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Bird watching trips or tours in Nairobi National Park

Bird watching in Nairobi National Park:  There are more than 532 species of birds inhabiting the Nairobi National Park. These birds’ species were recorded at times when the park was first opened for tourism. Nairobi national park covers an area of 117

Bird watching trips or tours in Nairobi National Park

Are you looking for bird watching trips or tours in Nairobi National Park? There are more than 532 species of birds inhabiting the Nairobi National Park. These birds’ species were recorded at times when the park was first opened for tourism. Nairobi national park covers an area of 117 square kilometers and it was declared a national park in the year 1946.

You can say that the Nairobi national park in Kenya is within the city of Kenya as it will take you only 7 kilometers away from the city center to access the park therefore it is found within the capacity city of Kenya Nairobi. Because it is an urban park, Nairobi national park is fenced on all sides and it is bounded by several urban buildings, served with good roads and then the international airport.

In it is southern direction, Nairobi national park is flanked by the Athi and Embakasi rivers that do habit some of the animals within the Nairobi national park sometimes.  Yes, you may ask yourself that how do animals survive yet the park is found within the town? Yes, being in the city, has not stopped the Nairobi National Park from having a lot of habitats that have favored or provide a wonderful environment to the animals.

Such habitats include the grass plains, unique rocky gorges, and the dry upland forests, valley thickest, riverine woodland, the valley with thicket vegetation which all have provided enough homes or shelters to the animals and birds found with the Nairobi National Park.

Bird watching tour in Nairobi National Park:  Birding is one of the major and strong activities of the Nairobi National Park that features several unique bird species that go beyond 520 bird species.  Out of these bird species, more than 27 bird species are Kenyan mountain endemic within 25 bird species of the African highlands biome have been found in Nairobi National Park.

The migratory lesser falcon birds can be seen in larger numbers in the Nairobi national park  and it is recorded that more than 5000 individual birds of the falcons are recorded in the Nairobi national park

It is from this background information that Nairobi national park is a center for birding and the fact that the park is mainly comprised of the grassland has made it easy for a significant number of birds especially those of great importance such as the restricted ranges Jackosns widowbird to survive because such environment gives it a comfortable breeding ground which is so interesting and wonderful.

The most common world species to see and watch during your bird watching activity in the Nairobi city include the lesser Kestrel, Basra reed warbler, Red-Throated Tit, Madagascar pond-Heron, and the prominent rare billed stock which you will see within the Nairobi national park. Other than these, there are also regional birds that are threatened and have found a home in the Nairobi National Park and these include Stephanoaetus Coronatus, Podica senegalensis, Struthio camelus, Buphagus africanus, Ephippiorhynchus among other several animal species.

Other important bird species that you will see in Nairobi National Park include among the following; Martial Eagle, African crowned Eagle, Nairobi pipit, Desert cisticola, Violet wood-hoopoes, Sandle-billed stork zebras waxbill, Croaking Cisticola, Rosy-breasted Longclaw, Super starling, Lilac-breasted roller, Southern ground hornbill, African Quail-finch, Grey Crowned Crane, Secretary birds, Spikes weaker, Northern pied babbler among others. These species have made the Nairobi National Park in Kenya to be an interesting destination for bird watching and important bird watching.

Other than bird species, Nairobi National park features other wildlife animals which you will even see while doing your birding activity and some of these animals include the Kenyan wildebeest animals, cape buffaloes, hippopotamuses, Nile crocodiles, leopards among others.  There are also black rhino species that can be traced within the Nairobi national park wild animal population.

When is the best time to do bird watching in Nairobi National Park?

Yes, doing bird watching in the Nairobi national park is an interesting activity with the park having more than 520 species. Birdwatching can be done throughout the whole year but the best birding time in the Nairobi National Park is during the month of April and November when the park receives the migratory birds from European African countries in the park.  April and November also feature the breeding season and a lot of animals species can be seen here.  Enjoy the Jackson widowbird that is seen only from March to May and in fact, April is the time when the park is experiencing rainfall.

Lodging options in Nairobi National Park Available for birders

Visitors for birding safaris in Nairobi National Park will get a lot of accommodation choices where they can spend the night. These accommodation options include hotels. Lodges, and campsites which are either budget, midrange, and luxury to make you feel the true Nairobi urban wildness, some of these accommodation facilities include Osita lodge, Swara Acacia lodge, Ololo Safari Lodge, The Last Village Lodge, Masi Lodge, Hotel Troy, and other camping grounds for the camping adventure.

How to get to Nairobi National Park?

Guests can access the Nairobi National Park by landing at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Wilson Airport, or Kilimanjaro International Airport. Nairobi National Park is found within the center of Nairobi city and it is only the Park found Closest to the City in the whole world. It is an incredible adventure to go for birding safaris in Nairobi National Park as you enjoy the wonderful scenes of Nairobi city.