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How to treat and keep your sunglasses during a Kenyan safari

How to treat and keep your sunglasses during a Kenyan safari

How to treat and keep your sunglasses during a Kenyan safari

How to treat and keep your sunglasses during a Kenyan safari? A safari vacation Kenya is unquestionably one of the most pleasurable experiences you can have in your life. If you’re planning a trip to Kenya, these Kenya Safari Tips will come in helpful. A safari is a doorway to the upcountry, where visitors may see the wealth of animals and environment in their natural settings, which not only thrills but also challenges safari enthusiasts. Given Africa’s immense area and dominant threshold of big-game and broad perspectives, deciding on a starting place can be difficult. However, many travelers would tell you that East Africa is an excellent starting place. Kenya, in particular, is ideal for a vacation. Most first-time visitors see it as a particular favorite.

Particularly in Kenya, unless you’re visiting a place during its winter season, sunglasses are a must-have.  They are so important in various ways to see and even during the periods of weather variations. You’ll need them to see sunsets and sunrises, ride in hot air balloons, sunbathe, go on game drives, bird watch, picnic, or simply take a stroll around a new city. While sunglasses are easily replaceable, some have sentimental significance. Even if they don’t, it never hurts to be cautious with our belongings. The following are some suggestions how to treat and keep your sunglasses during a Kenyan safari;

Make sure that your sunglasses are kept clean all the time; nothing is more aggravating than wearing sunglasses and having a layer of dirt obscure your vision. Maintaining the cleanliness of your sunglasses guarantees clear eyesight and extends the life of your sunglasses. When you set your sunglasses on top of your head, they gather up grease and grime. Wiping them down with unclean cloths reduces their clarity and might lead to scratch development on the lenses.

Hanging lace placement over collar; in order to handle your sunglasses very well during the safari, We’re sure we’re not the only ones who, without thinking, tuck our sunglasses into the inside of our collars by one of their handles. If you’re forgetful, clumsy, or have other things on your hands, the sunglasses on the collar will fall and/or get smashed regularly. When goggles have a hanging lace connected to them, however, it is easy to keep them tight. They won’t fall easily, and they’ll be more apparent, so there’s a tiny possibility of accidently crushing them. It may appear antiquated, yet it is a life-saving trick.

Another important thing that you should do with your sunglasses during a safari, is to always keep them in a case instead of putting them in a pocket. Placing objects in our incredibly competent pockets always looks to be a more practical means of carrying as many items as possible while being as light as feasible. Sunglasses do not fit well in pockets, as true as that may be. They can be damaged in a variety of ways, including being sat on and shattering, as well as having their lenses scratched by the pocket’s fabric. They are protected from the aforementioned devastation by being kept in a case made specifically for them. Once they’re safely in the case, you may even put them in your pockets.

Its also advisable to keep your sunglasses so cool especially when you are not using them. In instances where you aren’t using your sunglasses, keep them cool by storing them in a drawer, in your luggage while in its proper case, or in the glove box of your car. Allowing the sunglasses to be exposed to direct sunlight might cause deformation in the frame fit and lens efficacy due to the continual expansion and contraction.

Also please give them respect and don’t always play with them like touching them all the time. Sunglasses aren’t only about the lenses. The handles, nose, and frame are also key components of the whole package. As a result, keeping the lenses secure while being careless with the other pieces is pointless. Prevent fiddling with the handles and frame to avoid damaging them. Expanding the handles, nibbling on them, bending and tugging on them are all examples of this.

Other than sun glasses, there other items that are so necessary and essential when going for the Kenyan safari holiday and these include A camera, binocular, sun cream, and head lamps are all essential items for a Safari. Pack them in a spineless travel bag and carry a selection of animal-friendly apparel in khaki or other camouflage colors with you. Lightweight cotton garments and long-sleeved shirts are ideal in the woods, especially in the bushes and shrubs. Don’t forget to wear thorn-resistant footwear as dessert boots or light walking ankle boots. Finally, bring a pair of rounded-hats to protect yourself from the heat and strong winds out in the world. Join us at Africa Adventure Vacations Safari as we move and travel together