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3-day Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safari starts in Kampala and ends at Entebbe international airport in Uganda. It involves meeting eye to-eye with the magical mountain gorillas

Best places to do Quad biking in Kenya

Best places to do Quad biking in Kenya

Best places to do Quad biking in Kenya

Quad biking in Kenya is a Wonderful thrilling activity to relax and close the busy week that is done during the day and quad biking is the best and amazing activity that is enjoyed by all the visitors even when you have never experienced it before you can still enjoy it.  There are different spots of Quad biking in  Kenya that offers you the best chance to enjoy this thrilling activity and in today article I will bring you the best destinations in Kenya where you can have the best quad biking safaris in kenay and these include amongst others the following;

Galleria shopping mall

This shopping mall has been so much interesting, there is an outdoor race track that is overlooking the Ngong Hills and it has got about twenty modern types of quad bikes. Therefore, you will need to come and enjoy this wonderful safari at Galleria Shopping Mall  and you can contact the Africa Adventure Vacations and we organize the best quad biking safari to Galleria Shopping mall which is so much interesting

Lukenya Motocross

You will not have the wonderful safari in Kenya without completing the quad biking or riding as you move close and ride past the wild animals near the foothills of the Lukenya hills. There is a great motive why quad motorcycles also are stated al All Terrain Vehicles; with the unspoilt numerous terrains on the Lukenya area, you’ll undergo mud, dust, water patches, rocky areas, shrubs, and grasslands all inside half-hour if you’d like. At Lukenya Motorcross, you’ll now no longer waste the functionality of those quad motorcycles. For the beginners that are the people who do their quad biking for the first time and can be able to do it in much less than 10 minutes, you may have found out sufficient to let you take your first interesting drive, enjoy.

Lukenya Hills Terrain

Do Quad Biking Packages range rely on how many times you’d want to revel in the activities throughout the Lukenya Hills Terrain?  For the visitors interested in quad biking for 30 minutes, you will need  KSHS. 2,500pp/- (4,000 Sharing), for the one-hour Rides, you will need to pay KSHS. 5,000pp/- (6,500 Sharing) and then for the two hours ride of the quad then the visitors will be able to pay KSHS. 8,000pp. thus these are prices for you to pay for the quad biking safari at the Lukenya motocross

Kipsing camp

Quad biking at Kipsing camp; this is the Camp that is found at the edge of the Kipsing Lugga and it is five kilometers upstream from the direction of the Ewasio Nyiro River. The Lugga runs during the rainfall and pours the water to the Ewaso Nyiro River and this proved the water to the cattle and the wildlife especially those that are done for the Samburu area.  You will get amazed the people of with the people of the Samburu that is found in the northern direction. Explore the making a song wells of the Samburu human beings of the north, or experience along with elephants on their historical migratory routes in your quad

Last Village Lodge

The Quad biking at the Last Village Lodge; this is the village with the convinient quad biking safari with the spectacular views of the culture-centered lodge in the Machakos, Athi-river. This lodge stands in Lukenya on the Idyllic spot with amazing views of the plains that stunning views of the range of the hills. Here, you get to enjoy the adrenalin-inducing thrill experience of a quad motor motorcycle experience. Your enjoy consists of the usage of a perfectly-sized four×four quad bike with a helmet for protection and goggles, a rugged direction, and might be best for all people from first-time bikers to the maximum audacious of journey seekers. They additionally have child-pleasant mini quad motorcycles to be able to get your kids’ adrenalin racing.

Lake Elementaita

Quad Biking at Lake Elementaita; Most of the lodges nearby Lake Elementaita and this is so much interesting for visitors who do love quad biking. If you’re an enthusiast, you could ask your hotel if they have quad motorcycles earlier than reserving to go to Lake Elementaita.

The Ol Lentil

Squad biking at Sanctuary at the Ol Lentil;  This is found with northern Kenya’s spectaculars and stunning Laikipia region. The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille appears as one of every of Kenya’s maximum extraordinary safari lodges. It gives captivating perspectives of the plains with outstanding perspectives of the surrounding variety of hills. You can move for quad cycling from the hotel to the neighborhood Maasai village if handiest you’re a set of sixteen human beings or over.

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