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Habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes national park

Habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes national park

Habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes national park

Habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes national park- Africa has three gorilla destinations and these include Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda. But in Rwanda, these endangered mountain gorillas are sighted in only one national park known as Volcanoes national park.  This tropical rain forest is positioned in the northwestern part of Rwanda and protects about 11 habituated mountain gorillas and it is one in Africa to offer an exciting gorilla trekking experience. Mountain gorilla trekking is a leading activity that attracts many travelers in the country.

Gorilla families of Rwanda are friendly and each gorilla group is different from others, but this difference is to get through various factors such as the hardship in the process of trekking, vegetation cover, location of the particular gorilla family, leadership roles, and many more. The following are the habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes national park;

Kurira gorilla family.

In 1974 is when Kurira gorilla family was formed by Dian Fossey.  In the beginning, this group had 7 members but it increased up to 42 members which forced them to divide into two and make the Igisha family which is also called Susa B. The group is headed by a male silverback known as Kurira.

Amahoro gorilla family.

One of the gorilla families in Volcanoes national park, with 18 members plus 2 silverbacks. The Amahoro is a Kinyarwanda word that means “peace”. So, it is known as the calmness and peaceful group in Volcanoes Forest. in most times this family lives on the slope of Mount Bisoke and it is among the harder gorilla families to trek which needs someone who is energetic enough.

Igisha Gorilla family

This gorilla family consists of 24 individuals lead by Igisha a dominant silverback. In 2014 this group was split from Susa B and created its own family/ group and named after the male-dominant silver back Igisha. Igisha gorilla family is among the hardest gorilla families to trek in Volcanoes national park so you need to be strong enough to meet this group in the forest.

Sabinyo gorilla family.  Sabinyo gorilla family involves 13 individuals plus 2 silverbacks.  This group was created after the death of the fast leader who was the dominant silverback, few females were left and joined other females they became 4 females with 2 silverbacks, this formed family and named Sabinyo. It is the best option for tourists looking for the easiest gorilla family to trek in Volcanoes national park.

Kwitonda gorilla family

It was created with 23 members including 4 silverbacks. Kwitond is a Kinyarwanda word that means ‘humble’, it was got from a dominant silverback Kwitonda. It was shifted from the Democratic Republic of Congo and it is now found in the lower slopes of Mount Muhabura but it is among the hardest gorilla family to trek because sometimes it moves to the upper slopes.

Agashya gorilla family.

The family was named after the first family member who was 13 during the habituation. This family was headed by a male silverback known as Nyakarima but later the power was taken by Agashya, Kinyarwanda word which means news. The y are now 27 members including the male silverback. This group same times used to stay around the territory of Sabinyo family and also go deeper into the forest.

Umubano gorilla family

Umubano consists of 13 members including 2 silverbacks, it was created by a silverback known as Charles who run away from Amahoro family due to the fights between them. But same time these two groups are sighted in the same location.

Ugenda gorilla family.

On the slopes of Mount Bisoke is where Ugenda family is usually sighted. With 11 gorillas and 2 silverbacks and it is one of the difficult families to trek in this park as its name applies Ugenda which means “mobile”

Hirwa gorilla family.

Hirwa gorilla family has 16 individuals with 1 silverback. It was created by members of two gorilla families that is Sabinyo and Agashya.  Hirwa is a Kinyarwanda word means means “lucky one”, the family has twins and is usually found around the slopes of Mount Sabinyo and also to mount Gahinga.

Bwenge gorilla family.

The name Bwenge is a local word that means “wisdom”, it was created in 2007 after Bwenge broke off from an inborn family and joined with some females of other families. On the slopes of Mount Bisoke is where this family is usually found. This group is one of the easiest groups in Volcanoes national park which is recommended to the older and disabled trekkers who do not want to walk long distances.

Titus gorilla family.

Titus is one of the mountain gorillas Dian Fossey used in her research at Karisoke. It is the younger gorilla who lost his father, mother, and others to poachers. Titus is the dominant silverback who led the family and lives around the slopes of Mount Karisimbi.

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