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Explore the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya

Explore the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya

Explore the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya

Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya is bounded by several beaches and the island is the favorable habitats to several animals including the monkey’s lizards, then the hippopotamus, and the island features several species of birds more than 100 bird species are found in the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya. The Tusinga is known as the wonderful place where the former  Kenyan politician Tom Mboya was buried and assassinated in the year 1969 the place is also a wonderful destination that of full of fossils without forgetting the proconsul skull. All these can be found within the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya

In terms of location, the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya is located near Lake Victoria which is found within south-western Kenya. this area where the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya is found is regarded as the semi-arid with the humid type and has got the bimodal rainfall pattern with its lush vegetation that is variably dominated thy the mixture of the shrubs a and the thickest forested trees and then the grasslands.  On the hill top is o, you will be able to see the forests and wonderful grasslands,

It is notified that the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya is inhabited majorly by the Abasubu people which is the Bantu subtribe that largely dominated the African and their culture of the recent is spearhead and influence by the Luo speaking people duet to the intermarriages that did happen. The Mfangano Island got its name from the word Okuwangana which means unity or uniting in the Abasuba or the place where people get united.

The call for this name possibly has originated because of the truth that Mfangano Island supplied shelter to businesses that have been conquered within the mainland via way of means of the extra populous Luo people. Between 4 and 11 generations ago, the subsequent businesses lived within the island: the Wagimbe, Wisokolwa, Kakimba-Wiramba, Wasamo, Wagire, Wakula, Waking, Wakisori, Wakisasi, Waozi, Walundu, Wiyokia, Walowa, Waganda, and Wakiaya. Mfangano Island is understood for its historical rock artwork web web sites, sacred sites.

Getting to Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya

Visitors who are interesting in exploring the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya, will need to drive for about 3 hours from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya through following Narok road. While following this route, you will be able to have a stopover at kirubis restaurant where you can have your lunch on order, and later you can continue on the road to the Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya. Most of our visitors pick breakfast here to avoid eating on the way and later after having your breakfast from here, you will be able to get back into your vehicle and drive through the stunning views of the Rift valley of Kenya as you enjoy the clear views of the Kissi highlights that are evergreen and presents an opportunity for you to make a stopover and have some nice pictures using your camera or with your phone.

The road trip to Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya is very interesting to watch with visitors getting close to the market vendors selling fruits and vegetables and remember to observe the road signs and follow all the traffic guidelines. Later with your drive, you will arrive in Kisii city at approximate lunchtime to check into your hotel

Accommodation facilities in and around Mfangano – Rusinga Island in Kenya

We can say that there are several hotels and lodges but mostly the budget lodges and hotels and the best hotel here where you can stay is the Mbita Tourist Hotel where you can have a wonderful stay as you explore more of Mfangano – Rusinga Island.

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