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Amboseli national park Airstrip

Amboseli national park Airstrip:  Amboseli national park is only served by ones one airstrip known as the Amboseli airstrip and it is not all that modernized with its runway very tidy with only the terminal building that is fully furnished. Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park Airstrip

Amboseli national park is only served by one airstrip known as the Amboseli airstrip and it is not all that modernized with its runway very tidy with only one terminal building that is fully furnished. Amboseli national park is found not far away from Nairobi city in its south direction and it can be accessed by the road. The presence of the only Amboseli airstrip is complemented by the one single airstrip which aids the movements of the guests in a short period of time and doesn’t favor moving long distances.

Amboseli national park is one of the best visited national parks in Kenya and the one that is managed by the Kenyan Wildlife Services, unlike Masai Mara national park that is managed basically locally by the Masai Mara local community. For the Amboseli national park airstrip, the services area speared headed by the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority.

The Kenyan Wildlife Services reopen the airport for public use after the impact of the road network at the park become inaccessible during the rainy season and therefore the airport services become the available solution for accessing the Amboseli national park. In 2019 the management of the Kenyan wildlife services notified the public of the general flights (chartered and scheduled flights that started from Wilson airport in Nairobi to Amboseli national park airstrip.

Still, last year the Kenyan civil aviation authority decided to renovate and upgrade the Amboseli national park airstrip runway and this was done after careful research and study that was later revealed that the park is a great tourism destination that would uplift the revenue of Kenya’s economy after the airstrip was fully opened, the tourist arrival was so increased to the park and this has made the Amboseli national park so popular in Kenya and in the whole of the world. The Aviation authority partnered with our tourism stakeholders like the hotels and the lodger owner to upgraded the airstrip since this benefited all the stakeholders.

Further, the lodges and hotels at the Amboseli national park were also upgraded such that the visitors can easily get a drop-off and a pick-up from the available lodges and hotels. The customer service center was also put up in place to make sure that the visitors get the required information and this center that easily be accessed by the well-maintained roads. The Amboseli airstrip is run and managed by the Kenyan Aviation Authority and it boasts one major runway measuring 1180 meters in its length and this means that it can handle only one small aircraft.

The Amboseli national park airstrip lies within the like’s southern region of central Kenya in the Kajiado County and it is at the borders with the Tanzania mountain Kilimanjaro mountains which is the highest mountain in Africa. Just 156 kilometers away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by using the chartered or scheduled flights.

There are several flights that operated the domestic flight to Amboseli national park airstrip mainly from the Wilson airstrip. The Amboseli airstrip is found within the center of the Amboseli national park and as your landing at the airstrip, you will land as you enjoy the aerial views of the Amboseli national park. It is just a few minutes from the Wilson airstrip to the Amboseli forest airstrip. There is also one day trip to Amboseli national park that is organized by the company and you don’t need to miss out on this opportunity. The AirKenya is the common and the dominant airline service that operates both chartered and scheduled flights from the Wilson airstrip to the Amboseli National Park airstrip. You can make your bookings directly from their offices in Nairobi city or Wilson airport. Guests can also use the local travel agent t6o book the services of this wonderful services of this airline.

 The operational airstrip of the Amboseli airstrip has linked the Amboseli national to other protected areas within Kenya especially the Masai Mara National reserve with the flights from the Masai Mara also available. Guests can also connect to the Amboseli national park for nay airport available in any other protected areas found in Kenya and we hope that very soon, a regional airstrip will also operate soon.  Visitors who are not used or who don’t like to travel for long distances were the most advantaged when the Amboseli airstrip was opened because it takes them a small time to land at the Amboseli national park the home of the giant African elephants. Other than elephants, Amboseli national park also hosts other members of the big t5 animals such as the buffaloes, lions, and leopards, and other species such as the wildebeest, cheetahs in addition to having over 420 species of the birds inhabiting different vegetation habitats available within the park.

 Other than the air transport, guests can also get to Amboseli national park through the use of road transport. You will not need to drive for long hours or kilometers away from Nairobi city to land into the home of the elephants, Amboseli national park. The road from the city of Nairobi to Amboseli National park is tarmacked and one can use the highways road especially the one that goes to Nairobi through Mombasa and the one that connects Kenya to Tanzania via the Namanga border. The safaris journey is so interesting and they provide the visitors with opportunities for scenic views as you encounter the wildlife and the local life of the community members.

 Flight to Amboseli national park save a lot of time and you will get enough time to get involved in any other activities as the safari guide-driver will be waiting for you at that airstrip, visitors who are interesting in using road transport should be fit and not in the rush and maybe the budget travelers can best use the road transport for this wonderful safaris. From the Amboseli national park airstrip, visitors will directly go straight to the safari activities before returning back to your lodge for relaxation, refreshment, and overnight stay.

The Amboseli airstrip is fully functional and it is very safe as the Kenyan wildlife Services assure the general public. You can book the flight either from the airline offices or online and you choose to book where the place is so convenient to you. Don’t hesitate just book your domestic flight safari and visit the Amboseli National Park known as the home of the African elephants. Aviation is in the process of adding more flights on this route to Amboseli national park depending on how the demand is trending.  Contact Africa adventure vacations for the best wonderful safaris to the Amboseli National Park Airstrip.