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Tanzania Wildebeest migrations in December

Tanzania Wildebeest migrations in December

Tanzania Wildebeest migrations in December

December is a tricky month and it is very difficult for some actors in the tourism industry to predict the wildebeest migration in Tanzania, especially in the Serengeti plains. The short rains that do appear in November force the wildebeest to move and migrate to the southern section, and remember that it is in the southern direction where the calving of the wildebeest animals does take place. On several occasions, we have seen some of the herds that are left behind during December, especially in the Namiri plains, which are found in the southeast of the Seronera region, and others can be seen in the Kusini, which is found in the southwest of the Seronera area. Thus, as early as December, some of the wildebeest animals may already have crossed to the Ndutu Plains in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area as they head for the calving season preparations, and thus you might see a few herds in December that are left in the areas that I have mentioned.

Is December a good time to see the great wildebeest migration?

December is the most popular month for any time to be in the middle of Tanzania, and this is because of the anticipation of the calving season and because of its wildness and the wild game that is unmatchable in the whole of East Africa. Tanzania is the best destination for visitors who would wish to explore the park during the festive season. This is because the park is dry during December, making it favorable for several visitors to access and enjoy the wonderful national park of the Serengeti. Yes, it has been absolutely great that December is the transitional month for the wildebeest migration. Still, the park is busy during this time, and the visitors are heading for the Christmas festive season, but this is towards the end of December, and if you want to avoid the large crowds, then you should book your safari experience to Serengeti National Park before December. As I have earlier said, the November rains make the wildebeest migration move downwards in search of green pastures, and some of the wildebeest diseases spread to other areas of the national park, including the eastern direction, and this makes wildebeest movement prediction so much more unpredictable. If your dates are more flexible, look into visiting in early December to avoid peak season costs, which can be found from roughly the twentieth of December to the seventh of January, as well as to avoid the Christmas crowds. If the Great Migration groups are your first priority and you’re looking for a cold getaway with flexible dates, February is the month to visit for the most spectacular consolidated migration displays. In the Ndutu section of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, February is the key month when the crowds are always where we expect them to be.

Where to stay to have the best chances of seeing the wildebeest movement in November?

From December 1 to 15, you should mostly stay in the central part of the Serengeti National Park, especially in the Seronera, or move to Kusine in the southwest of the Serengeti central region. The central Seronra has permanent camps or tents, and you will not need to move them throughout the year. However, as the month of December is in its transitional stage, remember that the wildebeest migration across to the other parts and move ahead to the southern part. It’s important to think about not only where the movement might be but also what kind of camp would be best for you. For later dates in December, we recommend considering two areas: one in the core Serengeti region (as described above) and another in the Ndutu district of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (very south of the recreation area) for a chance to see the start of the calving season. Here are our recommendations for the best camps to stay in during the December Migration.

What are the best Serengeti camps to stay at during a December safari?

Serengeti Under Canvas, which is available at USD 1,240 per person per night, is the premium option if you are looking at staying under canvas in a tented camp but also love luxury accommodation.

The Chaka mobile tents in Ndutu offer very simple and convenient accommodation facilities, and within the plains, they offer the visitors an overall experience since they can be moved and placed at the top destination with high movement concentration. The Chaka mobile tent accommodation offers visitors a unique experience at an affordable cost. Visitors will have to pay about $607 per person per night to stay here at these tents.

For the Serengeti Safari Camp in Serengeti National Park, which moves around three times a year and offers two mobile camps that provide the best experience for visitors looking for exceptional Tanzania safaris. The Serengeti safari camp offers visitors the best safari experience ever, one that is incomparable to any other. The camp is available at $664 per person per night, but this price goes for seven for five nights and a five-for-four-nights deal for the whole month.

Dunia ($804 per person per night till the 19th of December, after which tariffs will rise to $914 per person per night) is also one of the best tents that are available for visitors during January. It is good for families or couples, and it is perfect for everyone who hires it. It is also located in the Seronera area, providing excellent wildlife sightings.

Namiri Plains ($893 per night per person until December 19th, after which the rate increases to $1,208 per person per night). Relocation or no relocation, these are the best regions in the Serengeti. It is located in the eastern portion of the recreation area, and with only one other camp nearby, there aren’t many automobiles to be found here. This is not to say that its natural life is less visible by any means, but it is a stunning inversion. As a past cheetah preserve area, the huge felines here are particularly impressive. Fine food, opulence, and convenience in a magical region: it doesn’t get any better than this.

It is a good option for visitors seeking a barefoot luxury tented safari experience. Visitors will have to pay $725 per person per night up to December 10th, and the rates will increase to USD900 per person per night beyond the dates.

Assume I’m traveling in late December, that is, near the end of December. I’d start my Serengeti adventure at Serengeti Safari Camp, which provides an excellent overall safari experience and is unusually well-run. For the same reasons I mentioned earlier, I’d spend three evenings here before moving on to Namiri. If I were on a tighter budget, I would normally disapprove of mixing Chaka and Kiota in unusual places for a fraction of the cost of SSC and Namiri, but in the first days of December, I would spend a few nights in the Namiri plains to catch up with the stunning predator action and also see one of the great migrations. And if you’re on a low budget, then try Kiota. This would be the first accommodation facility for you to give you an outstanding experience.