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Explore the mystery of the stunning lake Oloiden in Kenya

Explore the mystery of the stunning lake Oloiden in Kenya

Explore the mystery of the stunning lake Oloiden in Kenya

Explore the mystery of the stunning lake Oloiden in Kenya. Kenya continues to be one of the wonderful destinations on this planet with its several natural and interesting features that the visitors would find in this wonderful country.  Most of the travelers love to see nature and they have found happiness with the natural miracles and any mystery surrounding the features so much interesting.  Now let’s discover the Oloiden is the best destination  and it is the  phenomenon that has both  local and then the scientific  evidence and vibes surrounding the  existence and because of this, there are several  features that you need to know more about the wonderful lake Oloiden in Kenya with its majesty

Lake Oloiden is an incredible vacation spot for vacationers looking to escape from the same old and crushed tracks. It hosts heaps of flamingos and a ship trip on this lake is a top-notch experience.

Location Lake Oloiden

The Oloiden is found within the Naivasha and it is about 90 kilometers from Nairobi and about one hour’s journey from Nakuru town.  Lake Oloiden is in close proximity with Kenya and a man-made channel was established to link the two lakes and this is very interesting as visitors will see the two lakes being connected with the man-made channel.

Scientifically, lake Oloiden was formed as the result of the tectonic movements that formed the lake Naivasha but later the part of land developed and separated the 2 lakes however this is central to the local community narrative who say that the lake just appeared when the emerged on water cutting off the lake Oloiden totally from the originally formed lake Naivasha and therefore you can come and learn more about this mystery as your local guide will explain both scientific and the local narrative regarding the formation of these two amazing lakes.

What is the mystery around  Lake Oloiden;  yes, most of the visitors have not grasped well the formed of the lake but it’s good as well on an individual basis to consider the nature of the state of the waters.  It is believed that in the beginning the lake Oloiden was fresh water when you take the scientific narrative that it was part of the Naivasha lake but this changed and saw the lake becoming saline around the 1990s  and this was as the result that there is no outlet for the lake. The lake has become so saline that it noticed the dying and migration of several species of birds and animals. On the opposite hand, however, the salinity changed into ideal for the lesser flamingos, and as much as 2008, the lake changed to the habitat to those lovely birds. However, weather extrude in latest years caused the Lake Oloiden and Lake Naivasha waters once in a while mixing, therefore, decreasing Oloiden’s salinity and sluggish disappearance of the flamingos. This is indeed a wonderful lake to discover when visiting Kenya and thus you don’t need to miss this one out.

Tourism activities at Oloiden lake in Kenya

Visitors exploring the Oloiden work will be able to engage in various activities hence satisfying their desire to travel and move to the country.  Most of the activities that are done of Lake Naivasha are also done here and a lot of wildlife to see here living happily which is so much interesting. Therefore, there are two things that you need to see  and do while visiting Oloiden Lake, and these include the following

Enjoy the boat cruise safaris at Lake Oloiden; there are boat ride safaris that are conducted at this lake. Yes, the lake is small but it provides you with wonderful activities and offers you a chance to experience the lake on the boat ride as you enjoy the wonderful views of Aberdare, Longonot, and the Eburu mountain ranges. The lake is beautified by the natural yellow fever acacia trees providing your perfect place for the photography

Birding watching at the Lake Oloiden

There are a lot of several bird species that you will be able to see while exploring the Oloiden lake and the interesting bird species that the visitors will enjoy here include the great white pelican birds which are seen all over the lake. The birds appear to revel in the calm waters and nearly unexploited surroundings. If you get there early sufficient you’ll be entertained through their dances, fishing rituals, and easy grooming practice

Fishing adventures at Lake Oloiden

While at the park, you are free to enjoy the fishing expedition with the help of the expert guide who is an expert in fishing and you can as well learn more about how  to fish and make money which is so much interesting

Enjoy the hippos at Lake Oloiden

This lake harbors several schools of hippos that are brave to the tourists or human beings as such you can come close to these hippos and learn more about them including how to they decide their territories and you will explore them while on a boat cruise and they swim away when you get much close to them.

Visitors can as well engage in other several activities since the lake is near several places including the local markets, the local hotels, camping sites, and other important places.  You can as well engage in the Lake Naivasha national park and Lake Nakuru National Park which is so much interspersing and wonderful.

In conclusion, therefore, Lake Oloiden is famously known as the flamingo’s paradise. Usually, the Flamingo birds flocks at the lake and it has surprising scenery. Visit this lake and revel in the outstanding sight of the numerous flamingos on the lake, move on boat safaris, view the natural world within the surrounding acacia bushes, and take the walking trip to the shore of the lake.

How can I get to Lake Oloiden in Kenya?

This great lake can be accessed by either road or air transports; By the road trip:  you will follow the main road get admission to Naivasha that’s at once from Nairobi via way of means of bus/Matatu or personal transport vehicle that’s two-hour road trip drive from Nairobi.

For those using  air transport: There is an airstrip in Naivasha, with  both scheduled flights and chartered flights  present  and they take only 15 minutes  to fly to the Naivasha airstrip from the Nairobi

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