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Lake Bogoria in Kenya

Lake Bogoria in Kenya

Lake Bogoria in Kenya

Lake Bogoria in Kenya is one of the lakes in Kenya that is found within the rift allay and it is also amazing the shallow lakes found on the North of the equator and it is famous for the hot springs, geysers, and also contains the large amounts of the language and attracts several hundreds of the lesser flamingoes found within the Lake. Except for the other lakes such as Lake Elementaita, Lake Naivasha, and Katwe, Lake Bogoria is one of the top tourist attractions that is found within the rift valley floor in Kenya.

Lake Bogoria in Kenya occupies total areas of about thirty-four square kilometers with the lake with a width of about four kilometers and it length covering over seventeen kilometers and it is about 8.5 kilometers deep but because of various changes within climate, the depth of the Lake Borogoria keeps on changing especially the rainfall within the area, water drainage and the discharges in and out of the lakes among other various factors.

Lake Bogoria is an ARAMSER site that has been protected for quite a long period and it is found within Baringo County. Lake Bogoria in Kenya before was called Lake Hannington which was named because of Bishop James Hannington who visited alkaline lake in the year 1885.

Lake Bogoria in Kenya boasts several geysers, fumaroles that are found along the shores of the lake ad this is the endorheic Soda Lake unlike other sodas in the region. The lake receives water from various seasonal rivers together with the hot springs and other fumaroles. And these rivers include Emsos, loboi, waseges-Sadai.

Lake Bogoria in Kenya has over ten geysers which are at times five meters high or low depending on the levels within the Lake. High lake water levels hide geysers and low levers of the water uncover the geysers. The geysers are the highest concentration in only Bogoria and this makes the Lake so interesting.

Lake Bogoria in Kenya is an alkaline lake that has got a lot of blue algae which attracts several flamingo birds to come and see these wonderful bird species. The flamingo birds always migrate from the Lake Nakuru National Park to Lake Bogoria.

Lake Bogoria in Kenya is surrounded by the Endororis people who believe to be the custodians of the lake and this has got a strong cultural institution and spiritual importance to the people. In the 1970s however, some of the people were forced to go away from the place leaving only the place or the few people around the lake. And recently, the lake has become a popular lake for the micro-organisms that are being harvested in the lake ad later taken to the enzymes for the industrial places which are so very interesting.

Lake Bogoria in Kenya though not a prominent destination for tourists, is one of the best tourist attractions for the birders and the visitors will have to visit the lake will able to see and enjoy the various tourist attractions and these include the following;

Enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the hot springs. The lake is popular for the various hot springs which include over 100 and some of them have hot water that even goes up to 94 degrees. The local community uses these hot springs for various purposes including the tourist attractions as well some take their eggs for boiling and the eggs on the spot.

Another attraction that you can see is called the various geyser and fumaroles which are so interesting and beautiful to watch.

There are also various wildlife animals around the lake Bogoria and these include baboons, zebras, antelopes, impalas, among other wild animals.

You will need to go with the tour guide to be able to see these wild animals since they are difficult to spot with the private game drives. You can as well opt to go for nature walks to enjoy fully the woodland vegetation, and the savannah vegetation which is so interesting.

The park also features flamingo birds which are spotted on the lake the blue algae that are always on the lake. While visiting Bogoria Lake you will come close to the lesser flamingos and other bird species such as black-headed herons, Hadada, ostriches among other bird species.

Visitors interested in visiting Bogoria Lake can do this every time of the year because of the favorable climate that is experienced within the park however, it is good when it is visited during the dry season. The rainy season is not favorable as it may make the roads to Lake Bogoria which maybe become the rainy season.

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