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An easy guide to Nairobi National Park in Kenya

Nairobi National Park is located just 10 kilometers south of the Kenya Capital Nairobi and it was gazetted in the year 1944 covering about 117 square Kilometers of the virgin savanna and the scattered acacia trees

An easy guide to Nairobi National Park in Kenya

Nairobi National Park is located just 10 kilometers south of the Kenya Capital Nairobi and it was gazetted in the year 1944 covering about 117 square Kilometers of the virgin savanna and the scattered acacia trees and bushes and because of these wonderful habitats, the park is home to several wildlife species that includes pride of lions, buffaloes, giraffes, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs among other species of the wildlife animals which is so much interesting. The most placing fact about the Nairobi National Park is that the park houses more than 400 species of birds and over 100 mammals and it is the place for the restocking and rhino sanctuary for breeding to other nations. It is also a wildlife park that is close to Nairobi city which makes it unique.

Nairobi National Park is always hot and dry from January to March and then mostly mixed with hot and wet conditions from April to June and later fearing warm and wet conditions between July and October. This means you can visit them any time of the year since the conditions are so much favorable for the visitors to explore the National Park

What to see in Nairobi National Park?

This is a wonderful park with its successful rhino sanctuary and harboring the best and most park with huge rhinos. The park is also the home to the big 5 animals which include leopards, buffaloes, lions in addition to other animals. You will also be capable of spot different wild animals which include cheetahs, hyenas, ostriches, gazelles, zebras, elands, wildebeest, and warthogs. The park is likewise domestic to greater than four hundred chicken species, 20 of that are seasonal European migrants. This is so much interesting. The Park is the home to more than 100 species of mammals with the unique ivory burning monument and spacious accommodation facilities for better relaxation and picnics as you move through the walking trails of the hippos

What you should avoid when visiting the Nairobi National Park

The are key things you should avoid while on a safari in Kenya;

Bad dressing code

Yes, Kenya is one of the highly advanced countries on the African continent and the most developed in East Africa and you are free to put on the way you feel like however, the people in Kenya like those who put on decently with clothes not most parts of the body otherwise anyone will be talking about you where you will pass while in Kenya. Make sure that your clods make everyone so much comfortable. Considering the reality that there are instances while you may get out of the van and circulate across the park or maybe spend a few proper time on the picnic and tenting sites, setting on the incorrect garments and seashore lines can create a very big gap, as a result, inhibiting your risk to revel in yourself. It’s really useful to place on trousers and becoming shoes, which includes converse. Also, make sure to hold beverages and snacks to consume in the picnic area

Not hiring a safari travel guide while going to Nairobi National Park

Although it’s pretty smooth to drive around Nairobi National Park because of numerous symptoms and symptoms positioned at numerous routes to assist vacationers to get around, you’re much more likely to wander away in case you aren’t well-familiar with the park. Having a fantastic guide comes with numerous benefits. First, you won’t wander away due to the fact they realize the park just like the lower back in their hands. Secondly, the safari guide is aware of the maximum possible location to identify particular animals, along with the leopards, lions, rhinos and buffalos, and several species of birds.

Visitors getting out from their safari vehicle

It is not good to move out from your vehicle and try walking on food especially when you’re doing the game drives in the Nairobi National Park. This is very risky and please never do this act as this will try to put the danger to your community and other people that you are traveling with because in case of an attack from the wild animals it might be hard to rescue you because you are outside the vehicle and therefore make sure that you involve a lot of several activities which is so wonderful and interesting.

Another thing that you should avoid is choosing a wrong vehicle

The type of car that you choose for your game drive safari in Nairobi National Park must be capable of providing you a nice experience of the Nairobi National Park. The type of vehicle that you do select must have the ability to outline your National Park experience. If you pick out an amazing quandary on top and roof, then you definitely won’t be capable of seeing the shorter animals like lions, leopards, gazelles, hyenas, warthogs, etc. Probably you may revel in seeing the likes of Giraffes – not anything else might be assured. Therefore, lease an excursion van with an open roof with a view to will let you stand and seize sight of all of the animals. A van with an open roof may even come up with the best photo-capturing experience.

Avoid going alone as much as possible.

It is good that you can go alone and visit the Nairobi National Park but it is also nice that you move as a group to be able to enjoy the wonderful the amazing features of the big 5 animals of the Nairobi National Park. The safari might not be so joyful alone as compared to when you would be in a group. Also when you travel as a group it becomes less costly and compared to visitors moving and traveling alone and the one that is somehow less costly which is so much interesting and wonderful.

What you should know about Nairobi National Park in Kenya

Nairobi National Park accepts distinct price alternatives along with M-PESA, VISA Card and Direct Deposits to KWS Bank Accounts at any gate

Another thing that you should note is that Lake Nakuru National Park can be visited any time of the year but the best time to see and enjoy the wildlife of the park is the morning hours whilst they’re nonetheless active. We recommend you move there to Nairobi National Park at some point in the morning and mid-morning hours to face the awesome risk of seeing greater wild animals.

What do you need to pack for your Nairobi National Park Safari?

  1. Some of the gadgets to take with you include;
  2. Drinking water
  3. Cameras and extra batteries
  4. Binoculars
  5. Hat Sunscreen
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Guidebook

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