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Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot is one of the stratovolcanos that last erupted in the 1860s and it is now a dormant volcano that is found on the southeastern of Lake Naivasha that is within the Rift valley floor in Nakuru County.

Mount Longonot is one of the top tourist attractions that is visited by very many tourists attraction at large to come and visit the mountains to engage the unique features and explore this wonderful adventure as you hike this wonderful volcanic mountain.

Mount Longonot features the famous Caldera Mountains which has existed over 20000 years ago by the volcanic lave eruptions. The caldera on Mount Longonot has got a vent that spreads across its sides and the crater base which is filled by the forests of small trees. Mount Longonot is elevated at 2700 meters and it is on the edge of the small caldera that is submerged in the larva cone.

Mount Longonot on several occasions has got the gushing lava eruptions that have occurred of the mountainsides and basically on its caldera floor. There other volcanic parasites cones that form together with a cone that is enshrined with the caldera and which is crapped by the 1.8 kilometers caters. Several studies that are being conducted on the mountain have revealed that there is some critical evidence of the active magma that is under the volcano an indication that any time Mount Longonot will ever again receive eruptions.

However, the local people residing along Mount Longonot have said that some of the eruptions have ever happened around 2012 however the clear examinations have revealed that the alarms and warning signs were false.

Mount Longonot in 2009 suffers serious bush fires which spread to the major size of the mountain and the fires also spread to the crater killing some of the wildlife animals that were found within the crater. The word Longonot comes from the Masai local people which means the Oloonongo’t which means the mountains with very many steep sides and ridges

The slopes of Mount Longonot features several wildlife animals which among others include the following the buffaloes, hartebeests, zebras, and the Thomsons gazelle among others.

Because of its uniqueness, Mount Longonot has become an important tourist attraction that is found within the Nakuru County and several visitors visit the mountain throughout the year to explore this wonderful mountain. Visitors to Mount Longonot will be able to hike for about two to three hours.

One of the beautiful features of the mountain Longonot is the crater rim which attracts the people to trek the crater to feel the beautiful views of the crater and the surrounding mountains which include but not limited to other attractions such as the good parts of the Nakuru County, Lake Naivasha, and the wonderful Crescent Island.

Up to the cater, you will be able to have the beautiful views for the bird watching this involves good working species of the birds which roam around the Mt Longonot National Park whereas you will be able to see the wildlife animals that you can see through the mountain of the park and good small forest that are found within the crater floor.

A visit to mount Longonot is definitely to visit to mount Longot National Park therefore in addition to having the hiking experience that you will be able to have engaged in other various tourists activities in the Mount Longonot national park and some of these activities that you can engage in include the following;

Biking safaris; are done through the park and around the mountain as you enjoy the morning breezes as you navigate through nature and appreciate the beauty.

The forest walks can also be organized as you walk around the surrounding forest with the small trees especially those filing the small craters.

Bird watching is also another activity that can as well be done within the mountain Lengonot that makes life very interesting through the vegetation types which is as interesting as you can identify various species.

Game viewing as you watch the several animals that stay within the park and on the top of the mountain visitors will also get the experience of rock climbing or mountain climbing as you hike the lava rocks that were formed from the mountains longonot previous eruptions

Therefore, Mount Longonot National Park is found in Longonot town which is about 60 kilometers northwest of the Nairobi Kenya capital. The mountain is accessed by the tarmac road off the Nairobi Nakuru Highway and this is very interesting for you to visit what you can do is to clearly contact Africa Adventure Vacations for the wonderful safaris in Kenya and other various East Africa Destination countries.