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Tanzania Bird watching safaris

Tanzania Bird watching safaris

Tanzania Bird watching safaris

Looking for Tanzania Bird watching safaris? When considering for to have the birding trips in Africa, then you shouldn’t leave out Tanzania as the best birding destination. Knowing more about birds in Tanzania is of great help and you enthrone the wildness in Tanzania as you’re looking for the best birding spots in Tanzania.

Travelling to Africa for the birds species so wonderful and interesting as the visitors area given experience on encountering the unique bird species of Africa. There are a lot of spot in Tanzania where you will be able to enjoy the bird species. It will be done with the experienced tour guides who lead you to the wildness and help you spot the most bird species of Africa and thefor3efore you need not to miss this wonderful destination as you move to the African continent and I can assure you that Tanzania presents the best birding destination in the whole of Africa.

When we talk of the Tanzania birding watching safaris, we mean the country with the most and high population of the permanent birds that are found within the park and in Miombo woodland of Tanzania. As you’re doing your birding safaris in Tanzania you will be able to enjoy a lot of their wildlife  in Tanzania  which will include exploring the Serengeti national park to enjoy the big 5 animals of East Africa such as the lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and leopards in addition to other species of animals. You will still enjoy the other prominent sites in Tanzania such as exploring the Ngorongoro, then the prominent mountain Kilimanjaro which is recorded as the world’s talent mountain in Africa.

Exploring Tanzania for birding is indeed so wonderful and you should plan your vacation as soon as possible to go to Africa and Tanzania in general for bewitching mission. Learn, record, take photos of many bird species in Tanzania as much as you can.

Where to go for your Tanzania bird watching safaris?

In Tanzanian conservation is at its top most. Most of the land in the country is under conservation meaning that nature has been given enough priority to prevail. Tanzania is famous of your major distinguished birding destination in Africa of which some of the bird species are endangered, threatened, and rare and some endemic to Tanzania. Apart from then bird species, several unique species such the reptile’s species, amphibian species, and the mammals can also be found in Tanzania.

Tanzania further has got advanced lowland forest in flat areas that provides the wonderful opportunity for the better viewing of the birds on the tree branches. The major important birding sites in Tanzania include the birding on the East African cost, we have birding in Kilombero River in Tanzania. Birding in  Mahare Mountains Tanzania, birding in the southern highlands,  birding in the Eastern Arch mountains of Tanzania, the birding in the Pemba islands without forgetting the wonderful birding in the Serengeti birding ecosystem area.

 Tanzania has got the highest recorders species of birds in East Africa with over 1134 birds about 50% of these bird species are found in the Ngorongoro Cater and other got from Serengeti National Park. The wonderful bird species that you will encounter while doing your Tanzania bird watching safaris include the flamingo birds, we have lilc-breasted roller an, the grey crowned cranes,  spot the pied kingfisher, the storks, starlings, flamingoes,   and among the several bird species which I cannot finish up here.

Bird watching safaris in Tanzania are bets organized when using the local tourism company like the Africa Adventure vacations or at time you can decide to take a self-guided bird watching tour or take it as friend or family, student group or the couple. We arrange for you the best bird watching safaris in Tanzania as you stay on first class accommodation facilities that will even enable you to sight some of the bird species even when you’re at the hotel resting. Various lodges are presents and you will stay at the lodge basing on your choice or budget. Other than the bird species, you can also engage in other activities such as the game drives in Serengeti national park, hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountains among other adventure activities.

What is the best time to go for Tanzania bird watching safaris?

Tanzania bird watching safaris ate open and done all the year around, this means that you can travel to Tanzania and enjoy the Tanzania bird watching safaris which can be done throughout the year. However, the best birding season in Tanzania is from October to March. Usually the bird watching safaris are clearly done during the rainy season when the vegetation is green and when it’s the breeding season for the birds. In Tanzania, the October to March is also the best time when we the permanent birds in Tanzania are joined by the migrant birds and true when the time when you will see the wonderful birds, therefore, when planning your Tanzania bird watching safari trip, you must not forget to plan this safari during the wet season but here at Africa adventure vacations, we are here to provide you with the best.

What to pack for your bird watching safari in Tanzania?

While planning for your Tanzania bird watching safaris, you need to make sure that you pack some of the better and good items that will help you to have the wonderful birding experience in Tanzania during this wonderful activity. Some of the items that you should not leave behind while coming for your Tanzania bird watching safaris and these include the packing the cameras with strong batteries to help you take photos, you need the hiking boots because at time you need to walk on foot, binoculars are essential during bird watching safaris, insect repellant, the birders list book or the note book, and all the items that you need to have the wonderful experience.

Why use Africa Adventure Vacations for your bird watching safari in Tanzania

Africa Adventure Vacations is a local company based in Uganda but operate in East African countries that include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, south Sudan, Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and south Africa and we have over 10 years’ experience helping clients especially those who wish to take their vacation in East Africa including wildlife birding, beach, gorilla, culture of Africa. We provide services such as the booking for the park entrance fees, booking for the accommodation facilities, organizing transportation to the clients all done is shortest period of other words, we arrange for the whole inclusive safari package to Africa.  We organize other wildlife packages to all of the above mentioned countries including the gorilla packages to Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo and any other African Country. Therefore, you should not hesitate to choose us to be your bird watching safari in Tanzania