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Explore the Grogan Castle Hotel Taveta; A place amidst the wildness

Explore the Grogan Castle Hotel Taveta

Explore the Grogan Castle Hotel Taveta; A place amidst the wildness

Amidst the green wildness surroundings, there is a grand and nice-looking place known as the Grogan Castle Hotel which is one of the historical trinkets. This is the grand house that offers the accommodation facilities to the guests with the stunning views of the surroundings and gives you the best time to sit don’t think and memories your daily lives in a quiet and serene environment.  This wonderful facility is very accessible from the major city areas of Mombasa, Nairobi and even the visitors that are coming from Tanzania can easily reach out to this Grogan Castle Hotel. Today we look at the features of this wonderful place and why it is very common

The Grogan Castle is very common because of the history attached to it; from the history, it is believed that the so-called Grogan Ewart Scott with the title of Sir walked for miles from South Africa to Egypt to find and with the heart of his lover and indeed he won her heat and from here they had to move and to the Taveta and it is here where they built the magnificence house in the name of the castle.

The couple spent most of their time staying in this hotel until they decide to turn this grand castle into a luxurious hotel to accommodate the visitors. This Castle turned into a wonderful hotel after the death of this couple and because of this the Grogan Castle Hotel now has got six-bedroom with ensuite two bedroomed self-catering services and the hotel accommodates the fifteen guests at once. This is at its full capacity.

The hotel has got the main house which is run and managed by the hotel manager and the other staff of the hotel that include the chef, cleaners, waiters among others. These workers ensure that the visitors get all the services that they need and it is because of the chef that the hotel offers what we call the catering services in-house to the visitors.

The rooms of the hotel are well and uniquely designed and decorated to portray the rich history of the castle and the founders and while sitting on the lounge, there are different photos of the couple in the names of Grogan and his wife with other magazines that give you with information about the castle.  You can have these small services if you decided to stay at this castle in plenty and the place is very cool for the visitors to enjoy and have a wonderful and comfortable stay.

Features that you can see at Grogan Castle Hotel Taveta

For the visitors who enjoy the historic events and they did evolve, you don’t need to miss out on this wonderful safari and to comfortably stay at this place.  You will be able to see the historical furniture with the ancient designs and these were made by the late Sir Grogan with his hands. Still, the hotel also features the museum and you will be able to have a comfortable walk outside as you simply see the wonderful views of the mountain Kilimanjaro, Lake Chala and also enjoy the various species of birds that keep on coming and around the hotel on the daily basis.

From the above features, visitors staying here will get a chance to explore and other places where you can easily visit since the hotel is close to several destination places. From the castle, visitors can visit the places such as the Tsavo National park, go and explore the Chala and the Jipe lakes and hike the Pale Mountains if they have enough time

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