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Where to stay in Volcanoes national park

Where to stay in Volcanoes national park

Where to stay in Volcanoes national park

Where to stay in Volcanoes national park Rwanda? If you want to enjoy a gorilla trekking experience or any other safari in Volcanoes national park, you need to opt for a 2 day or more days safari, so you will need to book a lodge or hotel in or outside the park. Volcanoes national park is a leading tourist destination that attracts most visitors to visit Rwanda, this has led to the development of the park with a lot of hotels and lodges where one can spend a night and complete his/her trip. The key attraction in the park is the mountain gorilla trekking experience while others are volcano hikes and so on.

The Volcanoes national park is one the most trending national parks in the world that one should not miss out to visit while in the country since it found near the capital city Kigali and takes only 2 hours of drive. Once you reach the land of Rwanda, Kigali is the first city to see and then use ground transport for about 2 hours of drive to the park offices. It is easy to access if compared to other national parks in the country, this made it the best destination to visit in the country. Volcanoes national park has been welcoming all classes of visitors so there are many hotels that accommodate travelers.

The accommodation in Volcanoes national park is classified into three categories and these include the budget facilities for tourists who are looking for comfortable rooms and enjoying the activities of the park, the mid-range facilities are also there to accommodate the tourists who looking for standard rooms to stay and complete their trip. For luxurious tourists, this park is also best for you since it is known as a luxury destination so on your visit be sure to find great luxury accommodations which offer high-quality services. If you are looking for where to stay in Volcanoes national park; these are some hotels and lodges in or outside the park where one can spend a night.

Bisate lodge.

This is one of the luxurious lodges to accommodate most of the visitors to the park. in 2017 is when it was opened to the visitors and also among the oldest luxury lodges near the park. Book yourself a night in this luxury facility earlier before the traveling dates since it is one of the booked places in the country. Bisate was constructed with 6 forest villas within the park with beautiful views of the forest and it is closest to Kingi town and this makes it a walkable distance to the starting point for gorilla trekking. The price for a room at Bisate lodge costs 1,654 USD per person for 1 night and they offer high-quality services even those who have ever been here can tell.

Best View Hotel

As its name applies, it is among the best place in the Volcanoes national park where one should spend a night. Its rooms are self-contained with private bathrooms, hot and cold water at any time. Still, in the rooms, there is a flat-screen Tv with satellite channels, free Wi-fi which is available for 24 hours and others. Activities one can enjoy while staying here are mountain gorilla trekking, bird watching, city tour, cultural tour, and many more.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge.

It is was constructed for luxurious tourists near the Volcanoes national park and it is sited on 178 acres with scenic views of the Volcanoes Forest and also a good ideal for a has 1 four-bedroom suite, 1 two bedrooms suite and 7 one-bedroom suites, A single room goes at 1,500USD per person per night.

Mountain gorilla view lodge.

Mountain Kwitonda Lodge is best for the midrange class of visitors and it is constructed in Kinigi which takes only 10 minutes to drive to the park. The lodge has 30 spacious rooms that were built with clear views of the park and they have a sitting area. The lodge has a friendly staff who will value your money, restaurant with delicious food which is already to serve and others. Activities to do while staying here are mountain gorilla trekking, bird watching, visiting the Senkwekwe orphanage center, bird watching and so on. A guest can be charged an amount of around 200 USD per night.

Le Bambou gorilla lodge

It is accommodating midrange tourists and constructed by bamboo as its name applies. Also, furniture and artifacts at the lodge were made out of bamboo. The lodge has 16 standard rooms whereby 13 are single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms and triple room. A single room at this facility can go for 100USD per person per night.

Sabyinyo Silverback lodge

Is constructed in Musaze district which is near the volcanoes national park and also sited at the foothill of the Virunga mountains with beautiful views of Volcanoes national park and the surrounding areas. it has 8 cottages and all have clear views of the Virunga Volcanoes. Each cottage has a sitting room area, 24-hour electricity, a private bathroom with bath and shower, dressing rooms. Still, the cottages have a balcony where you can relax in the evening after visiting the endangered mountain gorillas. Other services offered are a restaurant with a bar, a library, and a games room in the main lodge and friendly staff available to serve anytime.

Although Volcanoes national park is for luxurious tourists but also offers budget facilities where one can spend a night and complete his/her trip at the price between 50USD and 100USD. You can check out the Fatima hotel, Hotel Muhabura, and Kinigi guest house, and others. Or you can contact Africa Adventure Vacations and tell us where you want to spend a night and let us book for you until your arrival date in the country.