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Farm tours in Kenya

Farm tours in Kenya

Farm tours in Kenya

Are you interested in booking farm tours and safaris in Kenya? The Government of Kenya launched the farm tours under Kenyan tourism board to diversify the tourism products that Kenya does offers. Farm tourism in Kenya is deemed as the tourism product that will serve both the local and international markets. The launch of the farm tours in Kenya is the party of the countries agenda to diversify the tourist product and services for all the travelers and the tourists heading or going into Kenya.

The farm tourism within Kenya was officiated by the Kenyan Tourism Board general secretary Njoroge Allan and this will give tourists chance or an opportunity to visit and experience the different farms in Kenya that produce mainly coffee, tea, and flowers.

While officiating the farm tourism in Kenya, the secretary of the Kenyan tourism board called on the farm owners and producers within the country to embrace this wonderful opportunity and called upon the local tourism companies to boost tourism base on the farm tourism or start including the farm tours on the market so as to attract both local and international visitors.

Kenya is one of the leading flower growing countries and producers and most of these flowers grown are to the world countries and therefore the farm tourism can as well capitalize on this opportunity f to attract several visitors within the country.

Tourists who will get a chance to visit the farm tours will be able to enjoy and visit different farmland areas in Kenya. Witnessing and experiencing the different activities of the farm that go into producing good quality products. The tourists can either decide to go for a tea farm or the coffee farm.

While on the farm tourism in Kenya, you will enjoy the best tea plantations and witness as you take part in the tea plucking process then after following the storage process drying, and many other things that do follow up.

In case you decide to go and enjoy the cut flower farms, you will be able to explore the flower beds, witness the trimming of growing flowers and the harvesting of the already grown then see how sorting is being done, storage packaging that is ready to be absorbed within the market.

While launching the Kenyan farm tours, the secretary of the Kenyan tourism board noted that Kenya is one of Africa’s largest producers of flowers and tea if not in the entire world. Also, Kenya also produces one of the best quality coffee and all these make the country one of the best and attractive national parks that can attract several visitors because they make a country look so much attractive.

He further revealed that the farm tours enable the people to get much more information about different products that Kenya puts up for sale. Given that Kenyan products are in high demand and so much outstanding. Further, Farm tourism also showcases the tourism of the different places other than wildlife conservation areas that can be explored within the country.

The farm tourism launch in Kenya came at a time when the country is recovering from the effects of the covid19 pandemic which has hit the tourism industry so greatly. As the tourism industry is recovering, there is some good hope in farm touring diversifying the tourism products

Just the era before the pandemic, Kenya tourism was focused on the wildlife safari destination because the country features several wildlife destination areas and the beaches that do surround the coastline. But now the Kenyan tourism stakeholders are investing much into farm tourism other than the beaches and the national parks and the game reserves that are widely known.

In order to promote the farm tours, the Kenyan tourism board has started running promotional programs across the country and on their several virtual platforms to advertise the farm tours in order to pull the attention of both local and foreign visitors to come and spend some dollars within the Kenyan economy.

The establishment of farm tourism by the Kenyan government doesn’t rule out that Kenya is majorly known for its huge population of wildlife and leisure tourism in form of beaches but rather will act as a supplement to the already existing tourism produces and services.

Kenya will always diversify the products and the tourist experiences across the country to enhance its wider gap of the tourism products and also enable visitors and provide them the availability of options. The introduction of farm tourism in Kenya will as well give competitive age to Kenya’s industry other than competitors.