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Makalia Falls within Lake Nakuru National Park

Makalia Falls within Lake Nakuru National Park

Makalia Falls within Lake Nakuru National Park

Makalia Falls within Lake Nakuru National Park-The park is located in central Kenya and it is known as the park with flamingoes and other bird species that are often at the shore of the prominent lake within the park called Lake Nakuru.

Other than the bird species, Lake Nakuru National Park boasts other interesting attractions of wild animals and features the best three places or spots for picnicking safaris or adventure for those who need it as well as the credible viewpoint of the Lake Nakuru National Park

Most of the visitors in Kenya and the whole world know Lake Nakuru National Park as the park flamingos that always fill the shore of the Lake Nakuru and its true flamingoes both lesser and greater flamingoes have made Lake Nakuru National Park popular and whenever you visit the lake the first thing you will notice is the flaming birds sin millions that make the lake water look pink offering the magnificence views.

Lake Nakuru National Park boasts over 400 bird species that do live in the premises of the national park but most of them are seen around the shore of Lake Nakuru and others with the savanna vegetation and the woodland that are major vegetation types of then Lake Nakuru National Park. Among other birds found in Lake Nakuru National Park include the lesser flamingoes, grater flamingoes, Northern puff back, shining sunbird Rufous-throated wryneck, Maccoa duck, pelicans, and many more.

Additionally, Lake Nakuru National Park is rhino protecting both white and black Rothschild’s rhinos that are not only rare but endangered as well. These giraffes were Translocated from western Kenya to Lake Nakuru National Park. Additionally, the lake boasts more than 50 species of animals that include, buffaloes, lions, hippos, crocodiles; leopards, impala, waterbucks, cheetahs among other animals species, and thus by traveling to Lake Nakuru National Park you will not regret.

The great view pints found in Lake Nakuru National Park augments the beauty and experience of the park that is explored by the visitors. Lake Nakuru National Park offers three major ridges that are raised above the park where you can chill and observe the entire corners of the park. These include the baboon cliff viewpoint among others. Further, the Lake Nakuru National Park features the seasonal rivers and now the less known Makalia falls

Makalia falls is small waters fall that is found on the river Makalia which is one of the rivers within the Lake Nakuru National Park that is not permanent. The river provides water to animals and even visitors can get a chance to see more animals when they come to drink water on this river especially when the sun hits strong.

Other rivers within Lake Nakuru National Park include the Enderit River and Njoro River. All these rivers originate from Mau Forest and later pours water to Lake Nakuru. Thus the Makalia waterfalls are found in the southern end of Lake Nakuru behind distinguished small rocks.

The Makalia waterfalls are also seasonal because they are formed by the seasonal river and this implies that these waterfalls are so vibrant during the rainy season when they are is powerful as compared to the dry season when these waterfalls may fall below the limit.

Makalia falls has got a lot of the water pool below it where the water is poured from a height of about ten meters from the high elevated cliff and the river as well as the water is surrounded by the bush savannah vegetation with some scattered woods that adds on the interesting and stunning views of the waterfall in the eyes of you the traveler.

Makaria fall is so magnificence and spectacular for the tourists to view while on safari in Lake Nakuru National Park, it is always interesting to see water jumping over the cliff in its middle and pouring down crating a pool as you hear the water sound mixed with the singing birds from the nearby bush.

As you view there Makalia falls, you can do several activities around this spot and such activities may include game viewing, bird watching, hiking as well as picnicking. Some animals are often seen around the falls and visitors can also decide to go camping on the waterfall.

This wonderful Makalia waterfall can be reached by road transport. What you do is drive your car from the Lake Nakuru National Park main gate to the falls, a journey that takes less than one hour. There is a well-made road that is passable to the falls and you have to drive slowly as one of the animals may be seen crossing and thus overspending may lead you to knock such animals.

You should use a 4 wheel drive safari vehicle to access the Makalia falls in Lake Nakuru National Park since some of the areas are steep that need a strong vehicle to navigate through.

The Makalia falls in Lake Nakuru National Park can be visited any time of the year and thus each time of the year that you decide to go to Lake Nakuru National Park for hiking Makalia falls produces a unique experience, for example, the dry season which is in June up to October and then January to February is very exciting to visit the falls and do camping and effective game viewing while the wet season that usually comes in march April and November to December is so marvelous to explore the war fall in Lake Nakuru National Park because the Makalia waterfall is so powerful offering wonderful experience. Contact Africa Adventure Vacations for the best experience in Lake Nakuru National Park