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What you have to pay to access Amboseli National Park

Amboseli national park is popularly visited and it attracts huge visitors from across the globe.  In fact, Amboseli national park is the second most visited national park after the Masai Mara national park

What you have to pay to access Amboseli National Park

What you have to pay (fees) to access Amboseli National Park? Amboseli national park is managed by the Kenyan Wildlife Services and therefore the park fees are collected by this is same body or authority to aid it in running it day to day operations. Amboseli national park is popularly visited and it attracts huge visitors from across the globe.  In fact, Amboseli national park is the second most visited national park after the Masai Mara national park. Visitors paying the fees can pay it in advance through the bank under the account of the park while being supervised by the Kenya wildlife services.

Usually, when you have paid from the bank, you will move with your receipts that you will show to the ranger at the park entrance gate  for verification and authenticity, and later you will be provided with the parking receipt

Also, visitors can as well play through the park gate and this is done if you have carried accredit card because cash is not allowed at all the gates of the Amboseli national park. You should also be ready to make the credit card when making payments by the credit card through the park gate which is so interesting.

The Amboseli national fees are only valid for twenty-four hours and it is paid per visitors  excluding groups. Once you have finished making payments for the Amboseli national park you will have access park and do all the park activities that you have paid for. In case you want to engage in private activities like those at the hot air balloon safaris then you will have to go and pay an extra fee to the tour operator according to the available charges. The private game ranger is also available but you will hire the private game ranger at the extra cost.

The fees of the Amboseli national park are characterized or categorized into two namely the children’s fees and the adult fees. All adults will have to pay the same park fees and the children are only those who are 5 years to 15 years of age while adults are defined as all persons who are 15 years and above. Students include the persons who are coming from the learning institutions and they have come purposely for learning of the school trip. Students must poses a valid school and intuitional identification card. The other categories of the visitors that have to pay the Amboseli national park fees include the residents and foreign residents within different interpretations

Foreigners; are the visitors who usually come and have always taken the biggest part when it comes to the tourism industry and most of the visitors visiting the Amboseli national park are Foreigners. These people move from all corners of the world to come to tom Kenya and other parts of Africa for leisure other than remuneration and they come to visit, and usually spend less that 3 months before they return back to their home country.

Foreign residents:  these are people or visitors who have a foreign origin but do poses the residents status of Kenya and would like to explore the wildness of the Amboseli national park. Because they are ready and willing to contribute to the conservation efforts as well as revenue of the country, these people are given special rates, and these species rates are also provided or given to them so as to attract more people especially foreigners to come and tour around Kenya’s because the more they tour, the more the income that they do contribute.

Another category of visitors area the East African residents;  these are travelers or visitors who are residents of Kenya or those who are from the East African community countries  and all the East African residents pay the same money as the those of the Kenyan residents

Importantly, all the foreign visitors pay the money or the Amboseli park entrance fees in the United States Dollars while the Kenyan residents just pay in Kenyan shillings. Also, there are some of the fees that you’re supposed to pay while entering into Amboseli national park and these include the vehicle fees, animal’s passes, camping fees, aircraft fees, tricks, and delivery vans, special hire services among others. The Kenyan Wildlife Services tariff plan 2020 summarized all Amboseli National Park fees.

And the fees are charged as follows;

For the foreign Nonresidents adults, why will pay $60, children $35, and students $3. The Foreign resident’s adults pay 1030Ksh while the children pay 515Ksh while the Kenyan citizens and those of the East African Community citizen’s adults pay 860Ksh with the children paying 215Ksh

Other fees include the aircraft fees which are charged per single landing in the Kenyan shillings as follows.

Aircraft with less than 3 seats are charged 300Ksh, aircraft with 3 to 6 seats are charged 500Kshs that with 7 to 14 seats is charged 1000Kshs, that one worth 15 to 20 seats is charged 2155Kshs and an aircraft with 21 seats and above is charged 3015Ksh

For the trucks and delivery vehicles, the charges are as follows per day;

Those with 1 to 3 tones pay 515 Ksh, those with 4 70 7 tones pay 2155kshs and those with  4 to 7 tones pay 2155kshs while those tracks with above 7 tones pay 3015ksh

Still, visitors with vehicles of 5 seats and below pay 3000ksh, vehicles from 6 to 12 seats pay 1030 Ksh, vehicles from 13 to 24 seats pay 2535 Ksh, and vehicles with 25 to 44 seats pay 4050 Ksh while those above 44 seats pay 5000Ksh. These are fees are charged per day.

For those visitors who are interested in having the annual Amboseli national park passes are also available with the adult tourists getting an annual pass at 43100Ksh, Child annual pass is at 10,340Ksh, for the corporates, they are charged annual pass at 10,3440Ksh while the annual tour drivers pass to Amboseli National Park is at 6000Kshs

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