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Things tourists visiting Kenya should avoid

Things tourists visiting Kenya should avoid

Things tourists visiting Kenya should avoid

What are the top things tourists visiting Kenya should avoid on a safari ? Yes, there is a lot of things and activities that can be done in  Kenya and these include the wildlife safari activities, the cultural activities in Kenya, beach activities, and all those adventure activities that can all be done while in Kenya for your safari. However, it is important to note that for first-time visitors, there are speaking of the activities that they should avoid or never engage in while on the Kenyan destination. You can do them, yes, but doing them may lead to some of the acts such the cause the misunderstanding between you and the community, some of them may be so offensive or actually, they may put you at risk and these are things that tourists visiting Kenya should avoid on a safari;

Avoid these things while on Kenya Safari

It is not good to ask people which tribe they belong in Kenya; Most of the Kenyans are products of their culture and tribe but once you have independently asked them their tribe, they think that your vegetative and it aces the respect to them, therefore, its good that you socialize with all the people in Kenya but desist from asking them their tripe.  If you want to a about tribes just ask it as if you want to know more about the culture and the tribes generally on the Kenya’s side but not focusing on the individual

Please don’t ask every Kenyan if he or she runs

Kenya is known as the destination or the country where most of the gold medalists at the Olympics do come from and if fact most of the athletes in Kenya come from the Kalenjin tribe and this tribe  is about twelve percent of the Kenyan population and other tribes do produce bot longer and short runner and therefore asking everyone whether he or she is a runner you will get a negative answer and if fact most of the keys don’t get happy with such kind of question, therefore, not everyone on Kenya has the talent of running  you need to be mindful of this

Please wear decently don’t wear Skimpy Clothes

Yes is one of the highly advanced countries on the African continent and the most developed in East Africa and you are free to put on the way you feel like however, the people in Kenya like those who put on decently with clothes not most parts of the body otherwise anyone will be talking about you where you will pass while in Kenya. Make sure that your clods make everyone so much comfortable.

Keep your phone while crossing the road or streets

Yes, it is not good to be on the phone as you crossing the streets or even you should talk on the phone and drive and it might be hard for you to cross the road while you’re talking on the phone, you might suffer the consequences of doing so that will include getting serious accidents or being arrested by the Kenyan road police. Some drives many be careful and they end up knocking you  a however most of the Kenyan drives are well proved and they drive so much care and they do respect the Law

Please move as the group when exploring the city

 Yes, the city is good when it comes to exploring but it is very good that you be so much care because the town has some of the dark spots that are deemed unsafe and therefore the towns are not any different therefore, you must get the travel guide that will be able to guide you for the wonderful safari which is so much interesting. Once you have the guide, you will be able to visit and funnily explore the city and you will like it which is good and clean.

Take pictures when you have the permission

It is free to take photos at any place in Kenya bit you should be able able to ask for permission from any time or any person where you wish to take photos. Even when you see the people dressing well within the Kenyan traditional attire just ask for permission and don’t think that they will accept your photos but rather ask them the permission and they will allow you to take photos without any problem which is so much interesting. Just come and enjoy the wonderful services in Kenya.

You don’t need to carry the valuables and avoid dressing Flashy while in Kenya for the safari

Kenya is the safest place where you can get the place and wonderful safe however, you should be able to know that there could be some robbers who might rob you provided that you carry a lot of belongings and once you have these belongings would make you the valuable target for the robbers. Thus avoid wearing expensive jewelry, expensive chains, displaying the expensive gadgets which might attract the thieves this please take note.

Make sure that you don’t buy from Endangered species

Yes, you will be able to find amazing souvenirs that you would like to enjoy or buy from them. as your buying, make sure that you base buying the items from those who are coming from the endangered species, and these include those from the elephants, rhinos,  and those the big cats, and this is done to conserve the endangered species. The problem is that you four found with these items then you might be arrested and taken behind the bars.

It is not good to greet the Kenyans “Jambo”

It is good to greet people Habari instead of Jambo and this is very interesting. Greeting Habari Yako means how you are and thus know how much you should respect the Kenyans on the destination in Kenya.

Make sure you don’t disappoint the hospitality of the Kenyans

A very huge percent of Kenyans are very hospitable, in particular, whilst the individual worried is a stranger. When you go to a Kenyan domestic you may be served foods and drinks, and refusing such hospitality ought to in no way move your mind. Accept their foods and drinks and thereafter say Thank You. Most groups can even deliver a traveler a parting gift after they leave, so take delivery of it and display appreciation.

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