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What all you need to do before visiting Kenya?

What all you need to do before visiting Kenya?

What all you need to do before visiting Kenya?

What all you need to do before visiting Kenya? Kenya is one of the wonderful destinations that any individual person would like to visit while on his or her safari destination; indeed Kenya is a dream visit safaris destination that is famous for the wonderful and beautiful areas and destinations that include the Masai Mara national reserve that is popular for the great wildlife migration and other beautiful destination which include the famous mountain Kenya, lake Nakuru national park, Olkaria geothermal hot spa among other destinations.

The tourists visiting Kenya for the first time will need to have look at the following activities that you will have to know in your mind as you rock the Kenyan safari experience with magical Kenya and these are some of the few areas that you will need to look at the following;

You need to observe the personal safety rules while visiting Kenya

As the responsible traveler s, it is important to note that you should observe personal safety and security while you’re on your safaris adventure. Kenya is one of the Christians that dominate the majority and the Islamic region which compose Kenya as the country and therefore you should be aware of the behaviors and the individual personal dress code and habitats that are done while visiting Kenya. Therefore being on the religious faith within Kenya, you’re supposed to observe the following as part of your safety and security

You will need to carry out the copy of the copy of passport with all your time and this will help in case you lost or used as proof of you being the tourist traveling in Kenya or on the Kenyan soil

You should make that you avoid wearing flashy clothes, or carrying out expensive gadgets in public as they attract urban criminals especially thieves that might steal your personal property.

You need to practices safari travel if alone

Safety is very crucial for any traveler and thus it is very important that you practice safe travel as mandatory most especially when you’re visiting Kenya for the very first time and in most cases even your find that your alone and you’re a woman you need to make sure that you take extra precaution which among others include the following;

You should make sure that you make an appointment not alone but with other tourists while you’re on Kenyan soil for the safari. With this, you can make new friends and have more fun and adventure especially when you have the people whom you’re traveling with as you share the same interests.

You will also be encouraged not to travel during the night especially when you’re in Kenya therefore you should limit your time to traveling during the day and make sure that you keep within the premises of the hotel or the lodge where you’re staying and in case you want to move somehow far, you should do it in the company of your safari guide. Thus you should make sure that you practice safety measures in Kenya especially when you’re alone.

Make sure that you get the travel adapter for the electronics

Power is very crucial for the visitors while on safari in Kenya and any other safari destination as a country, Kenya has got a reliable power supply and this shouldn’t be worried about. Power to charge your phone, laptop, and other electronic appliance that you need on your safari journey which in most cases are available at your hotel, bar, and the restaurants that you use while on your Kenyan safari.

Although there is enough supply of power, it is still your duty to carry your adapters specified for your device as most of the adapter outlets within Africa including those that are found with Kenya are totally different from those that are within the mist parts of the world a reason as to why you should carry our own electronic adapters.

You need a travel guide to teach more about Kenya.

When visiting Kenya for the first time. You should make that by using a safari guide. These safari guides know everything and are well informed about Kenya as the destination and they know most of the things more than you do. And you can ask any of the guides to teach you more or guide you about various places and aspects within the Kenya destination especially about tribes and their customs.

The common and famous Kenyan tribe is the Masai and the Samburu people who are the most that are visited by the tourist whenever they do visit Kenya for the cultural safari adventure. In the process of learning, more about the culture, you will find out to get to know the cultural directions, know more about their lifestyles, and how the culture is transmitted from one generation to the other.

Always, make sure that you listen to the instructions from the guide and the alerts most especially whenever you’re in the slum areas and the areas that are deemed insecure to avoid becoming a target for the criminals.