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Tourist Activities are found in Mount Kenya National Reserve

Activities in Mount Kenya National reserve: Mount Kenya National reserve was created by the Kenyan government to protect the sceneries and the historical mountain Kenya, and other wildlife species surround this splendid mountain

Tourist Activities are found in Mount Kenya National Reserve

What tourist Activities are found in Mount Kenya National Reserve? Mount Kenya National reserve was created by the Kenyan government to protect the sceneries and the historical mountain Kenya, and other wildlife species surround this splendid mountain.

The Mount Kenya National reserve is a habitat to wildlife other than Mount Kenya and it also provides an important water catchment area for the River Tana the reserve features the extinct volcano, the Kenyan central highlands, and the eastern part of the great East African Rift valley. The mountain is found in the North-Eastern Park of the Kenyan capital Nairobi and the northern side across the equator line.

Similar to Kilimanjaro Mountain, some of the two peaks of the mountain Kenya’s are covered with snow and these include the Nelion and Batian measuring 5188 meters and 5199 meters high respectively. The presence of these peaks has made the reserve so attractive to attract several tourists especially those who are interested in adventure activities such as hiking.

The slopes of the mountain Kenya are protruding into the bamboo forest, moorland, and the scrub which are linked to the high-level central summits that are covered by the snow. Featuring rocks and the ever-ending melting snow. The Mount Kenya National reserve I was stabled in 1949 and this was done in order to conserve and protect the wildlife species and because of it is natural importance, it was later declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1997  covering 715 square kilometers.

Attractions that are found in the Mount Kenya National Park

There are also different species that are present within the mountain Kenya national reserve and these occupy different habitats presented within the reserve such as the tarns, bamboo, glacial moraines, alpine moorlands, higher forest, and the alpines vegetation habitats. Because of these varied habitats, there are a lot of wildlife species that inhabit this park. Some of this wildlife include rhinos, lions, elephants, waterbucks, leopard buffaloes among others. Usually, the low latitudes present the best areas whereby the trackers can easily come and see some of the wonderful species such as leopards, impalas, buffaloes, rock hyrax among others.

Wildlife species of Mountain Kenya

Mountain Kenya is located inside the mountain Kenya National Reserve and it is surrounded by the forest reserve which provides a perfect home for the several wildlife species while one mountain Kenya’s, get assured of seeing animals such as the tree hyrax, buffaloes, mole rats, elephants, black and white colobus monkey, the mongoose, duikers in addition to enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the vegetation types enclosing the reserve and the mountain.

The vegetation cover or types include the Montaigne Avifauna which is known for attracting several species of birds into the reserve and some of the bird species here include the Abyssinian ground thrush, black and white manikin, Eastern double collared sunbird, Montane white-eye, starling, Scarlet billed, spot-flanked barbet, Eastern double-collared sunbird, Hunters Cisticola among other bird species which can be seen while visiting this adventurous park or reserve.

What to see or attractions when visiting Mount Kenya: When I talk of what to see, I mean a quite number of things or features that you’re likely to see when you have made your plans and you have decided to visit the mountain Kenya National Park. Some of the things that you will see include the stunning sceneries and views of Mount Kenya,  the animals of the park,  enjoy the beautiful lakes, alpine vegetation, the mineral springs, and the glaciers as well as peaks, the high altitude areas, and the plains animals that you will be able to watch.

Tourist Activities in Mount Kenya National Park

There are also activities that are done by several tourists visiting this park. These activities include bird watching activity, hiking safaris, game watching activity, mount climbing, guided safari nature walks among other species.

Mountain climbing in Mount Kenya National Park

This miss famous activity in the park involves visitors trekking mountain Kenya up to the snowcapped summits. You need to be physically fit in order for you to enjoy this wonderful climbing experience. Climbers have  7 routes to use to climb up to the top however those you are less fit than the Naro Moru route is the one this a bit easier and this lasts for about 4 days via the summit circuit path, Chogoria, and the Sirimon circuit. Also, there is a peak that measures 4,895 meters above sea level and this can be accessed by all cloners. You should note that full mountain Kenya trekking or climbing takes the whole week up to ten days.

The best mount Kenya climbing time is during the dry season especially in mid-January to February and August to October. By this time the area is dry and thus provides you with a comfortable hiking experience.

Hiking up to the Mountain Kenya.

You can also decide to hike the mountain Kenya till its top which is so adventurous. Upon reaching on top, the views are as rewarding as you enjoy the stunning scenes of the glaciers, the birds, lakes, and well as some of the animals which are so amazing.

Game watching in Mountain Kenya National Park

You will need to wake up very in the morning in order to enjoy the game drive safaris.  You will be helped by the safari guide and where possible hire the ranger from the Kenya Wildlife Services to accompany you during the game drive. Because of the steepness of the area, the game drives are easily done using the 4X4 wheel drive vehicle and you will be able to see a lot of wildlife species especially those congregations on water channels and banks.

Birding in Mount Kenya National Park:

Bird watching is an important activity that can be done within this wonderful national park. While on game watching, you will be able to enjoy a lot of the birds especially those around the lakes and those on the slopes of mountain Kenya.

Camping and cave tours in Mountain Kenya National Park

This is also one of the thrilling experiences that that most of the visitors visiting the then mountain Kenya National Park don’t miss. Here you can also camp on top of the mountain since there are camping areas that are reserved for tourists. Near the reserved camping area, there are also caves which you can visit at a throw stone distance.

Where to stay in mountain Kenya national park

Yes, while in mount Kenya national park for the adventurous tourist activities and tours, don’t mind of your accommodation it is catered for because there are a lot of lodges and campsite where you can stay and some of these lodes include the Mackinders campsite, Sirimon cottages, Old Moses mountain hut, Serena mountain lodge, Hotel Fairmount, Mount Kenya Safari Club, Naro Muru river Lodge among others.

How to get to Mount Kenya National Park for tourist activities

Visitors heading to mountain Kenya national park can use the road through Chogori on the Meru road that covers over 150 kilometers to the North of the Nairobi capital to get to one of the gates. The gates of the Mountain Kanya National Park include Marania gate, Kamweti gate, Burguret gate. You can also opt to use the domestic flight from Wilson airport in Nairobi to the Nanyuki Airstrip.

Don’t hesitate to just come and book the safari packages to mountain Kenya National Park to explore one of the adventurous national parks not only in Kenya but the east African region as a whole.

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