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When To See Flamingos On Lake Nakuru National Park

When To See Flamingos On Lake Nakuru National Park

When To See Flamingos On Lake Nakuru National Park

When to see Flamingos on Lake Nakuru National Park or what is the best time to see flamingos in Lake Nakuru National Park is a common question posed by travelers before coming to Kenya.  Flamingos are the prominent attractions that are found on Lake Nakuru National Park especially on the shores of Lake Nakuru. They are the most important attractions of Lake Nakuru. Lake Nakuru is a soda ash lake that is found in the Great Rift Valley and it has been prominent for a long period as the haven for the flamingo birds with a lot of other bird species that it does harbor. Visitors can see millions of Flamingos on Lake Nakuru at a certain period.

The Flamingos in Lake Nakuru National Park do feed on the blue algae that are found on the lake Nakuru and thus flamingos can be found on the lake shores making even the lake look pink. When seen from a distance, what you can see is the pink color of the water just because of the conversation of the flamingos on the Lake. The presence of food for the flamingos on Lake Nakuru has attracted these larges and attractive birds to flock the lake shores and during the peak season, over 1.5 million flamingos can be seen on the Lake.

Climate and weather are the important factors that affect the presence of Flamingos on Lake Nakuru however any time of the year you do to Lake Nakuru you will be able to find thousands of Flamingos.

The number of the Flamingos on the Lake Nakuru is further affected by the alkalinity of the lake, in that when the alkaline levels are high the blue algae on the Lake also become high and the flamingos remain on the Lake however, when the alkaline levels drop, the algae where the flamingos depend on also drop and this caused the flamingos to shift to other soda lakes like flamingos Lake Borongori lake to such for food. This means that the alkalinity level plays an unimportant part in the levels of flamingos on the Lake.

The flamingo birds area long-legged and necked with pink features which are classified into lesser and greater flamingos. Tall the two categories if these Flamingos can be both found on Lake Nakuru while the lesser flamingos are bigger than the greater flamingos.

Very many tourists move to Lake Nakuru National Park all year round especially on the lake Nakuru to have a look at these beautiful flamingo birds that are well found on Lake Nakuru shores.

Usually, large Flamingos on Lake Nakuru are found when the rains have stopped at times even when the rain season is continuing. The reason here is simple in that the blue algae on the lake Nakuru become munch and in plenty after the rains or during the rainy season which attracts large numbers of flamingo birds.

While the season before the rains lake Nakuru has got the least number of Flamingos simply because before the trains, the blue algae levels on the lake reduce causing the beautiful flamingos to migrate to other lakes where they can easily find food.

The dry season in Lake Nakuru National Park has got good of flamingos on the Lake Nakuru because algae levels on the Lake are fine although not all that much thus the flamingos are getting enough food for survival.

Therefore I can conclude that the best time for you see flamingos on Lake Nakuru within the Lake Nakuru National Park during July, Augusts September, December, January, and February. However, still, you can see the flamingo birds in other months of the year. The above said months attract a large number of people into the park who come to have a look at the flamingo birds and thus you might be crowded at the lakeshore to see the flamingos.

As we have seen the flamingos both grater and the lesser are major attractions of Lake Nakuru but there are other bird species that you can see around the lake in addition to the flamingos and these birds may include the reed cormorant, rufous-Throated Wryneck, pelicans, Montane Night Jar, Northern anteater chat Blacksmith plover, African fish eagle, shinning birds, Montane white eye among others.

Lake Nakuru National Park houses Lake Nakuru and it is also the wildlife zone and over 50 mammals’ species that do reside within the park and these include the baboons, water backs, Impalas, baboons, lions among several other species. Lake Nakuru National Park also harbors the Rhinos sanctuary which protects over 100 rhino individuals together with the Rothschild giraffe which is both black and white.

Lake Nakuru National Park is also known for the spectacular viewpoints that are ideal for the great game viewing safari and wildlife safaris, offering picnics, photoshoots, and many other relaxing things. The views points include the lion hill, out of Africa lookout, and the baboon Cliff.

Therefore, Lake Nakuru National Park harbors Lake Nakuru which is famous for the flamingo birds and the bird lovers who are interested in exploring different birds will explore the flamingo’s birds that are found on Lake Nakuru in addition to doing other activities such as picnicking, game viewing, and the guided hikes to Makalia falls among other things.