national park. Hot air balloon safaris are the best expedition to choose the hot air balloon safaris that involve seeing the wildlife in Serengeti national park that can be seen over the sky above the plains of the Serengeti National Park providing the eagle’s view of the wildlife safaris and its beauty.

The hot air balloon expedition starts early in the morning by the visitors leaving their lodge and report to the starting point, by this time outside it may appear dark as your leaving the lodge for this wonderful activity and as you heading the hot air balloon launch site, you might see the nocturnal animals if you’re lucky.

Hot air balloon safari in Serengeti national park lasts between 45 minutes to one hour and you will spend all this time in the air while enjoying the birder’s view of the spectacular plains of the Serengeti national park, and other beautiful scenes within the park that include the Mara River, and various animals species like wildebeest, heart beasts, warthogs, and many more other animals species.

It is important to note that the time spent on the hot air balloon depends on the weather conditions available various conditions.

Early morning game drives in Serengeti National Park

The great safari or wildlife watching in the morning is a wonderful adventure that enables you to engage wonderful species.

The safari activities offer the best opportunities for the visitors to catch up with the early morning risers within the wild and such animals include common eland, the impalas, Masai giraffe, zebras, aardwolf, ground pangolin, zebras, 3 species of hyraxes, dik-dik, common eland, waterbuck, impala, warthog, cape hare, topi, crested porcupine, warthog, hippos among other species.

The morning game drives present the best time to sport very many animals’ species which are just walking up as our ears are filled with the melon sounds of the various bird species.

Evening game drives in Serengeti National Park

Visitors heading for the evening game drive in Serengeti national park do so as the retreat especially to enjoy the sunset and most of the predators. Here, you will use the spotlight to spot several species of animals especially the lion, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, and several animals species which can be seen on the action trying to hunt their prey, for those interested in hearing the lions roaring, this is the best time when you can go for the game viewing in Serenegeti national park to enjoy various animals.

In Serengeti national park it doesn’t matter which category of time of wildlife viewing safari you can choose and this produces the unforgettable experience