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Sasaab Safari Lodge in Amboseli National Park

Sasaab Safari Lodge in Amboseli National Park

Sasaab Safari Lodge in Amboseli National Park

Sasaab Safari Lodge in Amboseli National Park is one of the lodges found in one of the most visited national parks in Kenya. In fact, Amboseli National Park is the second visited national park in Kenya after the Masai Mara National Reserve.

The Sasaab safari lodge is found in the buffalo’s springs national reserve that harbors a lot of animal species which among others include the Gravy’s Zebras, Somali Ostrich, Beisa Oryx, and the antelopes.

The lodge staff is well trained, very welcome and so friendly providing the visitors at the Sasaab Safari Lodge with a warmly welcome that makes them love more the environment within the Amboseli National Park.

The Asasaab safari lodge is strategically located along the river, where the animals can easily collect especially large herds of the elephants that are known with the Amboseli National Park. The Sasaab Safar Lodge is characterized by the following features and these factual but not opinions and these include

That the lodge is so much close to the Buffaloes Springs National reserve in Kenya, the lodge is also supported by the 24 hours internet connectivity, it features nine upmarket rooms each with a private balcony, the Sasaab Safari Lodge is also safe for the children, it has got the health and a wonderful spa, there are organized birding, came rides and star gazing at the hotel, the lodge can accommodate a maximum of eighteen guests, also safari game drives and nature walk safaris features at the lodge and lastly, the Safarlink can land at the Sasaab lodge provided you request for this services in advance.

Sasaab Safari Lodge is built with a good architecture that is within the steps, of the Moroccan design which reflects in the interior decor as well. The Moroccan-styled rooms, each was designed and contacted up to the 100 meters that are designed with the spacious open-air bathrooms covering private plunge pool. Enjoy the wonderful plateaus of the Laikipia while staying at this wonderful safari lodge

Sasaab Safari Lodge has the capacity to house or accommodate the family enshrined within the Sasaab family suite, and it boasts eight rooms, and other nine rooms combined altogether. The rooms share the central lounge and can be admired and treated as a spectacular villa. The rooms at the Sasaab Safari lodge in Amboseli National Park features several species which among others include the following;

Private plunge pools, four-poster bed, Blend of the Moroccan and the Swahili style, well spacious, open-air bathrooms as it provides the magnificence views of the interesting features.

Other than these room amenities at Sasaab Lodge there are also facilities and services that include;

The outdoor swimming pool and is set on the hillside with wonderful or remarkable views of the river. We organize the full accommodation package for other visitors that include all meals and the preferred or selected drinks.

The lodge caters to all categories of visitors including children as it provides services such as the spa, where you get a chill and have good moments and the amenities include the airstrip transfers, the health and the beauty spa, swimming pool. The dining venues, baby-sitting, viewing deck Boma, Bay sitting services among other amenities.

Activities that are done at Sasaab Safari Lodge

The safari-guided game drives and the nature walk safaris are the major activities that are done majorly at the Sasaab Lodge. These activities provide visitors a chance to see and enjoy the wildness within the Amboseli national park. The guided and the ranger you will you to the trails that are rich within the wildlife for a better experience.

Birding is also done at the Sasaab Lodge and this is done with the local guide provides by the lodge and there are guided well trained to involve children in conservation and also taking them around through the wonderful species of the wild which is also good for their education. The safari walk lasts for about 4 hours to the Ewaso Nyiro River where the guests will encounter the views of the interesting features such as the plateau and hear the sound of the wildlife heading to the water points.

Other activities that are offered by the Sasaab Safari Lodge include the camel riders, Stargazing, Fly-in camp for the started, guided safari drivers, guides walking safaris, enjoy the sundowners, guided safari drives, guided walking safaris, you can also engage in the beauty and the spa treatment in the Sasaab Spa and then the culture and the Tradition of the people found in the nearby boundaries of the lodge and these include the Masai People.

The room facilities amenities at the Sasaab Ssfaro Lodge include the lounge, the writing desk, Wifi, the in-room safety, bedside table, en suite private bathroom, W separate sitting areas, among others. Other facilities include the Spa, airstrip, Boma, Hotel swimming pool, plunge pool, Safari deposit boxes, and the restaurant among other facilities.

How to get to Sasaab Safari Lodge in Amboseli National Park?

 Sasaab Safari Lodge can be accessed by both road and air transport. By road transport, guests will spend on the road about nine hours from Nairobi the capital city of Nairobi. As you drive via mountain Kenya up to the Northern Frontiers District.

By air transport, it is approximately one and 30 minutes to flight from Wilson airport to the Amboseli national park airstrip by the use of chartered or scheduled flights. However, when the arrangement is made earlier from the Wilson Airport, you may be flown to the Sasaabs airstrip that is found at the nearby lodge.

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