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Facts About Queen Elizabeth National Park

Facts About Queen Elizabeth National Park, Where is Masai Mara National Reserve located?: Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the best interesting features and attractions that visitors would look at when deciding or planning to go for Kenya for the whole day's safaris

Facts About Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is almost 1978 square km that is 764 sq mi. It is known as Uganda’s oldest park to be established officially with the likes of Murchison falls National Park in 1952. They are famous in Uganda for being the best tourist attraction centers. It is found in the western sides of Uganda thus going through various districts including Rukungiri, Kamwengye, Rubirizi, Kasese. It is used as biosphere reserve however it was known as Lake George and Lake Edward game reserve by the 1920’s when it was not yet gazetted.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is found in the shadows of mountain Rwenzori which is found on a flat terrain of the amazing western arm of the east African rift valley escarpments

The park is made up of diverse ecosystem that is composed of shady, sprawling savanna, sparkling lakes, humid forests, and fertile wetlands. Try to make it as must to participate in a classic big game which involves 95 mammal species plus 10 primate species which include baboons, chimpanzees, L’hoest’s monkey,  black and white colobus monkeys, approximately 20 species of predators, such as the hyenas, jackals, leopards, lions, crocodiles, plus 600 bird species and they include savanna, wetland, and woodland birds. This ranks Uganda as the best destination for bird and is the second in Africa. It is the sixth park in the world with the highest number of birds. There is high tree climbing lions found in this park plus the hippos.

You will have to watch 11 kinds of kingfisher, Shoebill storks, black bee-eaters, raptors plus, a wide range of prey birds. You will see beautiful flocks of the pink flamingos that are gathered around the crater lakes which are located in the northern parts of the park. thre are many things you can do in the park and there are amazing places you can reach out to and visit. You can decide to go to the Katwe lookout point, Kasenyi, Maramagambo forest and Kazinga channel. You can enjoy hiking trails, nature walk and also explore the culture of the local Banyaraguru people. There is a lot that you have to do when in Queen Elizabeth National Park with the few days that you have planned to stay in the area.

Queen Elizabeth National Park was established in the year 1952 and was started in the name of Kazinga National Park. After two years it was renamed to Queen Elizabeth National Park so as to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s visit in Uganda. Iddi Amin also tempted to rename it to Mountain Rwenzori National Park but he failed to do so because his power never lasted for long. When coming from the lodge terrace, it is hard to tell which side the Kazinga channel flowng is to. Infact you will see it flowing to the west when you are on your right and flows from Lake George to Lake Edward.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is nearly 400km that is 250 mi by using the road from the south west of Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda. It will take you roughly seven hours to drive and reach. The town of Kasese is in the northeastern side which is at the edge of the park and Rubirizi town is outside on the southeastern boundaries.

The park also involves Ishasha plains and Maramagambo forest. These shelter and hide the rare climbing lions which are observed climbing the fig trees. It has Kyambura game reserve as its border in the western side and Kalinzu forest reserve in the East and is close to the Kazinga Bridge as you are going to Bushenyi. Kibale National Park borders the park in the North while Kigezi Game Reserve and Virunga National Park in the DR Congo border the park in the south.

Queen Elizabeth National Park goes up to Lake George which is found in the north east of Lake Edward which in the south west has got Kazinga Channel which connects 2 lakes. The Kazinga Channel favors huge number of aquatic wildlife such as fish, crocodiles and hippos plus also 600 bird species which are always seen at the Kasenyi birding site.

The park has also got diverse terrain which includes grassy plains, volcanic craters and tropical forest. Kazinga channel has got a lot of gatherings of the hippos in the whole world.