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Bird watching in Serengeti National Park

Bird watching in Serengeti National Park

Bird watching in Serengeti National Park

Book bird watching in Serengeti National Park- Among the safari activities that are often overlooked in Serengeti National Park is the time when visitors encounter a lot of bird species in the endless plains of the Serengeti National Park. Serengeti National Park is an important birding destination, and the birders coming to this great area will not be disappointed. The birding paradise in Serengeti National Park is worth celebrating, and the combination of bird watching to gather with game viewing for the big five animals is so interesting and worthy of celebration by the visitors as well as all the tourism stakeholders.

The Serengeti National Park gained its popularity because of being the haven for the biggest animal migration in the whole world, the wildebeest migration, and indeed, the Serengeti National Park is gifted by nature. The wildebeest migration involves millions of wildebeest that are joined by zebras, eland, and bush backs to start the circular movement from southern Tanzania to northern Tanzania in July when they cross the Mara river to Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya. The movement is coupled with a lot of difficulties, including predators like crocodiles, which threaten the lives of the wildebeest crossing the rivers.

Other than the wild animals that the Serengeti National Park is known for, the park is home to more than 500 species of birds, and this is why it is an important birding area. The presence of the distinguished ecosystem of this great park has enabled different species of birds to find refuge in Serengeti National Park. The Mara-Serengeti ecosystem has stood out as one of the best ecosystems that has provided good grounds for the endemic bird species. This is an area where you will find the 5 species of birds which can only be spotted in the whole world. Some of the best species of birds spotted here include the Grey-crested helmet-shrike, the Usambiro Barbet, and the Rufous-Tailed Weaver, among other great species of birds.

Bird watching is enjoyable and Serengeti National Park is the only safari activity that is present all year round, and visitors can book this safari activity any time of the year they feel like engaging in this great safari activity. The reason why is that the park is full of birds that call the park their permanent home. However, the park also receives the visitor’s birds that come during a specific time, and some of the birds come to Serengeti National Park from other African regions, while others fly all the way from Europe to come and engage in various activities happening.

Bird watching in Serengeti National Park is possible because of the different vegetation zones in the Serengeti National Park that provide the perfect conditions for the bird species. The vegetation within the Serengeti National Park ranges from the riverine vegetation, the grassland of the savannah grassland, the Kopjes, and then the woodland savannah vegetation. Each vegetation zone here features and holds various species of birds. There are a lot of bird species in Serengeti National Park, and I don’t think that I can exhaust the list of several species of birds. Therefore, you need a lot of time to make sure that you see a lot of birds in Serengeti National Park, but some of the species of birds include lovebirds, silver birds, ostriches, Verreaux’s eagle, and many more. Black-headed gonolek, grey-crested helmet-shrike, red-capped robin-chat, and Refous-tailed Weaver, among other bird species.

When can I go birding in Serengeti National Park?

Birding watching in Serengeti National Park is done all the time because the park has got permanent residents of birds that stay here permanently. For someone who has come specifically to do the birding trips, they will need to know the time when to come to the Serengeti and see the varied and varied species of birds. Some birds appear in Serengeti National Park.

Unlike the game drive safaris in Serengeti National Park that are done during the dry season, the bird watching in Serengeti National Park is at its best during the wet season, or the rainy season. In Serengeti National Park, there is both a short and a long rainy season. The long rainy season in Serengeti National Park starts in March and goes until May, while the short ones come in November. The Serengeti National Park also receives migratory birds, and it is important that travelers or birders also know exactly when these migratory birds come and find themselves in the Serengeti National Park. These migratory birds are always in Serengeti National Park in the North and Europe, and during this time, the park is less congested and the tourists are few, making it easy for you to enjoy and get the best views of the birds in Serengeti National Park. Remember that migratory birds do come all the way from Europe and some parts of North America, and you will see them as well during the wet season.

When the birds are breeding, in most cases, they don’t move for long distances away from where they have laid their eggs in the nests. They stay around for the whole incubation process and they continue to raise the young ones together. This is the best time when you will be able to see a lot of birds and their habits. Once the breeding season is done, the birds will have to fly back to their respective countries. I can say that Serengeti National Park is the best destination for bird watching and visitors who have ever gone birding in the park will testify that bird watching is at its best in the Serengeti central area, known as the Seronera, where visitors can see the birds alongside the river Seronera, alongside other woodland birds that can be seen flying and sitting in the acacia trees dotted across the endless plains.

Are you aware that there are also nocturnal birds? Please don’t skip these, especially when you visit the Seronera area of the Serengeti National Park. Some of these birds include the Nightjar and some other species such as the Owls that you won’t miss if you happen to travel at night.

The Ndutu area in the southern Serengeti National Park is also the best area for bird watching. Birds, especially the vultures, the water birds, ostriches, and the secretary birds, dominated this great section of the park. If you like to watch birds of prey, particularly rare eagle species, warblers, and other species, visit the Serengeti public park’s Lobo slopes.

The various regions of the recreation area are overrun by various plants, resulting in the habitation of various bird species. The Central Area, also known as the Seronera region, the Grumeti region, also known as the Western Corridor, Ikorongo Hold, the Loliondo Area, and the Southern section, also known as the Ndutu Area, are all important sites for bird watching in Serengeti National Park.

Bird watching is Serengeti National Park commences early in the morning and visitors will be requested to pack their lunch to explore the Serengeti National Park for the whole day. Visitors on bird-watching missions in Serengeti National Park are also advised to come away with items such as binoculars, a camera, rainy jackets, and a waterproof backpack to be able to successfully enjoy their activity. On our Africa adventure vacation, we have established professional birders whom we will assign to you if you book the Serengeti National Park bird watching safari with us.