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Forest experience in Kenya

Forest experience in Kenya

Forest experience in Kenya

Are you looking for the best places to go for the Forest experience in Kenya? Most of the people or tourists visiting Kenya find it so much interesting to come and visit the Kenyan coastal beaches or the wildlife parks and the game reserves and in most cases, you find at times the beaches so much congested, however here at Africa adventure vacations, we have got the best alternatives for you and where you can go and visit the forested areas instead of going for the congested coastal beaches in Kenya.  The forest experience is not much talked about by several guides within Kenya but it is the most and stunning experience that you will ever have on Kenyan soil. Walk through the forested areas as you listen to the songs of the birds and other forested wildlife species that do occupy the forested areas of Kenya.

There are various forests in Kenya where you can go and have an unforgettable forest experience and these forests include  the following;

Kakamega forest in Kenya

Is serene and peaceful with a quiet environment for forest nature lovers or trekkers.  The forest is the home to several primates and as you enter into the forests while on your nature walk safaris in the forest, you will see some of the primates jumping from one tree to another, and visitors are advised to adhere to the established guidelines and the procedures when visiting the Kakamega forest and these include the following the established trails within the forest and making sure that you don’t litter.

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve in Kenya

This is the forest destination that is found alongside the major beaches and it is around the prominent Watamu beach and you will need to drive just a few meters to get to Arabuko Sokoke forest reserve from the Indian ocean waters.  From momaba you will have to drive about 110 kilometers from Mombasa town. There is a lot to see while in Arabuko Sokoker Forest reserve and some of the attractions include the butterflies and birds, the timber alive with monkeys, and the woodland ground domestic to many smaller mammals. The woodland stretches to the headwaters of the robust Sabaki River, and now and again herds of elephants skip via the woodland en course to the river.

Shimba Hills Reserve (Kwale) in Kenya

This is also an adventurous forest destination for visitors who decide to explore Kenya on the Holiday. During this safari, you will be able to hike to the center of the Shimab hills which is the symbolic adventure within this wonderful forest. The 2.5km guided walk to the magnificent falls is very convenient for interplay with nature. KWS officials manning the woodland pick escorting extraordinary businesses to the fault to make the trekking extra exciting. The nature and the home of the sable antelope become as soon as home to elephants, however, they had been relocated to Tsavo National Park to stem incidents of human-natural world conflicts which have happened worldwide. Thus as you enjoy your beach holiday, then please make sure that you also come and engage in the Forested walks to enjoy the forest creatures of  Shimba Hills Reserve (Kwale) in Kenya

Visit the Aberdares Forest in Nyeri Kenya

Hopefully, you have ever heard of the Aberdare ranges based on their status of being the 3rd highest mountain ranges in Kenya with the highest summit at around 400 meters, and the ranges are well known for having the vast green forests with the stunning game watching safaris. The Aberdare ranges and forests offer a hidden international of flora and fauna. The thick plant life offers the best cowl for endless flora and fauna species. You can cross for taking walks trails, horseback tours on the foot of the mountain, trekking, or even cross swimming on the waterfalls withinside the wooded area. These excessive altitude forests are disintegrated by the moorlands and plains, and through the considerable tree cover, there are sensational perspectives of the Rift Valley and the height of Mt Kenya. And therefore visitors don’t need to miss out on these wonderful forested zones in Kenya.

Explore the Ngare Ndare Forest in Kenya

This is the wonderful forest that is found at the border of Laikipia and the Meru counties bounded by Lewa and then the Borana conservancies covering about a ghundre3d acres of land.  The forest also features some of the oldest trees that go up to 400 years old and thus this is so much interesting to watch and see. You will be able to walk through the 450 meters stretch as you stand above the ground and this is regarded as the best experience that you can ever have on your forest expedition in Kenya. The sturdy stands and ground of the Canopy Walk are good enough. After making some steps, the guided nature walks will become greater thrilling and lovely.  While walking above the ground, you will get chances to see different animals such as buffalo’s elephants, and leopards. At Ngare Ndare falls, you may strive canoeing activities, camping, wooded area walking, rock climbing, recreation drives, chook looking, or even cannoning while exploring the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve, you will be accompanied by the game ranger for security reasons,  and please come with the comfortable shoes and it is good that you visit these forest during the dry season when there are limited chances of raining. In case you are a Kenya citizen, you will need to come with Kenyan shillings 2000 and 4000 for the Non-residents.

Explore the Keita Forest in Kenya

This is the forest that is found within the Limuru Kiambu country and this is the major tourist attraction that is found within in this county and the places are foggy and this implies that you will need to dress up so warmly to be able to get fit to this place. However, withinside the coronary heart of Kimende, approximately 45Km from the city at the Nairobi-Naivasha highway sits Kereita Forest, which ranks a number of the new and maximum thrilling vacationer locations in Kenya. The Forest Adventure camp is the location to heat up. There are several activities that you can enjoy while on this trip to this forest and these include mountain biking, Nature walks, Horse-riding, Zip lining,  paintballing, nature-guided walks,  as well as mountain biking.

Visitors remainder that the climate may be extraordinarily cold, so get dressed warmly. Sportswear and sports footwear are the perfect get dressed code for the activities Your protection is prioritized, however, earlier than undertaking zip lining you, need to be of accurate fitness and are now no longer pregnant for the ladies. An access price of Sh200 is payable on the available forest gate

Enjoy and visit Karura Forest in Kenya

This is the forest that used to be a criminal hideout before the local community decided to come out with the idea to start protecting and gazing at the forest. Several activities can be done here and these include the walking trails, doing the biking safaris,  waterfall tours,  walking trails as well as biking safaris which are so much interesting. There are trails that the visitors will have to follow when exploring the forests and these range from jogging and there are also biking trails whereby the visitors will be able to last for about 15 kilometers biking. More to this, the forest also features the historical caves in which the Mau Mau hideouts and the religious ceremonies used to take place.

There are several forested areas that you can visit in Kenya and you can combine them with other safari activities in Kenya especially after taking your safari game drives and then the beach tourism in Kenya you can opt to come and do this wonderful safari destination of forests. Please book with us at Africa adventure vacations for the best Kenyan safaris.

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