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Safari Lodges in Amboseli National Park

Safari lodges in Amboseli National Park: Amboseli National Park is one of the top attractions in Kenya featuring a lot of tourist attractions that do attract several visitors. The park is found at the foothills of the mountain Kilimanjaro which is famous to be known to be the highest peak in East Africa

Safari Lodges in Amboseli National Park

Safari lodges in Amboseli National Park: Amboseli National Park is one of the top attractions in Kenya featuring a lot of tourist attractions that do attract several visitors for wildlife experiences. The park is found at the foothills of the mountain Kilimanjaro which is famous to be known to be the highest peak in East Africa providing wonderful views to the visitors. The park has got the highest population of elephants which are difficult to find in any other national park in Kenya and this makes it the most wonderful park. However, the park is so classic and it provides stunning views boosting the views of acacia scrubs, grassy savannah, giraffes, high wildlife safaris that offer the Kilimanjaro Mountains.

Amboseli National Park is found in the Lotoktok district which is located in the southern part of Kenya and it covers a total land area of about 392 square kilometers with the whole ecosystem stretching across Kenya to Tanzania Border. There are over 60 species of mammals and more than 420 species of birds that are housed in the Amboseli National Park. There are a lot of perfect luxury accommodation facilities where you can go and have a comfortable stay while visiting the Amboseli National Park.

Wonderful safari will make you watch the wonderful wildlife safaris such as participating in the game drive safaris, birding safaris, going for cultural encounters as well engage in climbing the famous Mountain Kilimanjaro.

The safari lodges of the Amboseli National Park are categorized into both luxury, budget, and midrange safari lodges. All the safaris provide a wonderful service and they operate the twenty-four-hour call service center, free internet connection, Restaurant, and most of the Safari Lodges are located in an area where guests can easily enjoy the Kilimanjaro mountains views.

Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge

This is one of the luxury safari lodge found in then Amboseli national park with facilities such as the private balconies, a bar, wireless internet, a classic business center, gift shop among other. The rooms at Amboseli National park come inform of twins rooms, family rooms, suites, and double rooms. The lodge also organizes services such as camel rides, bush dinners, enjoying the traditional dances of the Masai, organizing the birding safaris, game watching, nature-guided treks, and the sundowner among others. The meals both dinner and lunch here at the lodge are served in the main dining areas that are accessed by the bridge made out of timber. The meals prepared are done through the themes including that of Kenya.

Amboseli Sopa Lodge

Amboseli Sopa Lodge lies at the edge of the Amboseli national park offering the facilities such as the gift shop, the internet connectivity, swimming pool, well-equipped bar, restaurant, and the outdoor dining terrace other facilities at the Amboseli Sopa Lodge include the two conference rooms that hold a large number of visitors.

Be received in the Masai culture gesture with the waitress and waitress dressed and decorated in the Masai Mara clothes such that the beads and necklaces and all these also appear on the walls. Visitors will enjoy the delicious means at the Kibo restaurant overlooking the Kilimanjaro Mountains

The Amboseli Sopa Lodge boasts over 83 rooms that include 2 wheelchair-accessible rooms, one honeymoon suite, six interconnecting rooms, and other executive suites which were well made to provide visitors with much conformability.

Ol Tukai Lodge

This lodge is situated in Amboseli national park offering facilities such as nice walking ways, nice looking receptionist, the elephant bar, the dining area, a gift shop, swimming pool, guest house among other safari activities. The lodge offers 80 luxury rooms that included twin rooms, triple, single rooms, and even rooms that are designed for special interest groups.

Visitors staying at Ol Tukai Lodge in Amboseli National Park will engage in various activities such as Masai community visits, guided walks safaris, game drive safaris, and the sundowners. Meals provided here to the tourists can be offered on the full board, half board with the prizes of the rooms differing according to the season of the year which has decided to visit the park. Usually the during peak season, the prices are always higher as compared to the wet season when most of the lodge proprietors around Amboseli national park decide to give discounts on the lodges and hotels.

AA Lodge Amboseli

 This is a 3-star lodge in Amboseli National park that is well designed with the amazing compound with enough swimming poll for the guest to cool themselves especially a greater a heavy game drive within the Amboseli National Park. There are wonderful accommodation facilities that are provided by AA Lodge and these offer a wonderful atmosphere. It offers wonderful views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains and you can access it conveniently from Kigali by moving just 265 kilometers from Nairobi city.

The facilities offered by the hotel include the Spa, conferences, dining rooms, swimming pool, and hair drier among several other facilities without forgetting the outstanding housekeeping department.

Kibo safari camp

This one of the wonderful accommodation facilities found within the Amboseli national park providing the visitors staying here’s with splendid views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains in addition to the class services of the camp that provides conformability. Mountain Rwenzori is the highest mountain in Africa and staying here at Kibo safari will give you the best sights of this wonderful mountain. There are self-contained rooms at the camp, the triple tens, and the so-called family rooms. All these rooms were furnished with flush toilets, bush logs showers, and wash bins the rooms were designed using local materials.

Visitors here will dine at the open dining area, which perceived the mountain views as well as having wonderful, meals prepared by the camp staff under the acacia tree, dine in wild with the wonderful wild. The facilities provided here include the bar and lounge, a gift shop, conference facilities souvenir shop, swimming pool, a spa, and several others. Visitors here can also engage in various safari activities organized by the camp and these include the game drive safaris, nature guided walks, birding watching as well interestingly watching cultural local dance performances by the Masai people. You can use a credit card or bank transfer to pay for the services at the Kibo safari camp in Amboseli National Park in Kenya.

WE4Kenya Guesthouses

This is one of the wonderful lodges that is found two kilometers move from the Amboseli National Park which is near the Kimana Gate ensuring and giving you the wonderful and best breathtaking garden. The facilities that are involved around the We 4Kenya Guesthouse offering services and facilities such as the Air shuttle, ample parking space, offering wonderful and delicious foods as well the dining areas, bed lines, nice seating, dining area among other facilities.  

Satao Elerai

This is also another perfect accommodation facility that is found in Amboseli national park where visitors can stay while on their wildlife safaris. There are facilities here at Satao Elerai such as free internet access, a garden, a bar, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and others. The Satao Elerai features twelve tents with clear views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains with five rooms. The rooms are en-suite with private bathrooms and these rooms also include the family rooms where the loved ones can find happy moments.

The rooms were built using the local material that brings the picture of the African architecture in the eyes of the visitors or guests enjoy the African good climate. The Satao Elerai organizes different activities for the visitors such as biking, game drives, nature walks safaris, and local community visits, as well as hiking. The meals provide here include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and both local and international foods are prepared and severed here with professional chefs and balanced diet is the peoples 

Tawi Lodge

This is an ecology that visitors do visit when exploring the Amboseli National Park it is hidden with the vegetation of trees and plants overlooking the Mountain Kilimanjaro. There are twelve luxury cottages provided by the Tawi Lodge. Four lounges, a swimming pool, and the water point that attracts several animals and you can get a chance to have this wonderful wildlife viewing as animals do come to the watering point. The rooms feature four-poster beds each with a comfortable mattress, a wood deck, Chimney, Victorian bath among other

There are different activities that are organized by the Tawi Lodge for the visitors staying here and these include the game drives in the Amboseli national park to encounter different animal species such as lions, rhinos, hyenas. Wildebeest, impalas, waterbucks among others. You can as well enjoy the sundowners

Amboseli Tortilis camp

Amboseli Tortilis camp near is found near the Amboseli national park just in the private conservancy and provides facilities such as the bar, lounge and the dining area serving both local and international foods and the dining area is made up of the locally made materials giving you a feeling of the African taste. Amboseli Tortilis camp near features spacious tents with ensuite bathrooms, king bed, and twin beds that are separated from the main camp in addition to having the private house and family tent to ensure all the categories of the visitors are catered for as they are overlong the stunning views of the Kilimanjaro mountains.

Tourists staying hers at Amboseli Tortilis camp near Amboseli National Park can engage in various safari activities such as nature walks, bush meals, sundowners, game drive safaris all of which are carried out either in the Amboseli National Park or in the Private conservancy. The camp because it is a lodge, it provides some benefits to the communities who are employed at the camp such as guides, waiters, and bar attendants and this has made it easy for the lodge to get support from the local communities.