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Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National park

Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park are the most interesting tourist activity that you should not miss out on your wildlife safari in Uganda. The activity mostly done in the morning and late afternoon hours with well-maintained tracks, this gives you an opportunity access to the park’s game. The tracks will take you through the mating grounds of the great Uganda Kob. The allegorical huge forest hog is always spotted moving in the bush as you watch the big five including the lions looking for prey.

Game drives is done when the tourists driving within the park as they see the beautiful views around the park as well as spotting animals. Various viewing spots make up the park as they a maintained for game viewing tracks.

Queen Elizabeth national park is made up of 200km of game tracks. The best time for game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park is morning and late evening because there are many chances to see the lion, buffaloes, elephants, antelopes and among others. Since there are cooler temperature which animals wants but in the hottest hours, you will see few animals. That is why we recommend you to do morning game drive.

Queen Elizabeth national park has 3 sectors which is best for game drives as explained below.

Kasenyi sector

Kasenyi sector is found in the north eastern Queen Elizabeth national park of Kasese district.  This sector is a home to the lions, Uganda kobs and open savannah. This sector provides a range of activities like morning game drives and watching of animals like the lions,  bushbucks, Uganda kobs, buffaloes, elephants plus bird species like the white tailed lark,  red throated spurfowl,  grey crowned crane, yellow throated long crow, brown snake eagle, palmnut vulture, martial eagle, hooded vulture, warbler, grey capped, black bellied bustard, and so on. The best time to do game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park is in the morning hours and late evening, and an open roof vehicle is   the best for you to see as many wildlife animals as possible plus taking many photos.

Mweya sector

This sector is good for night game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park. This land stretches up to Lake Edward and Kazinga Channel. Night game drive will give an opportunity to see nocturnal animals like leopard, carvel cats, bush babies, and among others. Though the best hours for game drives in Queen Elizabeth is early morning and the late evening.

Ishasha sector.

Ishasha plains is among the three sectors where one can do game drive from on a game drive safari. This place will give you an opportunity to see animals like warthogs, Kobs, baboons, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, smaller antelopes and bird species such as black coucal, storks, herons and compact weaver. You can spare some time, and visit Kyambura gorge to do chimpanzee trekking or go to Maramagambo forest for nature walks. You do a boat cruise on Kazinga Channel and see a lot of wildlife animals and birds in a large number plus many other tourist attractions.                        

Best time for game drives in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Game viewing can be done all year around but the most suitable time to do game drive is during the dry month which is between December-February and June-September when the trails are not too slippery and muddy which makes experience excellent while the wet months that starts from March-May and November are difficult to do this activity as most of trails are muddy and slippery. Therefore the best time to visit Queen Elizabeth national park for game drive is in the dry season however you have to come when you’re well prepared by bringing hiking boots, a rain jacket and among other since African weather is unpredictable, so it may rain any time even the dry season.

After visiting Queen Elizabeth national park, you can go in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park and get a chance to enjoy one of the best safari experience in world which is known as gorilla trekking. You can also go to Semuliki national park where you will see the amazing hot springs cooking food and eggs, there is also Rwenzori Mountains with one of the most trending hiking experiences in East Africa and among other parks.