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Birding in Lake Nakuru National Park

Birding in Lake Nakuru National Park

Birding in Lake Nakuru National Park

Birding in Lake Nakuru National Park: Lake Nakuru National Park is known as one of the prominent bird watching destinations in Kenya and the whole of East Africa, Lake Nakuru National Park features over 400 species of birds with the majority staying at the shores of the Lake Nakuru. Visitors who have visited Lake Nakuru have praised the lake for being so exciting when they visit it. Any tourist who is interested in seeing various species of birds will be able to visit Lake Nakuru for the Flamingo birds and other species of birds within Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lake Nakuru National Park was first established as the bird’s sanctuary to protect the wildlife species that are found within the Lake Nakuru National Park. There are about 450 species of birds found in Lake Nakuru National Park and these are comprised of the endemic bird species and the migratory bird species. Lake Nakuru is famous for the flamingo birds that you usually see in pictures coloring the whole lake pink. However, other than flamingoes, other species of birds are found within Lake Nakuru National Park.

In this write-up, I am highlighting to you some of the common birds that cannot be missed when you visit Lake Nakuru National Park. These are the common birds found within the park but this doesn’t mean that these are the only bird species that are remaining within the park there are very many but for now let’s put close attention to the following birds.

The flamingo birds: both lesser and greater flamingo birds are found within Lake Nakuru National Park. These birds are pink in colors and they reside on the shores of Lake Nakuru. Flamingoes especially the grater flamingoes are taller than the lesser flamingoes and they are darker pink as compared to the lesser flamingo’s birds that are small with the pale yellow color. All the flamingoes feed on the blue algae and some of the small insects. Flamingoes after the famous birds found in Lake Nakuru National Park and sometimes over one million flamingo birds can be spotted on the lake.

The great white Pelican: these are some of the birds that do come from the Pelican family with black feathers with white shafts at their basses and the White plumage. The male pelican birds have a downward bend in the neck as well as the female counterparts with a straight bend in their necks. The great white pelican prefers living in swampy and shallows lakes a reason why the lake Nakuru is the best destination for these species of birds. Pelicans feed on the grass and they can be seen on the lake throughout the year.

Another bird that you will sport while doing bird watching in Lake Nakuru National Park is called the African fish eagle. This is one of the largest eagle species that is mainly spotted on the are bodies across sub-Saharan Africa. It features the white head and the brown body resembling that of the Bald eagle which is located in North America. It majorly feeds on fish and other water life or aquatic. They are found anytime you go to the park mainly around the shores of Lake Nakuru.

Also, visitors visiting Lake Nakuru National Park will be able to see the Hottentot teal birds that do their nest on top of the water and the breeding process is determined by the amount of rainfall within the area. They prefer shallow waters and they are always on this water eve during the night and they feed on grass though at the time they do eat simple and small insects as well as the mollusks. The fact that Lake Nakuru is shallow then gives these birds a chance to exist on these waters.

Other bird species found in Lake Nakuru National Park include Rufous Chatters, Kikuyu White-eye, Eurasian Blackcap, Greater Whitethroat, Slender-billed Greenbul, Common Bulbul, Willow Warbler, olive warbler, Eurasian reed warbler, Mosque Swallow, Black sawing, Rock Martin, Bank Swallow, Wire-tailed Swallow, Marsh warbler, cape crow and pied crow, Gray-backed Fiscal, Northern Fiscal, Red-backed Shrike, White-bellied Tit, Grey-Crested Helmet shrike, Brown- crowned Tchagra, Fork-tailed Drongo, Black Cuckoo-shrike, Common Scimitar bill, African Gray Hornbill, Giant kingfisher, Gray-headed Kingfisher, Malachite Kingfisher, Violet Wood hoopoe, Common Scimitar bill, African hoopoe among other bird species.

Have a plan to visit Lake Nakuru National Park for the best birding and bird watching experience. You can book in any available accommodation properties that range from budget, mid-range, luxury to campsites.

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