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Crescent Island found in Lake Naivasha

Crescent Island found in Lake Naivasha

Crescent Island found in Lake Naivasha

Crescent Island found in Lake Naivasha was not known worldwide before the movie known as the Out Of Africa that filmed Crescent Island as the movie was showcasing the beauty of Lake Naivasha and its surrounding environment. Similarly, to Lake Naivasha, Crescent Island is found within the Rift valley just on the eastern part of Lake Naivasha. This Island is a privately owned island that was found in 1988 just there years after the Out of Africa Movie.

Yes, it important to note that the establishment of the Crescent Island is attached to the movie which was filmed in Lake Nakuru but it was revealed that the main reason for its establishment was because that the Lake Naivasha always drop within the volume and this makes the Crescent Island come up on top and later attach permanently to the mainland.

Crescent Island yes, is found on the Eastern of Lake Naivasha but is privately owned as compared to the Lake Naivasha that is controlled and monitored by the government of the Republic of Kenya through the Kenya Wildlife Services. There is a private games sanctuary that is responsible for the management of Crescent Island and it is good for hiking since it offers plain terrain that is less strenuous and thus can effectively be very interesting for you to enjoy wonderful sceneries of the Island.

The crescent is very interesting and one of Kenya’s top destinations is very interesting and one of Kenya’s top destinations that receive many tourists yearly. There are various bushes surrounding the crescent island with other vegetation such as the swamps, grassland woodlands, forests and it features amazing landscapes of the volcanic eruptions and movements that happen in the past.

There a lot of bird species that are found within Crescent Island which you can go and explore especially between the lake and the islands. Some of the bird species that you will see on your visit include the herons, ospreys, pelicans, black crakers, among others. Other than the bird species, there are also animals species that you can see while visiting the Island and these include wild animals such as the giraffes, zebras, Kongoni, elands, waterbucks among other animals species that can found at the Island.

The various activities that you can be conducted at Crescent Island include among other

Traversing through the wild animals as you enjoy them on a close range. There are no predators on the island and thus you cannot be attacked by the animals and thus you can walk on the island very closely and walk properly so this experience is so wonderful for you to walk around the Island.

Other activities conducted at the Island include picnicking, guided nature walks, horseback riding, biking safaris on the island, bird watching safaris, and safaris game drives. This island is so wonderful for you to sport both water and the land animals such as the hippos that are found within Lake Naivasha.

Visitors interested in exploring Crescent Island will have to travel for about 3 to 4 hours from Nairobi city and visitors will take the boat cruise via Lake Naivasha to access the sanctuary farm that does manage the Island. On the sanctuary Farm, there is a narrow road that you will use to access the island. Only 15 minutes from the mainland, you will be able to reach the crescent island. Some of the Visitors take horseback riding to the Island.

Yes, the guest is advised to take caution on the crescent island although it has no live predators. Most of the hippos come out at night and thus it is not good for the visitors to come out at night because they might injure the people or the guest visiting the park. Thus the management of the island and the trusted tour operators will be able to share with you the information about safety and security about this Island.

While visiting Crescent Island, you may as well visit other destinations of interest that do surround the island and these include lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha, the wonderful Elsamere Museum, Hells Gate National Park, hiking the Mount Longonot among other important destinations packed with different activities surrounding these activities.

The Crescent Island can be visited throughout the year meaning that as a visitor you can go and visit the Island all the time. However, the dry season is the best season for when you should be able to visit the park effectively, and the dry months when you can visit Crescent Island include June to September and then from December to February. During the dry season, the island is also dry and this makes it so wonderful.

The Crescent Island also features several accommodation facilities which range from camping to budget, Midrange, and luxury lodges and please come and book with us at Africa Adventure Vacations for the best adventure safari to the Island