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Explore the Kenyan Kikuyu Community

Explore the Kenyan Kikuyu Community

Explore the Kenyan Kikuyu Community

Are you looking to explore the Kenyan Kikuyu Community? Kenya is one of the hospitable countries with hospitable people in eastern Africa. In fact, after Uganda, Kenya is the second hospitable country in Africa and therefore the people coming to explore the destination Kenya at least will have to spend some good time with the good Kenyan people and therefore, you will learn more about the people and their culture when it comes to Kenya and knowing more about it.

The majority of The Kikuyu are the country’s biggest ethnic group with about 22%. They stay in the entire territory of Kenya. However, the very best awareness may be observed in Central Province, referred to as the conventional Kikuyu homeland. The Kikuyu have been previously hunters, and meat changed into the prerogative of men. But from now on, Kenyan legal guidelines limit them from hunting, and meat is served most effectively on unique events as circumcisions or new visitors. The Kikuyu also is historically an agricultural people. Nevertheless, many are concerned about all types of companies and most of them have moved into cities.

One can say that since the Kikuyu communicate a Bantu language, they’re culturally associated with different Bantu-talking peoples of East Africa, especially the Kamba, the Meru, the Embu, and the Chuka. Most in their lifestyle has been communicated through very wealthy oral traditions. Their oral literature includes authentic poems, stories, fables, myths, enigmas, and proverbs containing the ideas in their philosophy and ethical codes. According to tradition, the founding father of the tribe is a person named Gikuyu who had the 9 daughters are imagined to be at the starting place of the 9 sub-groups. Each member of the subclan (mbari) is aware of from which ancestor, or which daughter of Gikuyu, she or he originates.

There are different tribes in Kenya, but Agikuyu is a unique tribe in its way today I bring you the most unique features that you need to know more about the Kikuyu. These include the following;

The Agikuyu community makes the biggest percentage of the Kenyan tribes and in fact, it is the largest ethnic group in Kenya with about seventeen percent of the total Kenyan population.  And this has made them the biggest community or tribe in the whole of Kenya. this implies that it will be hard for you to travel to Kenya without interacting with the Kikuyu people.

Another unique feature about the Agikuyu people is that they do concentrate within the central areas of Kenya especially in the central highlands area that is so much fertile and these people occupy the regions of Nyeri, Kiambu, Murang’a, and Thika. However, presently they may be determined in nearly all counties in Kenya, quite simply of adaptability and absorption. They have additionally substantially intermarried in particular with the Maasai and different highland Bantus which includes the Meru, Embu, and Kamba.

Additionally, the Kikuyu are business people and this is common to all the people belonging to the Kikuyu community. They are generally rich in terms of money and then assets and they work tirelessly to ensure that they remain on top of other tribes in terms of richness. Sometimes, this indicates the usage of unconventional methods. This has earned them a stereotypical notion of being intelligent through different communities. It is likewise due to their commercial enterprise savviness that Kikuyus were capable of discovering nearly all of Kenya and nations abroad, on the lookout for greener pastures

The Agikuyu people have strong cultural beliefs and traditions. This community has preserved their culture to the extent that they are still performing their traditional music and dram competitions and some are still performing their cultural rights. This is mainly rejected in the traditional weeding of the Agikuyu people which is known as the “Radio” and this is traditional as opposed to the traditional wedding, however, this is done according to the individual preferences. As lengthy as a Ruracio has taken place, then a man and female can stay collectively as husband and spouse even within the absence of a church wedding. Other practiced traditions consist of circumcision, a fee of dowry, and presenting purification sacrifices wherein needed.

The Kikuyu community are Revere nature; these people reserve their tradition of respecting nature and its components and these people think that their GOD does stay on Mountain Kenya and in fact, they took the Sycamore and the fig trees as the special and the places of the prayers for the God Ngai. This reverence may also be visible of their agricultural manner of life, which caused the understanding and information of various plants and climate factors to their favor.

The Kikuyu people have sounded prominently as the tribe that played a big part towards the independence of Kenya and this was a big fight between the colonialists and the Mau Mau group. This consisted of rebellious Kikuyu ladies and men who took to the forests and hills to cover and combat in opposition to the colonizers. A predominant parent of this organization is Dedan Kimathi, who is well known these days for his bravery and strength and he was also from the Kikuyu group and this made the community so strong

Also, this is the community that has produced and groomed most of the Kenyan prominent persons; you will find most of the Agikuyu in all sectors of Kenya and these sectors do include the media, sports sector, the political sector, and the music industry all these sectors in Kenya have got the Agikuyu. Of the four presidents in Kenya, three of them had been Kikuyu. Other awesome individuals encompass Wangari Maathai, Ngugi was Thiong’o, Samuel Wanjiru, Samidoh, and Patrick Ngugi Njoroge, governor of the Central Bank of Kenya

The Agikuyu people were the people that suffered most and even benefited most during the colonial error in Kenya. Most of the people have large junks of land which the European settlers took advantage of to grab their landform these people and this often resulted in ti instant death and killings because these people had to put up a strong fight against such rule. However, in addition, they absorbed maximum as laborers and workers, consequently giving the Agikuyu the earliest and maximum publicity to training and the advantages therein

Imperatively, The Agikuyu are acknowledged to have robust intra-network bonds, with individuals being open to assisting one in all their personal needs. They regularly talk to every different as ‘Mundu wa number, which interprets to ‘someone of our house.’

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