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The stunning picnics of Lake Nakuru National Park

picnics of Lake Nakuru National Park

The stunning picnics of Lake Nakuru National Park

Picnicking in Lake Nakuru National Park: The park is a known destination in the whole world for bird lovers and those looking for picnics & adventures. The park is one of the most visited parks in Kenya offering exciting beautiful attractions in form of birds, animals, and some of the areas of interest within the Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lake Nakuru National Park is popular for being the bird’s sanctuary with over 400 bird species with the majority of them called flamingoes found on the shores of Lake Nakuru. Rhinos both white and black are the major highlights of the Lake Nakuru National Park in addition to being the safari house for over 50 species of birds. Amidst Lake Nakuru National park is the ridges that add on the beauty of the park bit also these ridges offer wonderful picnics of the areas within Lake Nakuru National Park.

The picnic areas with Lake Nakuru National Park are on high elevated above the other areas and the park of the park meaning that while on top of any will be able to see the enter views of the park below you thus seeing properly the bird, animals, and the vegetation surrounding or occupying the park.

The picnics sites that are available within the Lake Nakuru National Park include the following

The prominent baboon cliff. This is the highest of all and it is found on the western shores of the lake Nakuru northern region of Kenya. the baboon cliff offers the best sport for enjoying the baboons within the bank and bird watching since most of the baboons and the birds are seen surrounding this significant cliff.

Lions Hill: This is also one of the best picnic areas or spots within Lake Nakuru National Park found on the southwestern shore of Lake Nakuru. It provides stunning and magnificent views of Lake Nakuru and its surrounding areas. The cliff became popular when the views were captured on camera under the same name.

There are also other places and spots of interest that provide the picnic adventure safaris and these include the pelican picnic site and the acacia picnic site all these picnic areas can be accessed by the safari cars through various gates and they all involve the sanitary pads sitting areas and the areas where you can park your vehicles.

The moment you feel like you want to get away from the city noise, then don’t water time come to Lake Nakuru National Park for the picnic adventure safaris by enjoying vacation. You will be able to get to Lake Nakuru National Park within 3 to four hours from Nairobi city when you wake up early in the morning and start the journey when it is early.

Lake Nakuru National Park is an important bird area and habit to several animals species. This means that you can go to Lake Nakuru National Park and enjoy bird watching safaris as wells the running and live animals during the game watching or viewing safaris. Some of the bird species include pallid harrier, Maccoa duck, and both greater and lesser flamingoes among other bird species.

The wonderful picnics within Lake Nakuru National Park also gives you the best time for you to ensure that you see the wonderful animals that are residents within the Lake Nakuru National Park such as the Baboon cliff, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Hippos, Cheetahs, without missing the baboons as the most prominent primates within the Lake Nakuru National Park.

All the highlighted picnics are raised above the ground thus bird watching and game viewing are at their best and the visitors will be availed to the most areas where the animals and birds can be spotted. Couple visitors can use these picnics sports to enhance their picnic experience providing better photo moments, couples can as well cut the cake at these wonderful picnic spots or areas.

Tourists can do a picnic in Lake Nakuru National Park at any time they want throughout the year however it is more appealing when you do a picnic in Lake Nakuru National Park during the dry season where there limited chance of rainfall. The dry month includes January, February, June, July, August, and September.

It is always good to have your bests picnic between 10 to 5 pm when the wealth is cool with moderate sunshine. This provides the perfect environment for the refreshments and relaxing as your chilling on the raised ridges.

It is also advisable that you come alongside with picnic ensemble when you’re going to do picnicking in Lake Nakuru National Park which encompasses different items such as mats, and for the foods, you can order from the nearby restaurants, you should not also leave cameras to have a good picnic, just get in touch with us at African Adventure Vacations as well give you the details of what is needed on your picnic items.

While picnicking in Lake Nakuru National Park you are advised to always follow the rules and regulations of the park that include maintaining the general cleanliness of the park, not littering of the park, and make sure that you don’t do anything that would harm the animals like seeing them and you start feeding them or throwing food at them and other sorts of things that are against the park management rules.

Protecting the animals and everyone met conservation is every one responsibility and thus you be a responsible tourist or traveler’s when you’re picnicking in Lake Nakuru National Park.