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Amboseli National Park Accommodation

Accommodation in Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park Accommodation

What are some of the accommodation in the Amboseli national park? Amboseli national park shelters more than 1500 elephants and it is famous as the home of the giant African elephants.  Amboseli national park is popular not only in the East African community but in the whole world as well and it is known for its abundant species of wildlife animals. It is found in the remote country of Kajiado at the border of Kenya and Tanzania and it is the only protected area are in Kenya that you can visit and enjoy the clear views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains since the park is crowned by this African tallest mountain. It is easily accessible from Nairobi capital and visitors can also organize one day trip to Amboseli national park for the city of Nairobi.

The Amboseli accommodation is divided into different categories which include luxury accommodation facilities, mid-range accommodation facilities, and budget accommodations facilities.  The accommodation in the Amboseli national park is scattered with the various parts of the park and the surrounding areas. Because of several accommodation facilities in Amboseli national park in form of lodges and hotels, it has made several visitors to visits this famous national park because some of them are attracted by the accommodations facilities.

For the quality of the services produced by the Amboseli national park accommodation to the visitors, the Kenya Wildlife Services has to ensure that they monitored these accommodations such that the guests receive the services they deserve, regardless of the class of the visitors, all the accommodation facilities provide high-quality services to the visitors hence attracting more to come and stay within these lodges.

When we come to the guests’ satisfaction at the destination, the quality of the services provides by the accommodation facilities matters a lot. In fact, the accommodation facilities and quality also determine the guest’s over satisfaction and experience attained at the Amboseli national park. Therefore as Africa adventure vacations, we are aware of this and we make sure that our visitors receive the maximum experience they dream of while they are staying at the destination that we book for them in the Amboseli national park.

We have to inspect and visit the lodges before we partner with them to start booking for them our dear guests and this is the reason why we have excelled in out-competing all other tour operators within Kenya and Africa at large. We organize the safaris to all the Amboseli national park accommodation services even when the new ones have been introduced we are the first one to be letting you know.

We select the Amboseli National Park accommodation facilities that have qualified and well-experienced staff capable of providing high-quality services to the guests.  This system of rating our accommodation services are based on the visitor’s experience and we have on different occasions use the used the guest reviews and the feedback when it comes to the service delivery at the accommodation facility that includes the room services, the flushing toilets among other services and facilities used at the lodge or any accommodation facility booked for you in Amboseli National Park.

Our professional experts always guide our visitors when choosing the wonderful Amboseli national park accommodation and also link the visitors with the accommodation lodge or hotel of your choice. We partner with different lodges in the Amboseli national park that we take charge of negotiating the affair prices for our guests.

In case you book with the inclusive safari package to the Amboseli national park, we don’t charge you any bother extra costs. As I earlier side, Amboseli national park accommodations are divided into midrange accommodation, budget accommodation, and luxury safari lodges.

The Kenyan government always monitors the accommodation facilities and the rating is in stars whereby we have the 1 to 5 starts and usually from 1 to 2 these are always budget accommodation lodge or hotels and mostly when it comes tom Amboseli national park these are majorly camps, from 3 to 4 stars, are regarded as the midrange lodges and hotels and sometimes they might be lodges or permanent loges and lastly there are luxurious lodges and hotels which are located as the five stars. All the above categories are available in the Amboseli National Park.

Budget Lodges in Amboseli National Park

The budget lodges in Amboseli National Park have rated one or two stars and they are mostly camps.  These come in form of the tents and are mostly used by the students.  These ate found within the camping areas inside and outside the national park.

They are good for the students and the backpacker travelers. Visitors will have to experience the true African style in the African wildness as you’re in the calm within the middle of the night. There is always a small bed within the tents which always accommodate one or two persons. The facilities in the budget lodges include the small restaurants, small bars, and the camping fire station however, this is not applied to all the camping site areas.

You will save a lot of money by staying in the budget lodges and accommodation facilities. Be filled with the sound of the roaring lion the songs of the birds especially those that are active at night especially the owls, and hyenas that can easily check on you at the tent. Some of the budget accommodation lodges in the Amboseli national park include among others which include AA Lodge Amboseli, Tawi Lodge, Kimana Amboseli Tented Camp, Kibo Safari Camp among others and so much interesting.

Mid-range Lodges in Amboseli National Park

Midrange lodges are also another category of accommodation facilities within the Amboseli National Park. These are lodges that are rated according to 3 to 4 lodges and these are the best and more affordable and recommended lodges, not in the Amboseli national park but also in other African protected areas.

These lodges give real value for the money regarding the services and facilities that they do provide to them.  There are not in the budget and not in the luxury facilities and they are permanent always built in the safari cottages.  Most of them have got big-sized beds that can be shared by the 2 guests. Most of the rooms come in single, double, and twin rooms as well family rooms.

The cottages can be accommodated to up to eight travelers with 3 rooms and family cottages or tents. The electricity or the solar systems are always available full time with both hot and cold water available.  There are also private balconies where the guest can stand and enjoy privacy as well as the wonderful views of the Amboseli National Park.

The toilets are so clean and flushing with the available toiletries that are available at all the time. These are the category with more accommodation facilities and some of the midrange accommodation facilities in the Amboseli national park include the Tawi lodge, Masai Simba Camp, Satao Elerai, Setrim Amboseli Lodge, Ol Tukai Lodge among others.

Luxury lodges in Amboseli National Park

The luxury lodges are the highest lodges that are built on high standards that meet international standards.  Most of the luxury lodges are built and constructed within the park and are permanent and constructed within the western art and design, indeed it is a home away from home giving total comfort within bars, ensuite bathrooms, and free wifi and other facilities like swimming pools, well-stocked bars, sauna rooms massage for the guests.

In most cases, most of these safaris are strategically located near the animal routes giving an impression with the wonderful safaris views of the wildlife animals which is the most animals.

The rooms are divided into luxury travelers, standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and superior rooms. The luxury rooms charge accordingly and some of the luxury lodges within the Amboseli National park include the Amboseli Serena Lodge, Amboseli Sopa Lodge, and Ol Tukai Lodge among several lodges and much more.

We assure you that you will stay in one of the best accommodation facilities (Lodges or hotels) based on your choice and the budget. Please contact African Adventure vacations for the best accommodation facilities in the Amboseli National Park.