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What to expect in Amboseli National Park

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What to expect in Amboseli National Park

What to expect in Amboseli National Park? Amboseli national park is one of the perfect destinations for first-time tourists to travel to Kenya on a safari to discover and enjoy Kenya’s true wildness.

Amboseli national park has the size that enables the visitors to see all the actions within the park at every corner in just a short time either two or two days and this clearly shows that you have an exploration trip at Kenya’s finest destination with is a short period of times. The short safari haul flight between the Wilson airport and Amboseli National airstrip which not beyond one hour.

Amboseli national park so adventurous for everyone to see and enjoy the wildness and the fact that the park is near the Kenyan capital Nairobi honest means that you will explore or find a lot of traffic congestion when you are going to Nairobi but this happens especially during Christmas or Easter festivities and therefore in case you wish to explore Amboseli national park during the Easter and Christmas celebration, you will need an expert tourism operator to smartly prepare for your plan so successfully and this rally so and very important for you to engage in the wonderful moments.

Amboseli National Park drives its name due to the work Empusel which means the salty, or dry place with the unwrought steam flowing from the melting ice-cap which can be seen on the Kilimanjaro mountains that services most of the Amboseli National Park with water and this attracts larger Herds if the elephants and animals hence making it easy to for you spot these animals species as well as bird species.

Animals that you can see in Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli National Park is one of the wonderful safari destinations that houses large herds of elephants in the whole of East African if not in the whole world.

Some of the elephants in the park are well named and some guides you find them calling the names of the elephants when you’re on the game drive safaris because they know properly them and have carried out research about them which they usually get findings from the Amboseli Elephant Research Center.

Visitors also who are interested in having a social life with some of the primates can as well visit the Amboseli National Park and reach out to the baboon research center for more detailed information about the primates with the Amboseli National Park.

However, Amboseli National Park doesn’t feature all the big five animals of Africa because it doesn’t harbor the rhinos but if you’re interested in them, you can proceed to other destinations such as the Lewas a destination for the Rhinos, or go to the Masai Mara National park for the leopards.

Try and look out for Thomson’s gazelle ad learn basically how they differ from the impala

Can I see mount Kilimanjaro while in Amboseli National Park?

Yes, mountain Kilimanjaro is found near the Tanzanian border with Kenya but visitors can get clear views of the tallest and free-standing mountains in the whole of African can be easily seen by visiting the Amboseli National Park because the park is found on the foothills of this tallest mountain.

Because of being close to the border, the park has got the perfect visitors of Kilimanjaro but the issue here is mount Kilimanjaro rises at about 5895 meters high which indicates that its summit almost joins the clouds in the sky. Thus this can be easily seen when the conditions are so clear more especially during your early morning drives when every this is very bright.

Most of the visitors especially those with professional photographers always spend much of the time in the Amboseli National Park getting perfect photographs and thus you need to spend some good time in the field there and you don’t need to pressurize yourself just feel at home and enjoy the wildness and the adventurous Amboseli National Park.

Where to stay while in Amboseli National Park?

There are different safari lodges and hotels in Amboseli National Park where tourists visiting this wonderful park in Kenya can stay comfortably.

These lodges and hotels range from luxury, mid-range, and budget lodges, and thus as the visitor, you will select the lodge according to your budget and choices.

We shall avail you with all options and it will be you to choose which one suits your travel demand concourses we shall give you that very good advice about these accommodation facilities.

Some of these lodges include the Stao Elerai Camp where you will stay and engage in various safari activities such as the game drive safaris, bird watching safaris, sundowners, cultural walks, night game drives, and very many safari activities.

The other lodge in Amboseli National Park where you can stay includes the Tortillis Camp which also organizes the activities such as safari game drives, birding safaris, cultural encounters, bush dining for dinner or lunch among other activities.

Another is called the Porini Amboseli Camp. Enjoy the thrilling activities of the Amboseli National Park by staying at the wonderful accommodation facility of the Porini Amboseli Camp.

While staying here at the lodge, you will be able to enjoy the guided walks, night game drives, visiting the local villages, Picnic Mountains, bird watching activities, safaris game drives among others including the village safari walks.

Best time to visit Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is one of the evergreen parks especially happening during the dry season providing magnificent views of the famous Kilimanjaro mountains.

The best time to visit the Amboseli National Park is during the dry season or the peak season in June up to October when the great is hot and animals can easily be viewed because the grass is shorter and there is too much sunshine with limited chances of rainfall.

However, the rates especially on the accommodation facility become so much higher in the peak season. However, visitors can also visit the Amboseli national park during the low season from November to May when the rains are much-proving conditions for the breeding season for birds and this is the best time for bird watching and this is the best time for you to enjoy the lowest rates especially on accommodation because there are always few guests.

Therefore, based on the above information provided, you’re free to go and have a rewarding experience, and therefore Amboseli National Park is the wonderful destination for you to visit most for the new visitors. Just contact one of the professional tours consultants who will help to plan the itinerary accordingly and this very interesting.

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