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Why you should visit Leleshwa winery?

Why you should visit Leleshwa winery?

Why you should visit Leleshwa winery?

Leleshwa winery trips in Naivasha Kenya- when we take of wine in Africa, the most import thing that comes into peoples mind is the South Africa since it is the country or the main wine producing country on the African continent.  However this is trend is shifting since the Leleshwa was born and started the Leleshwa winery in Kenya’s and this has also made Kenya to be popular destinations now for wine tours to most of the most either within Kenya or from outside Kenya. The wines tours of Leleshwa will make you enjoy the process of making wine practically, know the ingredients used in making these wines and you will get sample and taste of the wine that has been made when your there touring the Leleshwa winery in Kenya.

At Africa Adventure Vacations, we hope that there may be some of the visitors who are interested in combining your wildlife tours in Kenya with the Leleshwa wine tours and therefore we are pleased to provide you with the information about this

About Leleshwa winery; originally the best countries that we grow knowing  as the wines producing countries were France and Italy  and when you mention of wines people  think that it should be one of those countries producing better and nice wines. The reason here is simple, these countries started the wines industry and surely we accord them the maximum respect. Yes, after some time, I think about 27 years ago the famous Farguharson James the one who use to make wines from South Africa, shifted and worked into the famous Kenya Naivasha Morendat Farm and later commenced the Leleshwa Winery.

This man did a great job because it as against the will of different stakeholders who believed that the soil within the Naivasha were too harsh as and it couldn’t support further agricultural activities. He started and named the wine according to the tree which was to close the winery and it gained strength and as I take right now, the wine in popular brand that is so strong and it even won the best award as the best wines for the Michjelangelo wines and spirits an award it won in 2015.  It unique wines and the one that possesses the wine maker who is a woman.

What to do at Leleshwa winery?

Wine safari tours; the wine safari tours in Kenya are conducted yearly and during this safari, the dates are always communicated publically but usually this is done towards the end of the year and usually of Friday and Saturdays. On the day of the wines tours, visitors ate expected at the site very early for briefing and after briefing the wine safari tour starts at around 11:am in the morning and therefore,  this means that by 9;am you should be at the site to catch up with briefing. Once you have reached, you will give a cup of team and the accompaniments

After thing welcoming breakfast, the visitors are now guided through the wine making process by touring the warehouse. You will also go into the vine yard that acts as the raw materials for producing wine with about five kilograms being harvested from the grapes per harvest. The Moredat Farm also feature the cattle and they use mainly this cattle for the beef.

You will continue touring with the farm guide leading you up to lunch time. At lunch time, this time you will be ushered with a glass of wine before you take on your delicious lunch prepared for you at the farm.  Even at lunch time, you will again be served with wine

Once the lunch is done, you will take some rest and later take a guided walking tour around the vineyard or you can decided to sit around and enjoy as friend or have an interacting sessions as you enjoy the most appeasing atmosphere while sharing the bottle of wine provided by the firm. Before you leave, you will also get chance to purchase bottle of wine that you can take home and share with the family members that you have left at home.

How to get to Morendat Farm for Wine visits?

upon stepping in Kenya for your safari holiday and you fell like exploring the Morendat Farm, your informed that the farm is found in Naivasha and visitors will have to drive for about 95 kilometers from Nairobi city to reach the farm or if you’re in Nakuru, you will need to drive only 63 kilometers to reach at the Morendat Farm for the wine tours. It is good that you use the services of the local tour operator to avoid inconveniences

How much does it cost to visit Morendat Farm?

Visitors who are interested in exploring the Morendat Farm for the Leleshwa Wine tours, will need to pay $105 per person per trip and this is equivalent to Kenyan shillings 10500 per person. You will be required to pay this monkey through MPESA since the farm doesn’t allow the cash. Therefore this payment should be done earlier before you visit the farm and you should sent the email address to the farm about your intention to visit the farm. The contact email should include your contact information and you might need to send the receipt of the MPESA after you have paid the money.

Important things to note during your visitation

Visitors are reminded that Naivasha is a hot destination especially during the day and tends to be cold in the evening or night hours and therefore you need to come with both heavy and light clothes during your safari to coup with the weather changes. You need as well to come up with the comfortable shoes that will not disturb you during the gorilla trekking safari.

You should get a driver and probably it is recommendable if you take the Leleshwa wine tours when you’re above the age of 18. For the visitors who are interested in taking photos, you need to come up with the magnificence camera especially to take the wonderful views of the Mount Longonot and any other interesting feature that you might come across.

Therefore, in conclusion therefore, you should contact Africa Adventure Vacations for more information about the Morendat Farm or Leleshwa wine farm tours.