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Accommodation facilities in Serengeti National Park

Accommodation facilities in Serengeti National Park

Accommodation facilities in Serengeti National Park

Accommodation facilities in Serengeti National Park- As a developed park, the beauty and attractiveness of the Serengeti National Park have made it a unique market for not only the government but the private sector as well. As a result, several accommodation facilities have been constructed in order to match the high demand that is created by the increasing number of tourists visiting the great national park on a yearly basis. The accommodation facilities that have been put up in Serengeti National Park include both budget accommodation facilities, midrange facilities, and luxuriant accommodation facilities. These accommodation facilities are put in place categorically to favor all the visitors that come across the park with different budgets and preferences, and thus, for any destination to be effective in the accommodation facilities, it must reflect its demands to serve the visitors in all their categories, whether midrange, budget or luxurious travelers.

Luxury accommodation facilities in Serengeti National Park

Four Seasons Safari Lodge: This is one of the best and most luxurious hotels that is found within the center of the Serengeti National Park, which is at times known as the Seronera area. The central region offers the highest concentration of wildlife, and it is fantastic when it comes to bird watching, wildlife and the game drive safaris. The area lodge is raised in the game plains and it is equipped with standard restaurants, a lounge, a reception area, and a water hold that attracts animals to come and stay near the lodge for the visitors to see. The accommodation here comes in the form of the terrace suites, among others.

Singita Mara Camp in Serengeti National Park: This is an eco-green lodge that has been built using local and recycled materials. This was done to make sure that the use of energy is highly emphasized and the tents are erected based on the preferred position for the clients where they will be able to see the great animals in their natural wildness.

The Lemala Nanyuki Tented Lodge: Lemala Nanyukie Tented Lodge is located in the Eastern Serengeti, approximately 15 miles from Seronera Airstrip and 45 minutes by car, and it offers excellent and perfect lodging faculties to visitors. Guests may expect a light, contemporary style arrangement from Lemala Nanyukie. Visitors to the Eastern Serengeti National Park will also have a great chance of observing the wildebeest migration. It provides extravagant services.

Safari Camp in Serengeti National Park: This is one of the best safari destinations that can be found in the great area of the northern Serengeti National Park. It is situated in the bush, which makes it possible for the visitors to hear and see the animals. If you’re interested in seeing the wildlife safari in Serengeti National Park, then you will need to stay here as visitors who have stayed here have testified to how well they have seen the wildebeest crossing the Mara River.

The Roving Bush Top Camp: Another luxury facility in Serengeti National Park is known asthe Roving Bush Top CampThe camp is located in the Serengeti’s central Seronera Valley, providing exceptional year-round game viewing for our guests. It is a mobile camp that moves seasonally to serve our guests on viewing our attractiveness and ensure guests get high chances of seeing the migration birthing season, after which the camp returns to the central Serengeti’s sport. The camps are easily accessible and provide excellent opportunities for seeing wildlife and the wilderness. Also, the camp may be reached by air travel from Seronera airport.

The budget accommodation consists of lodges and camps in Serengeti National Park.

These are accommodation facilities that are used by budget travelers, but they offer standby services, so you can opt to stay in these lodges as you engage in various safari activities within the Serengeti National Park. These are some of the budget accommodation facilities that can be found in Serengeti National Park.

Ikoma Tented Camp: This is located in the Serengeti National Park’s northern region, specifically in the Grumeti Wildlife Reserve.The park is comprised of tents that can accommodate individuals with the senate dining, longe, and bar area. 

The Lobo Wildlife Lodge: This is also one of the budget safaris that provides visitors with an excellent and comfortable stay as they explore and get involved in many activities within the Serengeti National Park. It is based on the frenzied battle for the survival of the northernmost 1,000,000 wildebeest on a transitory path. It is the main cabin on the Kenya-Tanzania highway, around 28 kilometers from the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The Serengeti Kati Kati tented camp: This is the best destination that is used by the visitors who stay at accommodation facilities. It is a Tanganyika Wilderness Camps movable camp located in the Serengeti. Its area can be centered on the Serengeti, Makoma 5, or Kimarinshe. It provides comfortable accommodations as well as the valuable opportunity to participate in a genuine safari experience in Serengeti areas, including the critters and vegetation, as well as tent life.

The midrange accommodation facilities in Serengeti National Park

Kuku Kubu Tented Lodge in Serengeti National Park: This is the best midrange accommodation facility and it allows visitors to easily access the different tourist attractions in Serengeti National Park. It includes a total of 25 rooms, including 13 two-fold rooms, two four-fold rooms, and five nuclear families with two interconnecting rooms. The hotel is also accessible by flight and transfer, with guests flying from Arusha or another airport to Seronera and then being transported to the hotel by the organization car that they have rented. It is located in an area that allows visitors or vacationers to easily access different Serengeti sites, including the Olduvai George Museum, Seronera Waterway, and Grumeti River, which allow game drives all year due to water accessibility, and Maasai Kopjes. It also gives guests the option of going on a spectacular excursion while relaxing in their tents.

Serengeti Serena Lodge: This is the best and most luxurious hotel that is found within the Serengeti National Park.

The Serengeti lodge provides a traditional and comfortable environment, and indeed, it provides you with a comfortable environment away from home. It is adjacent to the Western Corridor, where wildebeest relocation is possible at the right time of year. It permits visitors to see the Olduvai George Museum and to witness many wild animals near the Grumeti River in Serengeti National Park. The distance between Arusha and Serengeti Serena Lodge is approximately 335 kilometers. Visitors can also fly to the cabin from a nearby airfield, such as the Seronera Airstrip.

Serena Sopa lodge: It that offers visitors excellent views of the Serengeti Plains. It is strategically located in the southwestern part, offering visitors spectacular views of the wild game. You will be able to interact with several animals while staying here at the Serengeti Sop Lodge.

The Melia Serengeti Lodge: Another important luxury lodge in Serengeti National Park is the Melia Serengeti Lodge, which is close to the Mbalageti River. It has a spa and a 24-hour front desk. It has cafés with traditional formulas and international cookery that is occasionally fused in a stunning environment. There’s also a pool, free WiFi, a security box, espresso and tea shops, and a smaller-than-expected bar at the cabin. The luxury lodge is located in the Nyamuma hills, about 36 kilometers from Seronera Airstrip and adjacent to the Mbalageti River valley.

Therefore, the Serengeti National Park features a lot of tourist attractions that visitors who would like to stay around the park would really find and stray comfortably as they enjoy their wildlife safaris in the wild. Please contact Africa Adventure Vacations because we have got a great partnership with the best lodges in Serengeti National Park for your comfortable stay.