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Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park is one of the game parks that is found within the east Africa country of Kenya. The Mount Longonot National Park is found within the Great Rift Valley and it is famous for its unique volcano and other wildlife species which include several wildlife activities, bird species, Mount Longonot, mountains craters, and the ecological forest as well as the mountain Longot.

Mount Longonot National Park derived its name from the famous mind Longot is known as the popular tourist attraction found within the park. Longonot means the mountain with the steep-sided ridges and this is a wonderful word from the Masai word.

Mount Longonot National Park covers an area of 52 kilometers that cover the famous mountain Longonot that is an ecological wonder, Longonot and it features the small valleys on the sides of the mountain including the lava rocks, small forest that has the mountain crater, and offers several animals and birds. There are various birds species and these include lack Cuckoo, Blacksmith Plover, Levaillats Cuckoo ad other animals found within the park especially the Impalas, Zebras, Impalas, buffaloes, Elands and among others.

While visiting the park you will be able to see and engage in various activities and these include refreshing activities and include the following;

Hiking the Mountain Longot: An adventure climb up to the stratovolcano up the summit and the beautiful cater a scenery for your scenarios

Visitors will also be engaged within the camping in Mount Longonot National Park. With this activity, visitors will sleep under the stay at night within the craters and enjoy the uniqueness of the mountains and the surrounding areas which is so interesting.

Visitors also engage within the hiking safaris as you bike through the rocky areas of the mountains around the park that gives you an advantage for fun and so much surprise.

Enjoy the picking have enough the picnic at the crater and enjoy the morning breeze, and amazing the wonderful views.

Enjoy the sightseeing and later enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Naivasha, and the smallest forest, and the Nakuru surroundings. Several bird species and animals are found within the park.

Bird watching is also one of the activities that are carried out within the park offering various species of the bird species

Other activities that do happen within the Mount Longonot National Park include camping, safari nature walks, and sightseeing, among other activities

These activities are more and there is a lot of activities you will enjoy within the park. Mount Longonot National Park can be visited throughout the year however, most tourists visit during the dry season than in the wet season and we recommend you to visit the Mount Longonot National Park during the dry season to have a wonderful experience.

While visiting the Mountain Longonot National Park sometimes the park becomes too hot so visitors are advised to carry sunscreen for the visit to the park. Also, you’re the guests you should use the morning hours when the weather is not yet hot and it is friendly for the various activities within the park.

This park is about 90 kilometers from the Kenya Capital city Nairobi and visitors will spend about 3 hours accessing the park from Nairobi city. It is located within the eastern side of Lake Naivasha and this can be accessed through Naivasha airstrip by flying from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and there are various chartered and scheduled flights.

Mount Longonot National Park is managed by the government of Kenya through the Kenyan Wildlife Services and visitors will have to pay United States dollars 30 for the foreigners and the Kenyan shillings 500 Kenyan shillings for the residents and the residents. Once you have paid the park entrance it will be valid for the about for the 24 hours and when it elapses then you will have to again pay for another entrance fee.